What is Divine Timing?

What is Divine Timing?

Divine timing is what happens to you in your life and exactly at the right time. The universe is there to manifest to your things in your life when they are meant to happen.

Things that come to you can be your own goals and things that you are not in control of. You are not in control of your time and things do not work out at the time you want it to. It is important that you know that the universe wants what is best for you and that you trust in that and keep faith that things in your life are at the right time.

Divine Relationships

Some people will ask when they will meet their partner. This is a topic that people ask. This can be a reuniting of lovers or a new relationship. When you are looking for new love to come into your life, this can be an exciting and fun time. Be confident that it will happen when it is meant to happen.

The higher spiritual beings want you to be happy and there can be things that are blocking you from meeting your soulmate or your twin flame. If you are interested in someone, your life lesson has to be learned before you can be connected with them. Once you allow this to happen, you can see life can be different.

Fate Versus Free Will

There is a difference between fate and free will even though they go together. There will be times in your life that you have things that are happening and that the higher power has placed things in front of you but then you have to make the choice to move.

Because of free will, you have the choice to decide if you are going to do the predetermined events. When you are walking in free will, you can be in control of how you act and what you are going to do. You cannot control others because of free will.


Divine timing can be hard, and it can make you feel that you are out of control in your life. Here are some things you can do so that you can move forward with your future:


You have to learn to be patient. Wait for the timing of the universe because the universe is in control. You will have a hard time learning to trust and have faith in the universe, but you need to do it anyways.

Pay attention to your emotions and see what you desire and learn to let things go. Build your trust and believe in divine timing.

Letting Go

Let go of the past and learn to love what the future holds for you. Let your heart be open to new things and be happy.

Be Comfortable and Uncomfortable

When you are wanting to bring desires into your life, learn to pay attention to the times where you are uncomfortable.

Learn to understand your negative feelings and emotions and learn to examine who you are. Do not put these feelings aside or hide them but learn to face them.

You have to deal with these emotions so that you can move forward and seek help if you need it. By doing this you allow divine timing to come to you and to give you what you want at the universes timing.

When you are walking on your journey, you can learn to find new direction in life and find things that you never expected to happen before. The universe has a plan for you and be patient and ready for it.