Do You Have a Spiritual Connection?

Spiritual Connection

Do you feel such a strong attraction to someone that you feel that it has to be more than physical? Maybe even a spiritual connection? A spiritual connection is something bigger, something that you experience with people that have similar beliefs, goals, and thoughts that you have. But no matter what they believe or like, you might have strong feelings about someone, and they might feel the same about you.

People that have spiritual connections with each other often share the same kinds of values and beliefs. They like things the same and they feel that certain things are important. They feel that they can be a team because they know that they could work together with each other.

In order to know if you have a spiritual connection with someone, here are some signs that are common:

  • Having Things In Common

There could be someone that you meet and you just like the same things. It feels that you found another you. This can be your spiritual connection and you can have the same interests and passions and you will have an instant connection.

  • Deep Talks

Maybe you like to talk a lot and you have found someone that you can tell everything about yourself to and they seem to understand you for no real reason.

  • Open Book

This can be someone that you are an open book with. They seem to understand you in ways that you cannot even explain.

  • Strong Energies

You meet someone that draws you in like a magnet. This can come and go but you can’t let them go because you are so drawn to them.

  • Best Friends

Chances are that you feel that this person coming into your life was destiny. You feel that they are meant to be there without explanation.

  • Drawn Together

It might take time, but this person will always seem drawn to you, and you draw to them. This can be a friendship that becomes strong fast.

  • Spiritual Guides

Maybe you have met someone that has the same spiritual gifts that you have or someone that has experienced things that you have such as conversations with their spirit guides.

  • They Make You Feel Excited

When you are around this person you feel valued, honored, and excited. They inspire you and make your energy strong. They bring out the real you.

  • Trust

You trust this person as if you have known them forever, even if you just met them. They are there for you and you for them.

  • Seeing Your Soul

You feel that this person knows just what you are thinking and feeling, and they are part of your soul. They are able to know who you really are because they can just read you.

  • Being Yourself

When you are around them, you become your real self. They don’t want you to fake who you are.

  • Different Kind of Energy

There is an energy about them that is special, and you are drawn to them because of this.

  • Pricking Energy

You might feel that your skin gets prickles when you are around them. This can be their energy connecting with yours.

  • Giant Connection

When you are with them you feel a connection that you can’t explain. You feel strong powers and energies around them.

  • They See the Real You

It might be that most people don’t see the real you and so you love this about them, but they see the deeper you and who you really are.

  • Seeing Your Future

This other person might be able to look at you and read your future. They are able to know what is going to happen next in your life.

  • Psychic Connection

Not only do you have a physical and spiritual connection, but you are able to even read each other’s minds. You might share a psychic connection that is strong.

  • Soulmate or Twin Flame Connection

This is a person that you feel that has been put into the universe for you. You feel that you have known them forever.

  • Understanding the Purpose

You know their purpose and they know who you are and what your purpose is. They feel familiar to you and the purpose that they have shares a comfort with you.

  • They Don’t Have to Ask

No matter what you are feeling, they don’t have to ask you about it. They can see past the skin and know what you want and what you need. They know what you care about and are in sync with your feelings and emotions.

Final Thoughts

These are some big signs that you might have a spiritual connection with someone that you feel close to.