Is Your Relationship Growing?

Relationship Growing

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while now and you get along great with your partner. You love spending time together; the sex is amazing, and you love just having fun. You are loving life the way that it is but then it dawns on you that you’re partner hasn’t brought up the idea of you being in their future. You feel that things are getting more serious, but nothing has been talked about and there isn’t any real signs of growth. This could be a sign that your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

If you are worried that your relationship isn’t going to go anywhere, don’t get upset. Not every relationship is going to look the same or to grow at the same time. Sometimes a couple might be in a standstill with their relationship. It is possible though that when things seem to be at a standstill for a long time that things might not really ever go anywhere.

Here are some signs that you might be stuck in your relationship:

  • No Communication

Relationships can become stagnant when there isn’t good communication. Maybe you don’t fix the fights, or you don’t feel any real commitment from your partner. Sometimes partners will settle for less than they want, and others will just take the relationship for granted.

If you feel that there have been problems in your relationship that you and your partner have been ignoring, figure out what you both need to feel loved and supported.

  • Thinking About Other People

If you feel that you’re stuck in your relationship and you start to think about being with other people or how you would love to be single again, this might mean that your relationship isn’t growing.

If you are thinking more about someone that lives down the street or you want to cancel the time with your partner to be with your friends, you might not be happy in your relationship. Relationships can go through changes, and this is normal but if you still want to live your own life, you might need to move on without your partner.

  • Different Goals

When you first get to know someone sometimes you set your goals and expectations based on theirs. You enjoy spending time with your partner, and you feel that you’ve found the best that there is. But when you start having different goals and different ideas, you might be on a different page.

Having different values and not being able to make a real connection with your partner might mean that the relationship isn’t really worth your time.

  • Too Comfortable

Being too comfortable in a relationship can be a bad sign. You might have been around each other for too long and nothing is exciting or new. This can be a stable relationship, or it can be a relationship that is going to go nowhere.

If you are both able to talk about what you want and your need and the needs are being met, this might mean that you’re just in a rut but if you aren’t able to do this then chances are that you might be in a lack of growth.

After you date someone for a period of time it is natural to not have as much sex and not to want to spend as much time together. This doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t grow, it just means that you are too comfortable with each other.

Final Thoughts

If you think that your relationship isn’t going to go anywhere, figure out what you want out of the relationship. Do you want to date more? Do you want to meet their family and friends? Do you need to have more exclusivity? Talk to your partner and tell them what you want. You deserve to be in a relationship that is growing the way that you want it to grow. Don’t settle for what makes you unhappy.