Do They Like You? Find Out!

Do They Like You

One of the hardest parts of building relationships is figuring out if someone really likes you and if they want to be committed to you. It’s not always easy to figure out what your partner has in mind, and you have to figure out what they are feeling.

It is important to pay attention to how someone treats you and even if someone says that they love you, what are their actions saying? Trust their behavior over their words.

A person that cares about you will make time with you. They will figure out how to fit you in even if they are busy. They might string you along or string others along and if they are interested in you then you will know because of their desire to be around you. This can even be a quick text to say hi.

It’s different to be with someone that likes you and someone that really has true feelings for you.

Here is how you can tell what they feel about you:

  • They Are Thoughtful

Someone that is serious about you will be thoughtful. They will be selfless, and they will do nice things for you for no reason at all. They do it because they know it will make you happy. You might say something you need to pick up at the store and then they bring it to you without you asking.

They do this because they want to see you smile and not because they want you to owe them something.

  • They Care About Your Life

When someone has feelings for you, they care about what is going on in your life. They care about your day-to-day and your weekly problems. They want you to tell them when something is wrong, and they will let you vent without judging you.

They are friendly and they want to talk about your day, and they put effort into knowing you deeper.

  • They Make You Feel Like You Matter

A person that has feelings for you will make you feel that you matter. They will show you this in their body language and in their actions. They won’t be distracted by their phone when you are around because they want to focus on you.

They will also ask questions, give advice, pay attention, and almost hang on to every word that you say because what you say is important to them.

  • Remembering Details

A person that has real feelings for you will remember the details. They will know your birthday, your favorite food, your favorite color, and the small things that you say to them. You might not even realize that they are paying so much attention to you.

  • Honest and Open

A person that is sincere with you will be honest and open.  They will share details about their life, and they won’t lie to you even when things are hard. You can trust that what they say is real and you won’t have to question them.

  • Boundaries

This kind of person will respect your boundaries no matter how hard they are. They will respect you when you tell them no and they won’t force themselves on you. They will always respect the decisions that you make, and they will want you to be comfortable.

  • They Stick to Their Word

This person will stick to their word and when they tell you they will do something, they follow through with it. They will communicate and won’t try and make plans that they aren’t committed to. They will take what you tell them seriously, and they will commit to the things they promise.

  • Red Flags

It can be hard to trust someone at first that is interested in you especially if you don’t really know them. If they make you feel special, you might wonder if they have a different motive. You need to listen to their behaviors more than their words and then you can understand their feelings. If their behavior doesn’t raise red flags, then the relationship is probably strong.

If you are wondering about things they are doing, you might need to step back and trust your instincts on this.

  • Private Feelings

There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to be around you and liking you and still keeping their feelings private. This takes time for a person to open up and to put themselves out there. But if someone is bragging too much about you and making you feel uncomfortable, you need to notice this.

Pay attention to how they talk to you and about you and this can determine what they feel about you. If you feel that your partner only likes you because of your status or because of your looks, there is a chance that it might not be real love but if they like you for who you are, they probably really like you.

  • They Stay There

Even when things get hard this person stays there for you. They are true no matter what is going on in the relationship. Even if you argue and fight, they will be there with you. Notice if you are spending more time fighting or arguing though and this can be a bad sign. If they stay when the arguments are there and they are still kind, they probably like you and the relationship can be good.

Telling Them How You Feel

If you have a hard time telling someone how you feel about them, pay attention to their actions but also your feelings. You don’t want to get your feelings hurt or get rejected.  Try to bring things up in a simple way like telling them that you enjoy spending time together. See how they respond to that.

If they seem like they like you, you might need to take time to be clear about what you want, especially if you have been dating for a little while. Keep the conversation simple and be honest about your feelings. This is the best way to avoid getting hurt in the long run.