Do You Doubt Being in Love?

Doubt Being in Love

Have you been with someone for a while, and you find that you are getting more serious about them? You have met their family and friends and you’re considering moving in together. Even though you feel in love with your partner, you might keep wondering if the things that they have such as their flaws or their quirks or even red flags mean that you might not really be in love.

Don’t stop dating them right away because this can cause you to be hurt and cause them to not talk to you anymore. Before you consider breaking up, find out if you are just having love doubts or if things are really that bad.

Even people that get married and have been married for a time get doubtful in their relationship. Relationships have both ups and downs and things don’t always run completely smoothy. You might not know if your relationship will even last and that is why sometimes people don’t go through with getting married.

Find Out if Your Doubts Are Normal

Here are some things that are normal even in good relationships:

  • You Find Other People Attractive

You are human and you will find people around you attractive. This doesn’t mean that you should break up with your partner. There are things that attract people to other people, and this is normal.

There will be times in your relationship now and in the future that you might find yourself flirting with someone else. Of course, there is a difference between flirting and getting someone’s number and calling them. Don’t cross those lines.

  • Dissatisfying Sex

Sometimes sex isn’t going to be the best. What happens when the sex isn’t that great? There are some people that are together, and they have different desires when it comes to the bedroom. You have to figure out what these are, and you need to learn to communicate them.

Just because you aren’t always satisfied in bed doesn’t mean that you should call off your relationship. Tell your partner what you want and what you want to try. Don’t judge them and teach them to give you what you need.

If things don’t get better as time goes on, you might consider leaving them but if they are trying to work things out, you can make the relationship work. Communication is going to be the key when you want to be satisfied when it comes to the bedroom.

  • Family Ties

There are some people that get together and then they can’t get along with their partners family or friends. This can cause there to be problems in the relationship, especially later down the road.

If you feel that your partners people aren’t very nice to you or that you doubt if you fit in with them, work on this with your partner. Tell them how you feel and see if your partner will help work through it and negotiate or if he defends them. This can be based around certain traditions or religious matters as well.

  • Fear of Commitment

Some people are ready to commit but they don’t want to settle. They will want to commit for a while but when things start to get too serious, they want to walk away. There can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to being fully committed to someone.

No relationship is going to be perfect and if you have a fear of commitment then you need to figure this out before you choose to stay. Talk to your partner about what you are feeling but if you’re afraid to tell them how you feel, you might need to step away for a while.

Things That Aren’t Normal to Feel

There are some things that are normal for couples to feel and there are some things that aren’t normal for couples to feel.

If your partner isn’t able to trust you then there is a problem. Your partner might get jealous or might be abusive. If this is the case, move on immediately.

Your partner should never threaten you or manipulate you. You shouldn’t stay with someone that puts your life in danger. A person that isn’t respecting you in the bedroom isn’t someone to be with and you need to make sure that your partner isn’t always putting you down or saying that you aren’t good, that is abuse.

When you have a partner that is constantly cheating on you or one that is betraying you, this is another warning sign and one that is a deal breaker with staying together. Of course, no one is going to be perfect, and people make mistakes, but crossing these lines can be too much.

Having these problems in your relationship might mean that you need to see a counselor and find out if they are able to help you make it through these things. If not, move on from them and find someone else to make you happy.

Final Thoughts

Being in a relationship and being doubtful about where the relationship is going is something that is normal. Everyone goes through these things, and this doesn’t mean that there is a big problem. Sometimes when you think things through and you talk them through, you can find that you can make the relationship last through anything.

Talk to your partner and learn to listen to what they are trying to tell you. Breaking up with someone just because you have a doubt will mean that you have expectations that are too high for any relationship. Even if your partner disagrees with you on things, it doesn’t mean that you have to end the relationship.

Don’t be defensive when you talk to your partner because they are not seeing things from the same point of view as you are. Unless your situation is abusive or your life is in danger, there are things that you can do to work things out with your partner.

When your partner is not meeting your needs, constantly putting you down or not respecting your boundaries, this might be a time to leave. Talk through things that are hard and see if you’re able to work through the hard parts. If you are, you might have a forever partner.