Ending a Relationship, You Cherish

Ending a Relationship

Ending any kind of relationship isn’t going to be easy and when you really love someone and you have to tell them that the relationship is over, it can be heartbreaking. It isn’t easy to end something with someone that you love and when you are ready to breakup with them, this can be hard to do.

When you realize that ending the relationship is something that you have to do, it can be hard to sit down and talk to the person that you love. Here are some reasons that you might be in a situation where you need to end a relationship with someone that you love:

When It’s Time to End a Relationship

Breaking up with someone that you love can be hard and it can be heartbreaking. You might have a partner that seems perfect but maybe they just aren’t the perfect partner for you. You have to come to the fact that even though there might not be a lot of red flags or major things going on in the relationship, you still just feel like you are no longer in love like you used to be.

You might be looking for signs that the relationship is really over, but chances are that you might not get the answers that you are really wanting to have. The best thing that you can do for you and your partner is to look deep inside your own heart and be truthful with how you are feeling about the relationship.

If you are listening to your intuition and you find that you keep feeling the same and you feel that nothing is changing and that your growth has been stopped, it can be a sign. You might have a hard time being yourself or reaching your goals when you are with your partner or maybe they aren’t ever ready or willing to compromise with things that you want such as having children or you reaching your career goals.

You could even be in a situation where you have expectations that you thought would done by now, but you keep going back to the fear that you might be alone or that you are just being overbearing or ridiculous in your feelings.

Ending the Relationship

If you feel that you need to just go ahead and end the relationship, here are some things that you can do to be honest and respectful of the person that you have been with for so long and that you still love:

  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes

If you aren’t sure if you want to breakup with them or not, think about how you can avoid making it more painful. Be honest with what you expect out of the person and also be kind and compassionate when you breakup so that you don’t cause unnecessary pain. If you have only been dating a few weeks, talking to them on the phone might be okay but if you have been long-term dating, you need to consider how they would feel and how you should breakup with them the easiest way.

Respect the person and don’t lead them on or waste any more of their time. Some people will keep a relationship going for years for fear of breaking up or finding the right time to do it.

  • Don’t Blame

Ending the relationship probably comes from things that happen in the relationship or the behavior of your partner. But even if they have things that you don’t like, don’t attack the other person. Talk about your own feelings and don’t point fingers.

If they want to know why you want to breakup, don’t go into every detail, just give them a few general ones that will help to explain why you made this decision. Some people want specific details while others don’t, and you can figure out what you should do or say.

You have to communicate with what is going on in the relationship and you need to use statements that say about why you feel a certain way and why you aren’t able to fix things.

  • Location of the Breakup

It can be hard to decide where you want to breakup with someone because you don’t want to embarrass someone. Consider a place that your partner feels secure and a place that you can be honest. Don’t go in places that your partner can’t express how they are feeling or where they will be uncomfortable.

If you worry that your partner will be out of control, doing this in a public place is better. When there is a strong physical connection, you need to not breakup in a private situation or you might not go through with it.

Breaking up with someone at home might seem like a good idea but it might be more uncomfortable and can end up being dramatic.

  • Be Honest

It is okay if you are going to make the breakup not so hard, but you need to make sure that you are being honest. Explain why you are choosing to end the relationship and don’t sugar coat things. Let the conversation be helpful so that they can learn what happened and why you weren’t happy in the relationship.

Set Boundaries

It is important that you set boundaries before you ever start the breakup. You need to cut ties and let this person go. You need to tell them that you want to end the relationship and that it’s your final answer.

Decide how and if you want them to contact you and if you don’t, make sure that you say this.

  • Don’t Take All the Blame

Even though you shouldn’t go into hard parts of why the breakup is happening, make sure that you aren’t the only one taking the blame. Take responsibility for the things that you have done but also let them know that there are issues in the relationship that weren’t fixable.

Even if your partner is having a hard time with the breakup, you need to make sure that you are being strong in your mental health, and you aren’t taking the blame for everything. Consider your partners feelings and let them know that you are moving forward without them.

  • Breaking Up with Someone You Love

It can be harder to get over someone that you breakup with if you still love them. You might realize that this is going to take longer than normal and if you grieve, don’t push these feelings away. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. If you need to talk to someone professional, hire a therapist that you can be open and honest with.

Start refocusing and rebuilding your life and focus on doing new things, finding new friends, building new relationships, and trying out new hobbies. Do things that are fun and when you are ready to find love again, do it.