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Signs of a Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship can be defined in part as a strong, almost irresistible bond that forms between two people and functions to heal the wounds of past lives for those individuals. When you find someone you have a karmic connection with, you may feel an instant closeness or a sense of nostalgia even though you […]

What is Divine Timing?

Divine timing is what happens to you in your life and exactly at the right time. The universe is there to manifest to your things in your life when they are meant to happen. Things that come to you can be your own goals and things that you are not in control of. You are […]

How to Love An Empath

Empaths sometimes have challenges when they are in relationships because they are very sensitive. Their hearts are more open, and they are loving and expressive. In order to be in an intimate relationship with an empath, you have to learn to communicate with them and set boundaries that will help them not to be overwhelmed. […]

Emotions and Energy

People are whole in their emotions and their physical lives and these things interact with each other. There is energy in all living and even non-living things and these energies can react with your body. Energies The energy in the body works with the mind and in the western culture, people understand that in their […]

Searching for Your Soulmate

Have you ever asked the universe to take away your feelings of loneliness? Have you wondered why you were left in relationships that were abusive or where your partner left you feeling defeated and vulnerable? Have you ever pleaded with the cosmos or the universe to help you to find real love and romance? Chances […]

Soul Destiny

Life is a journey and everything you do in your life and everywhere you go, everyone you meet is for a purpose. Nothing is accidental and even though this might sound silly, the truth is that there is a reason for everything that happens to you and there are no coincidences. This is something that […]

Zodiac Romance Signs

Love and romance change how people see the world. There is excitement with romance, and it can make you to feel love and joy in your soul, mind and body. There is nothing that is better than falling in love and if you are looking for romance then you can know by the zodiac sign […]

My Soulmate Died

Some people wait what seems like forever to find their soulmate but what happens when they have a soulmate and the soulmate dies? People talk about how this affects them and how they have not ever been able to find someone else that makes them feel that good and they wonder how they can get […]