How to Make Her Want You

Make Her Want You

Is there a girl that you really like, and you want to impress her and show her that you are interested in her? You can win a girl’s heart, and this is about making her fall in love with you without you having to say it in words. Figure out who she is and what she is all about and find out how to get her attention.

Make Her Want You

Most guys will play with girls hearts but that changes when he finds out that he really likes her. Once you get to the point of this, you can’t let your emotions be in control and you have to figure out if she even likes you or not without being clingy.

Don’t try overly hard to make her like you but start by spending time with her and making her enjoy your time together.

How to Make Her Like You

Some guys are great at charming all of the women and they seem to be able to get any girl that they want. As long as you understand how to win her over, you can be this same person. Here is how to win her over:

  • Be Awesome

Girl’s want to date a guy that is going to be awesome and is going to treat her right. Find out what she wants and what she likes and be that person. Be cool and be someone that she admires.

If you think that there is another guy in the room that is cooler than you are, find out how to be more like him. Improve your personality and get what you want.

  • Communicate

When you want to make someone feel good about themselves and to feel special, you have to talk to them. Do what you can to be the one that she gives her attention to. Be kind when you run into her and act happy to see her.

  • Flirt

Girl’s like it when guys flirt with them. You can make this an obvious flirt, or you can be subtle. When you want to flirt, try to spend time alone with her but also pay attention to her when she is around other people.

Don’t flirt too much when she is with her friends but save the good flirting for your alone time with her.

  • Emotional Control

Don’t be over emotional when it comes to wanting to date someone. If you feel that you aren’t getting the girl you want, don’t let your emotions control you. If she puts you in the friend zone, end the relationship before you get hurt.

  • Face the Competition

There is always going to be other guys and if you have guys that like the same girl, don’t give into it. Face the competition. If she is ignoring you when you text, don’t get mad about it but just see it as a challenge and up your game to impress her.

  • Make Her Think About You

One of the best ways to get a girl’s attention is to leave her thinking about you at night. Text her at night before she goes to bed, and she will look forward to talking to you.

Text her and talk about things that she is interested in and if she is interested in talking to you then she probably won’t be talking to other guys.

  • Be Open

Be open and honest about your emotions and things that you have done. You can flirt and text her at night but if you want to get into her heart, tell her things about you that are private or that make you vulnerable.

Try talking about past relationships and give her a little bit of details about your life. Don’t go overboard though and stay mysterious.

  • Ask About Her

Ask her questions about what she wants in life such as what she dreams of and what her goals are. Be interested in her and not just yourself.

  • Give Complements

Women love getting complements because they are so critical of themselves. Tell her things about her that you like and build her confidence.

  • Be Honest

Be honest and keep your word. If you tell her that you are going to do something, do it. Don’t lack character and go back on your word.

  • Show Your Personality

Show her the things that are fun about you and let her see who you are. Be vulnerable and be friendly and have fun. If you have a personality that people like, she will see it too.

  • Look Great

Look great whenever you go out and see her. Be attractive so that she can’t stop thinking about you. Fix your heart and wear something nice when you go out together.

  • Remember Things About Her

Remember things about her that she has told you and bring them up. If she says that peanut butter cookies are her favorite, when you are out, buy her some.

  • Be Confident

Be confident in who you are, and she will pick up on this and like it.

  • Be Gentleman-Like

Open the doors for her, complement her, appreciate her, and show her that you are a gentleman. Do things that show you are a good guy and that you care about her.

  • Communicate Often

Take time each day to communicate with her, even if you’re busy. If you go for days without talking to her then she will lose interest in, you.

Final Thoughts

When you fall in love with someone, show them who you are and let them have a chance to fall in love with you. Open up your heart, talk to her and show her just who you are and what she would be missing out on without you.