Know if He’s Cheating On You!

Know if He’s Cheating On You!

Are you in a relationship or have you been in a past relationship, and you wonder if there are signs that he is cheating on you? There are many reasons why a man might cheat such as not being satisfied, not having love for their partner, needing to feel validated or to raise their self-esteem, among many other reasons. But, if you think that your partner might be cheating, you need to look for signs and then decide what you’ll do next.

  • He Acts Differently

Most people know their partners more than they even know themselves. If you see that your partner is being different in how he is acting, then this can be a sign that he might be being unfaithful to you. Men that cheat often act out differently both in and out of the bedroom. He might be on his phone more, spend more time at work or in the bathroom or just something else that strikes you odd.

  • Caring About His Looks

One big sign that a man is cheating is that he starts caring more about his looks. He focuses more on his appearance than the did before. This could mean that he starts buying new clothes that are designer brands or he switches up his cologne. If he wasn’t worried about his looks before and now, he seems obsessed with how he looks, chances are his focus is somewhere else. If you can’t figure out why he wants to be different all of a sudden, it could be a sign of cheating.

  • Complements More

Another sign that your man might be cheating is that he complements you more than he used to. Having the extra praise might feel good for you but it should also make you wonder why he is doing it. If he wasn’t full of attention for you before and now, he is over the top, chances are that he is trying to get you to not notice the other things that he is doing behind your back.

Sometimes a man will do this in front of their family or friends as well if they are cheating so that they can make them think that they are being faithful and true and how much they love you. Constantly praising you can also make him not as feel bad about what he is doing.

  • Distancing

You might notice that your man has pulled away from you and is no longer giving you any attention. Maybe he is even to the point where he is ignoring your texts and your calls when he used to be completely engaged in you. Now he doesn’t care about what you want or what you need.

Has he become uninterested in things that you used to do together? Men that cheat often will put their energy and their attention to the other person and this will cause them to become less interested and concerned with you.

  • Sex is Less

Distancing isn’t just always emotional, but a cheating partner will also sometimes distance themselves when it comes to sex. This can indicate that they are cheating on you. If they are distracted in bed or if they don’t want to be intimate with you then chances are that they have a secret, and they might be pulling away from you, so you don’t find out.

  • Pointing Fingers

A common tactic of a cheating partner is that they point fingers and accuse their partner of cheating so that they can deflect the blame from themselves onto you. If your partner keeps accusing you of cheating, it could mean that he is the one that is guilty. This might sound crazy, but this is a game that unfaithful partners often play.

  • Lying

A man that cheats is often a man that lies. He will lie to try to make sure that you don’t find out. They will lie about what they are spending money on, who they are calling and texting, who they are emailing and why they are going to certain events.  They will make up stories and it will get to the point where it will be hard for you to know if they are telling the truth at all.

Notice verbal and nonverbal cues when you talk to your partner. Most of the time when someone is lying, it will be as if they are reading out of a script because they need to make sure that they get everything right. They will also use phrases that are easy to remember. Another sign is that they give too much information. One sign of someone lying is that they cover their mouth when they are talking, or they fidget or act nervous. Notice anything that seems unnatural when you are talking to them.

  • Fighting

Sometimes when a man is cheating on you, he will try to find things to argue with you about. This will be done because he wants to distract you from finding out that he is cheating on you. By arguing with you, it will direct your attention to something other than him cheating and it will give him more time.

He might argue about cleaning the bathroom or about forgetting to pick something up that he promised to do. The fights are meant to cover up the cheating and it will cause you to direct your attention elsewhere.

Men that pick fights will sometimes even walk out of the argument so that they can go and spend time with someone else that they want to be with. Cheating causes more stress, and this can lead to more fights because they are under more pressure and stress.

  • Calls You the Wrong Name

A big sign of cheating is that your partner calls you by the wrong name. They might say out someone’s name and this is a good sign that they are thinking of that person. A man that is cheating will have a name that comes out of their mouth sometimes. When your man is preoccupied and he calls you something else, don’t think this was just a mistake.

  • He Says He Hates Cheating

Men that are unfaithful will sometimes talk about cheating and how much they hate it. They will come to the point where it seems that they are obsessed with the idea of cheating. Cheating men will use this as a defense mechanism so that they can convince you and sometimes even themselves that they aren’t a cheater.

  • He Wants Alone Time

Even though everyone needs to have some alone time, when your man is cheating on you, he might want to have more privacy. He will make calls outside or in another room or he will clear his browsing history so you can’t see it. Another thing that he might do is to change his password so that you can’t read his text messages.

Most men that change their password so that their partner can’t get into their phone is cheating or has something to hide.

  • Spending Time with Other Cheaters

The friends that your partner has can be an indication of his personality. If he is spending time with friends that have cheated on their spouse, chances are that he is cheating too. They will discuss these things and they will learn to validate each other even over your hurt.

  • Bad Feelings

You might start to have bad feelings about what is going on in your relationship and this can be a sign that he is cheating on you. The behaviors that he has can cause you to question his motive or cause you to feel that something isn’t right. Women that are being cheated on will often have a gut feeling that something isn’t right. They will feel that their man is being unfaithful and sometimes this is enough of a sign to know that it’s true.


  1. This article provides a comprehensive overview of potential signs of cheating. However, it’s crucial to evaluate these behaviors within the broader context of the relationship and not jump to hasty conclusions.

  2. The article presents a list of behavioral changes that might indicate infidelity. It’s important to remember that these signs should not be used in isolation to jump to conclusions. Communication with your partner is crucial.

  3. The article outlines several indicators that might suggest infidelity. It’s important to use this information as a guide rather than a definitive checklist. Each relationship is unique, and these signs might not always point to cheating.

  4. The discussion on the various signs of cheating could be helpful for some, but it’s essential to approach the topic with a balanced perspective. Trust is foundational in any relationship, and assumptions can be damaging.

  5. While the signs mentioned might hold true in some cases, there could be other reasons for such behaviors. Context and open communication are key factors to consider before making any accusations.