What to Do on a First Date

Do on a First Date

Has someone asked you out and you are excited about the date but at the same time you feel a little nervous?

Here are some things that you can do to have a second date that is successful:

  • Don’t Go Out When He Calls

If you decide that you want to go out with someone, make sure that you don’t go out right when he calls for you. This can make him feel like you are sitting around waiting for him and that you have no life. Make sure that you are playing the game and that you’re not being too desperate.

  • Don’t Act So Interested

You don’t have to hang on to every word that he says. Make sure that you are sharing your own thoughts as well.

  • Don’t Take Over the Conversation

Make sure that when he pauses a conversation that you take time to pause it. Listen to what the conversation is saying and if you need to stop talking for a bit, do it. Give him a chance to say things he wants to say as well.

  • Don’t Talk About the Ex

You don’t need to talk about his ex or your ex. Limit this to things such as, “we didn’t have the same goals,” and resist asking him questions about his ex as well.

  • Don’t Ask About the Past

Just like asking about his ex, it is important that you don’t ask about his past relationships. He will tell you what he wants to tell you.

  • Don’t Do a Drunken Text

Don’t go out drinking and then text and call him. He wants you to be in control of your actions.

  • Let Him Suggest the Next Date

Don’t ask him when he will see you again but give him a chance to make a suggestion about what to do next.

  • Don’t Invite Him Over After the Date

If he offers to come to your house or he asks to come to yours after a date, tell him no. The first date will decide if you like someone, and this will help to decide if there is even going to be a second date. Don’t get drunk and then act crazy and invite him over or he will probably not take you on another date.

You have to remember that you need to get to know him, and you need to see how the date is even going to go. Don’t be so excited to please someone that you forget that you are important too. Don’t do everything for him because if you do that now then it will always be expected.

Final Thoughts

Men want to find a woman that can stand on her own two feet. When you go on a first date, make sure that you are following some kind of code so that you don’t fall into a mess in y our dating life. Be careful and find someone that cares and respects you and make sure that you are getting what you want out of the relationship.