Is He Cheating On You?


Sometimes you see patterns of cheaters and you might know right away if someone is cheating on you or not. Of course, there are some signs that might not be as noticeable as you might see. If your partner is guilty of these things, chances are that he isn’t being faithful to you.

  • No Intimacy

You should be having intimacy with your partner and if you no longer are getting that then chances are he is getting it somewhere. Of course, if you are just dating and he isn’t open to you emotionally yet, this could be a reason that the intimacy hasn’t shown yet.

  • Social Media

There can be some signs that your guy is cheating on you, and you should always look for changes in their behavior as a big sign. If your guy wasn’t often on social media and then all of a sudden, he is liking a lot of posts and spending a lot of time on social media then this might be a sign.

  • Hiding His Phone

A man that loves you should never hide their phone from you. If he keeps taking it with him everywhere he goes and he doesn’t leave it while lying there when he gets up, he might be afraid that you will see who he is messaging. If he is having an emotional affair with someone, this is cheating as well.

  • Financial Changes

Do you keep noticing things on your receipts that don’t add up? Does he seem to be spending more on lunches or dinners than he normally does? He might be having a relationship with someone other than you or he might be trying to impress someone with gifts.

  • Suddenly a Romantic

If he is cheating on you, he might be worried about being caught and so he might decide to try and be more romantic than he normally is. This can be a sign that he wants to better your relationship or it can be a sign that he is being romantic with someone else.

  • Fighting

There is going to be fighting in every relationship but if he keeps wanting to fight over things that you aren’t used to fighting over, he might be with someone else. You might need to breakup with him, or he might be ready to breakup with you, and he is just giving a reason for you to see it.

  • Routine

When you are with someone for a long time you know their routine. If his routine seems to be changed and he is doing things differently then this might be a big sign he is hiding something.

  • Working Late

Everyone has to work late sometimes but if he is working unusual hours then this could be a sign that he is spending time with someone else. Look at the financial records and see if anything is showing up at those hours on his credit card statement.

  • Female Friends

When your partner starts hanging out with a female it can be a problem. If he brings up things she likes, and he talks about her a lot then there might not be boundaries between the two of them. He should never be late night texting someone from work and especially not someone that is a woman.

  • Accusing You

One big sign of someone cheating is that they accuse someone else of cheating. If he started accusing, you of cheating on him then there might be someone else in his life that he is taken by.

  • Different Sex

When your guy is experimenting with other places he might bring those same things home to you, notice if his bedroom behavior is strange.

  • Not Communicating

Men that cheat often don’t talk to you. They stay busy with their new life and they don’t want to talk and slip up on what they might accidentally tell you. Sometimes they are even silent because they are afraid that you will read between the lines.

  • Moodiness

If your partner is being moody and he isn’t seeming to get out of it, chances are he might be cheating on you. He might have too much on his mind and he might feel that he is only happy with his new lover. He might even be mad at himself for what he is doing.

  • He Is Lying

When you catch your man lying over and over this is a bad sign. He might be hiding something from you, and it might be little things or even big things. Even if the lies aren’t connected to him cheating, it can be a sign that he is being dishonest.

  • You Were Warned

Chances are that you have someone coming to you to tell you that your partner is cheating. You might not be listening to them because you don’t want to believe it to be true. This can be embarrassing, and it might hurt your feelings, but you might need to listen to them.

  • Emotional Distance

A man that is cheating might become emotionally distant from you. They don’t want to have problems and they don’t want to know what you’re feeling.

  • Secret Conversations

If you wake up in the middle of the night and your partner is in the bathroom having a secret conversation, red flag. You need to notice if you see him secret texting or chatting with someone. You can take his phone and look at it but if you can’t get it, ask him what he is doing and be upfront.

  • Another Phone

When you find another phone and you know that your partner never had one before, this is a huge red flag. Chances are he won’t have a separate business phone because that is too much to deal with and if he is using the phone then he is probably talking to someone else.

  • No More Future

Before you felt that he was cheating on you, you and he talked a lot about your future together. Now he seems to be leaving that out and not saying anything about having children together or even getting married. You might feel that you are no longer part of his future and chances are, someone else is.

  • He Finds You Annoying

If you find that you keep getting into fights because everything you do seems to annoy him, this is a big red flag. Find out why you aren’t able to make him happy or satisfy him. Find out if he is talking to someone else that is bringing him happiness that you aren’t.

  • You Found Stuff

Maybe you keep finding clues that he is cheating on you. You might smell perfume that isn’t yours on his clothes or see lipstick stains on his collar. You might see messages on his phone that seem steamy.

This woman is not you and you are not the one that he is sending these things to and so this probably means he is cheating.

  • He Puts You Don’t

Instead of building you up, he is constantly putting you down. He has nothing nice to say to you and he finds fault in everything you do. He puts you down in front of your family and your friends or even when you are alone together.

  • He Likes New Things

Instead of listening to the same music he always did and dressing the same way, he has changed all of his likes. He might start watching new movies or reading new books. This can be the routine he has and other things. If he is doing this, be on the lookout.

  • Acting Shameful

Another sign is that your partner might act ashamed of themselves or act guilty. You can only look into his eyes and see guilt and nothing else seems to stand out. He acts like he has made a big mistake in his life, and this could be cheating on you.

  • Showers Often

Maybe your man is clean and likes to look good but if you find that he is taking more showers than normal, this can be a bad sign. He might be trying to get her leftover smell off of himself and he feels that if he showers you won’t realize it.

  • He Stops Taking You with Him

A big sign is that he stops inviting you out with him or taking you to events that he attends at work. He might start telling you that they no longer let partners come or he might just tell you that you aren’t invited. This could be because he doesn’t want his new girl to see him with you.

  • Spends More Time with Friends

Another big clue is that he is spending more time with his friends than he did in the past. He also might not be taking you with him. He might spend more and more time out of the home, and he might even vacation with them instead of you.

  • Late Calls

Your partner shouldn’t ever be taking midnight calls unless he is a doctor. If he is doing this often then chances are he is thinking that you are sleeping and talking to his girlfriend.

  • His Friends Are Avoiding You

When you see his friends out, they avoid you because they don’t want to tell you what he is up to. They are supporting what he is doing, and this means that they are his friend and not yours. When you get rid of him, get rid of them too.

  • He is Egotistical

Maybe out of nowhere he starts having self-esteem and thinking highly of himself. He might even think that he is better than you. He wants to look at his body all the time and he wants to find someone that will show him off, not just you.

  • He Doesn’t Show You Romance

In the past he was very romantic, bringing you flowers or cooking you a meal. Now, he spends all his time with other people or when he is with you, he has no romantic feelings for you.

  • Your Intuition is Talking

Pay attention to your intuition and see what it is telling you. If you think he is cheating on you, chances are that he is. You might feel these signs deep inside of you. You need to ask him what is going on before it is too late.

Why Do They Cheat?

Some guys are unhappy at home, and they cheat, and some just like to have different women. They will often act nervous and guilty, and they will worry about getting caught. Cheaters are secretive and they change their behavior. If you find that he is doing anything above, find out what is going on before you get your heart broken even more.

Final Thoughts

Now that you see the signs of someone that might be cheating, you need to find out how to catch him and confront him for what he is doing to you. This can be hard, and chances are that you are going to be heartbroken that your man wants to be with someone else.

You have to decide if you’re going to ignore it, or you’re going to confront him and not give him a chance to change. It is up to you what you decide to do when it comes to a cheating partner. Figure out what is right for you and don’t stay in a place that makes you feel less than you deserve.