Women Waiting for Divorce

Waiting for Divorce

Have you ever fallen in love for someone that was taken or for a married man? There are some women that will wait for a lifetime for the man that they have fallen in love with to get a divorce from their spouse. They want this man to get divorced so that they will be able to marry him instead.

As time goes on, you might see that time seems to move faster. It seems like every holiday is right here and once it goes past, the next one shows up. Year after year a birthday seems to come even faster, and this includes anniversaries and other important things. If you are married, being with your spouse might seem like a lifetime even if you have only been together for a few years.

Life on Hold

Women that choose to wait and put their life on hold for someone that is married might never be able to have the happiness that they are seeking. Even if the man tells them that they have their heart, this doesn’t mean that they will ever leave their spouse.

Getting a Reading

Many psychics do readings that are love readings and these can include readings from women that are wanting to be with a man that is married. When this happens, it brings up a lot of questions and often is filled with hurt and pain.

The women wonder if the man will ever leave their spouse while their man is sitting at home with his wife and children and celebrating every holiday with them. Even during vacations, the women are left alone while he goes on with his family. Even when he has time to spend with that woman, it is secretive. He might even be telling them to wait for him even if he doesn’t have intentions of ever leaving his wife.

Judging the Situation

Everyone goes through different situations, and it is hard to judge what is going on. When a psychic does a reading for these people, they won’t judge them for what they do but they will be honest on how the relationship can go.

This kind of relationship is unbalanced, and it can be hurtful and unhappy. This relationship is one that isn’t natural and when a woman is wishing for her man to get divorced, she is wishing for the other family to suffer and to be in pain. This can cause negative things to come back on her.

As time goes on, the woman might wait. She might choose to never move on and never find someone else because she is choosing to wait for this man that may never come. As he spends time with his family for another holiday, she sits at home alone.

She might believe that he is her soulmate, but this is something that might only be one-sided. He is there and he is alive, but he belongs to someone else. He might be afraid to let go of her, but he might be more afraid to let go of his family that he has established. These are women that believe that there is one man that can love them, even if he is taken.

Final Thoughts

Time is short and people need to learn to live in the moment. If you are waiting for your whole life for your man to single up, this might be a sign that you need to move on and find someone else to fall in love with. They may never leave their spouse, and then what?