Understanding Relationship Stages

Relationship Stages

Relationships can be hard to deal with and they will have both ups and downs. As you learn to understand the different stages of love, you will see that even though they are challenging, they are worth having a romantic connection.

Noticing your different stages can help you to know what is going to happen next and what you can expect. This can allow you to see if the relationship seems like it will be successful or if it is something you should move on from.

  • Stage 1

The first stage of a relationship is infatuation. This is a time where you release love chemicals called dopamine and phenylethylamine. This is something that makes you feel good and makes you happy. It is in this stage that you will feel that you are meant to be with that person and that they make you have butterflies.

This is called the honeymoon stage, and it is a place where you ignore all the negative things in the relationship, and you are in a magical place with your partner. This is the stage where your heart can be broken because you miss the signs of the toxic traits.

  • Stage 2

This stage is the discover stage and the place where you find your soulmate. You can experience something good here but most of the time people in this stage have a hard time and they feel that their relationship is dry. They wanted the person that they chose to be their perfect mate, but they are discovering that things aren’t as they seemed, and they start to see the negative parts of the relationship.

Getting past this stage and finding a partner that you need while not being overbearing can be hard, but it is necessary to be in a relationship that will last. If you can learn to accept them for who they are at this stage, then you will move on to the next stage.

  • Stage 3

Stage 3 is the stage when you start to understand your partner. You will feel that you are with the right person at this stage, and you will be confident. You will no longer be jealous like you were in the other stages, but you will trust your partner. The problem with this stage is that sometimes people in the relationship get bored and you have to fight that. It is important that you keep the romance alive during this time.

  • Stage 4

Conflict can happen in this stage, and it happens when people are really dedicated to each other. Sometimes at this stage there is a power struggle over who is going to be in charge. You need to take time to remember who you were and what you want in order to have your own individuality and to be able to control the relationship.

Both people in the relationship need to have equal ideas and equal thoughts. You should do things that your partner likes but they should do the same for you. There has to be a time where you come to a middle ground on things that you both do, and you have to work through arguments and respect each other along the way. Compromise is the key.

  • Stage 5

When you get to this stage true intimacy happens. You will sense stability in this stage of the relationship and even though you have had hard times, you will be able to work through those and use them to set common goals. The best thing that you can do is to help each other grow and when the relationships is hard, work through the problems. Don’t get resentful of the past or the hardships but continue to compromise and find balance to keep each other happy.

  • Stage 6

If you reach stage 6 in your relationship, then you will be in a mature kind of love. People that have been together to reach this stage know the difference between being infatuated with each other and being in love. You will not feel obsessed or jealous over your partner, but you will feel a real chemistry, stability, comfort, and security. You will have open communication and you will but your efforts into growing the relationship and moving forward with each other.

  • Stage 7

This is the last stage of the relationship, but this is the stage that can come any time or after any of the other stages. This is the final stage because it is a recovery stage. This means that even when there are problems or you are frustrated, you recover, and you work through things. If there is a crisis, this is the stage that you will be at. Crisis can happen but if you are both willing to give and support each other then you can keep going strong.

Crisis doesn’t mean that the relationship comes to an end even if the trust is broken for a time. This only means that change has come and that the needs might have become different. It is okay that this happens, and it doesn’t mean that the love that led up to this isn’t real or that it is lost, it just means that you have experienced something different and something that you have to fix. You may have to go back into one of the previous stages when this happens but if you continue and you stay prepared, you can move forward no matter what stage you are in.

Relationship Stages Matter!

The different relationship stages matter and even though they can be hard, they happen in all relationships. It is important that you prepare yourself to go through the different stages when you are in a relationship because there will always be ups and downs. If you want to be stronger in your partnership, then you have to go through the stages and you have to learn to work through them. This will make you a team and you will see that the results are better after each stage.

If you’re not quite sure what stage you are in and you need to find someone to help you through your love situations, talk to a psychic and let them work through things with you and your partner to make your love even better.