How to Make Him Really Miss You

Make Him Really Miss You

When you go through a breakup or you feel that your relationship isn’t going anywhere or you are being used, you need to make this man value you. The only thing that you have left that you can do is to make him realize how important you are and make him miss you.

Maybe though you are worried about letting him go that he might not ever come back to you, and this can actually happen, but what else is there to do? When you find that you have dealt with the relationship all that you can, you need to give something else a try.

There has to be rules and boundaries that you set that are right for you and that can make sure that he knows that you mean business. When you do this right, cutting your man off will make him miss you more than you ever imagined. Of course, if you don’t do it the right way, he will move on from you and the relationship can be over.

Make Him Want to Come Back

Why are you thinking that you want to cut him out of your life anyways? Do you want him to miss you, or do you want him to show value to the relationship? When he feels that he can always have you back no matter what, you will never be able to use this tactic to make him miss you.

He won’t have a reason to try and win you back and that is why you need to do this right to get him to want to come back to you.

What Not to Do

When women get dumped, they often begin chasing their ex and trying to prove that they were wrong for leaving them. They apologize, write text, and try to swoon them back. This doesn’t work and it eventually gets to the point that the ex-just stops answering.

The problem is that women will do those things, but the other problem is the no contact rule that some women try. This just makes him start looking for someone else to be with.

Cut Him Off with Damage

Cutting a man off with no explanation or warning will make him think you are ghosting him. This will make him lose trust in you and will create more problems if the relationship is struggling already. He will think that you don’t care about him and that you don’t want him anymore.

Men that feel rejected don’t handle it well and he will go with someone that is talking to him if you are no longer around.

Giving Up the Control

Another problem with doing the no contact is that it stops all communication, and the problem is that it gives your control up to who he is seeing and being with. If you’re broken up, you can’t stop him from seeing other women but when going through a breakup is messy or hurtful, most of the time men don’t know what they should do next.

Your ex might start taking to other women just to hurt you if you have cut him off. Plus, he will think that you are glad that the relationship is over and that he needs to just move on.

Make Him Miss You

The best way to handle this mess is to cut him off but telling him why you are cutting him off. This leaves the line of communication open and lets him know that he can still talk to you if he needs you.

He will know that you care about him and that you are hurting and when you communicate, he can see if he really is sorry for how things went down. Even though the communication is open, you might not talk to him unless he talks to you first or reaches out to you, but you still can talk to each other.

Even though this most likely won’t make him regret the breakup right away, he probably won’t move on because he might see that there can be a chance to smooth things over later.

When Will He Miss You?

Guys can be hard to deal with and they are very stubborn and self-absorbed sometimes. If they decide they want to end a relationship, they will at least keep it that way for a few weeks. He will do what he wants and see that at the time that he has freedom but then he will eventually realize that you are gone out of his life.

Then, he might start sending you different texts to make you know that he wants to get back with you. Whatever the reason is that you broke up, having you in his life is something that he is going to miss. Even if he is guarded and distant at first, this can change.

Everyone acts different in situations; some are super stubborn, and others will not be as stubborn as some. Most of the time it takes around 2 weeks for a man to realize that he misses you after he breaks up with you and this is when the communication comes back.

This can take longer if you have been together for a few years, and you were always fighting, or the relationship had serious problems. The bigger that the problems were the harder it will take for him to realize that he still cares. Sometimes though, cutting him off won’t be enough to get him to come back to you.

How to Make Him Want to Come Back

The no contact won’t make your ex want to apologize and come back to you. Even if you were rejected, cutting him totally off won’t make him want to come back to you. Also, if he does come back, this takes time.

You have to make sure that you have boundaries and that you aren’t giving into him such as having sex or fighting with him.

There is no way to tell exactly how long it will take for your ex to miss you and want to come back to you but if you play your cards right, chances are he will come back, and the relationship can be better than ever.