Knowing if Someone Was in Your Past Life

Knowing if Someone Was in Your Past Life

Chances are we have all met someone that we immediately were able to connect with. But with some people, the connection is so strong that you feel that you have known this person forever and you have never met them until this day.

If you believe in past lives and reincarnation though, you might believe that this is someone that you have met in your past life. You can have past life connections with people, places, and things. If you wonder if you have had a past life, you might wonder if you met this person in your past life.

No matter what you believe, reincarnation is part of many religions and part of many peoples ideas. The idea of reincarnation is one that has became very popular in Western culture and is part of new age beliefs. This is the idea that your soul keeps living on in different lives, histories, and situations. This can mean that you have had many lives before the one you are in now.

Some believe that everyone has had a past life and that people reincarnate to the earth because they love it. When you have a past life, it just means that your soul has been here before and you have experienced some other things along the way. Your soul will change and evolve through your past lives, but this can mean that you have met different people and that you have the same traits and talents that you had in the past.

No matter what color or gender you are now, chances are that you were different before your last reincarnation.

When we reincarnate, we look and think certain ways. Someone that has went through many incarnations might have lived so many different souls that they have been different things in the past. This means that when you meet someone that you connect with strongly that you could have met them in your past life because the chemistry is so strong.

If you have a strange connection with someone and you feel that you have known them forever, here are some ways that you can know if they are part of your past life:


Do you have a partner that is part of your past life? You can look at your birth chart and find out if they are part of your sign. You might use this if you are wanting to be romantic with the person. Some call this synastry which means being compatible among birth charts.


If your intuition tells you that you know someone, listen. There are simple ways that you can know if you have been in a past life with someone and if you meet someone from your soul group then you will have a gut feeling that you know them.

Their presence in your life can be good or bad but when you meet someone then you will feel different towards them even the first time you meet them because you have met them before. If you really hated that person then you will not know why you don’t like them when you meet them. This can be a sign of your past life.

Having these feelings can be a big sign that you have met this person before. If you have love at first sight, this is also a sign that you have been in a past life with them.


You may have a magnetic connection with someone that you meet. This can mean that this is your soulmate, but they don’t have to be your partner. You can have a soulmate that is a friend or a family member.

Sometimes you can recall them or sometimes you will just be drawn to this person because you have unfinished business with them. No one comes into your life accidently.

Your Relationship is Confusing

Sometimes when you are in a relationship you cannot figure out what your role is. Maybe you had a past life with your mom and now your mom is your daughter, and you wonder why you have such a strained relationship.

Maybe you feel that you are confused at the dynamics of your relationship. This can mean that you have had a past life with that person.

No Time

Sometimes being friends with someone can make you feel that your time flies when you are with them. You might be able to talk to someone after not seeing them for a long time and you pick up right where you were the last time you talked.

Maybe you are meant to reconnect with this person and when you do, you will feel that you have never left them. This is part of karma because karma lasts a lifetime.

Past Connections

Your past connections aren’t just about people, but it can be about pets. Maybe you have a pet that you feel that you have seen before, or they have the same personality as someone or another pet. This can mean that the pet is from your past life.

Some animals will find humans that they live with because they are soul connected. Even though you cannot ask the animal how they are, they can show you by how they act, and they can find you right at the perfect time.