How to Get Rid of Toxic People in Your Life

Toxic People

We have to learn to live the best life that we can, and we do this often by getting rid of foods that are not good for us or habits that are not good for us, but what about people that aren’t good for us?

Just like other toxic things, people can be dangerous to your mind and your health. These kinds of people cause us to miss out on our healthy habits and to be less positive. They bring up reasons to get stuck in the past and they don’t let you focus on good things but on the negative things.

You will have a hard time moving forward in your life if you let toxic people stay around you and this will cause you to have a hard time getting rid of negativity and having joy.

There is a difference between toxic people and people that have a negative outlook due to a mental illness. You need to let those that suffer from depression and other mental illnesses know that you are there for them and that you love them. But being around people that are toxic for no reason will get you down and will take away your energy to feel better about themselves.

Toxic people will want to be around you so that they can make you feel guilty when good things happen to you. If you have these kinds of relationships in your life, they can be harmful to who you are.

Know They are Toxic

The first thing that you have to do if you want to get rid of toxic people is find out why they are toxic and recognize that it is hurting you. These people will often be selfish and will try to manipulate you to get things they need. They will show you their feelings, but they won’t want to know what you are feeling.

If you feel that you are always negative around someone and they are always bringing you down, let them go. They will distract you from who you are meant to be.

Be Strong

Always be strong with people that are toxic in your life. They will not just go away, and you will have to make the separation. Be very clear that you don’t want them in your life, and you need to distance from them.

Have Boundaries

Everyone needs boundaries and you especially need them when dealing with a toxic person. Make the boundaries long term and do not let them sneak back into your life.

Block them on your phone and your social media and make a decision to move out of the relationship as soon as you can.

Don’t Be Overly Nice

Being overly nice will cause them to keep coming around you. Toxic people rely on others and their kindness to feel better. You need to see that they get their energy from your kindness and you need to move away from them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to them, just stop hanging out with them or talking to them.

It’s Not Your Job to Save Them

You are not meant to save everyone. Toxic people will come around others when they want someone to give up their life to save them. They will want you to listen to all of their problem and they will want to make sure you give them all of your attention.

If things are hard for your friend, give them resources to help them but it is not your responsibility to save everyone.

Know When You Are Done

Once you decide to get someone out of your life, stick with it. Do not let them keep coming back. Move away from them and find new people to allow in your life. These people will always have drama and will always trying to find a way to create a problem for you.

If this person is part of your family, it might be hard to not see them but limit your interactions as much as you can.

Separation and Breaking Up

This separation will be like a breakup. The more you let them around you, the more they will want to give you negative vibes. Learn to be selective about when you are around them and the more you spend time away from them, the better you will be.

Find people that make you feel good about yourself and those that lift you up. Stop being around people that only care about themselves and their problems. Do whatever it takes to bring happiness in your life and let go of anything less.


  1. It’s essential to differentiate between individuals who are toxic and those struggling with mental health issues. The article highlights this distinction well and fosters a compassionate approach towards the latter.

  2. The advice to not be overly nice to toxic people is somewhat counterintuitive but valid. It underscores the need to protect one’s own mental health while navigating complex social interactions.

  3. Understanding that it’s not one’s job to save everyone is an important takeaway. This perspective can help individuals prioritize their own well-being without feeling undue guilt.