False Twin Flame Energy

False Twin Flame Energy

Do you feel that you have found your twin flame?  Is it possible though, that it isn’t your twin flame at all and it is an energy thief?  Here is a lit that will help you know if you have met your twin flame or if you have met someone that is a false twin flame.  A false twin flame is an energy thief and will cause you to become a victim in the relationship that I toxic.  This can cause you to lose your goals and to be destroyed.


If you cannot think of anyone else but them, chances are they are a false twin flame.  A twin flame is meant to make you whole and so the thoughts should be more on yourself than them.


If this person wants you to have sex and you feel violated or used, there is a good chance this is a false twin flame.  You should not have any sex without being surrendered and having peace.  You should have a motivation in your life for healing if you are with your twin flame.


When you feel that you are worried about talking to this person, then they are a false twin flame.  Your real twin flame will leave you feeling comfortable and confident when you talk to them and you will not have fears.


Communicating in dreams will not be regarded as important and a false twin will only show up in a dream as a distress.  This means they will not communicate with you in the dream and will not bring you comfort.  They might confess something or make you feel negative.


A false twin will distance you emotionally and will not take accountability for their actions.  They might harm you or abandon you making you a victim.  This can be a psychopath and an energy stealer.


A twin flame will never control or manipulate you.  If you see this behavior, then you are trusting a false twin flame and you will be used and mistreated and left feeling guilty all the time.


A false twin flame will not open up to you or share their secrets or weaknesses.  They will want to control you and manipulate you and will use your weaknesses as a weapon against you.


A real twin flame will never be aggressive with you and will not be disrespectful or try to violate or abuse you.  If this is happening, this is a false twin flame and will lead to more aggression against you.

Not Interested

If you find this person is not interested in the good things that happen in your life and only want things to happen that benefit them, chances are they are a false twin flame.  They will not even bring up your success and will only like it if it involves them.  They will have no concern for your goals or dreams and will not support you.


A real twin flame will know that you are the mirror of their soul and you are meant to be together.  They will not use your past against you or try to make you feel less then you should.  They will not be toxic and will make you feel secure and strong and not emotionally wounded.


When someone is not following your boundaries and is refusing to live by your rules, they are not your real twin flame.  Maybe they are always changing your plans or taking away your confidence.  Maybe they are not communicating with you and are taking away your energy.

Bad Luck

If you continuously have bad luck since you have been with this person, chances are they are affecting every part of your life in a negative way.  If you have a healthy relationship, you will find that they support you and will change their efforts to help you.


You might also see that you are not having good energy flow and that your relationship is toxic and sickly.  You might not have the talents that you need or you might not be having the energy that you are used to having.

Emotional Pain

If you have emotional pain and it is from the other person, chances are they are stealing your energy.  They will distance you and cause you to have thoughts of fear and worry.  They will make you not feel good and you will be vulnerable to them and to those around you.  Sometimes you will feel panicked and aggravated.

False Twins

A false twin will not want to cuddle or be around you physically.  They will stay far from you when you sleep and will always distance themselves from you.  They will not validate your relationship.

Eye Contact

A false twin flame will not be able to look you in the eye because they will not care about you.  They will keep their eye contact to themselves and will hide their motives.


A false twin flame will manipulate you and take your time and cancel plans or not even tell you plans are cancelled.  They will take your energy and will be the cause of your behaviors.


A false twin flame will always blame you when things go wrong.  They will never be accountable for their actions and they will not admit that they do things wrong.

They will blame you for past events and will always refute your efforts to make things better.  They will discredit you and make you look bad and will always have a motive that does not help you.


A false twin flame will only be kind if it helps them.  They will act like they are a victim in the relationship and no matter what you do, you will not be able to please them.


After you break up with a false twin flame, they will stalk you and promise to change even though they won’t.  They will follow you around and proclaim their love for you and if you let them back, they will start back within a day stealing your energy again.

Remember, when you are with a false twin flame, you are a piece of their property and not part of them.  You will not be treated like a human being.  They will not appreciate you and you will be in a bad situation that will make you lose yourself in them.