Signs You Met Your One

Signs You Met Your One

Everyone should have a psychic reading at least one time in their life, even if you believe in them or not.  A psychic that is good is one that can guide you and give you insight in your life including what your finances will look like and what career change you might want to have.  Psychics can even help you with love and finding the right one for you.

Dating would be so much easier if you know when you met your perfect match.  If you don’t want to waste time and energy with someone that is not the perfect person for you, talk to a psychic that specializes in relationships and love.

Some psychics can use astrological charts, tarot cards or readings in order to know if you have the right person on your side and they can read the intuition and see if it is strong.  Positive relationships feel different and sometimes the feelings can be so strong that they are overwhelming.

Sometimes, a loved one that is perfect for you might come through a reading fast and strong.  When this happens, it shows that there is a strong energy there and since psychics have such strong intuition, they can help to determine if the person is right for you.  If you are thinking what a person that is perfect for you might look like, here are some things you can do:

Notice the Glow

Being with someone that is right for you will give you a level of awareness that you have never dreamed of.  Have you ever noticed that people that are in new relationships have a glow about them that is even visible?  They become better people because they are with someone that helps to make them strong both spiritually and psychically.

When a person is not with the right person you can see that there is no glow and the energy level is not there.  Even though we have strong intuition, we sometimes allow our hearts to tangle us with someone that is not right for us and we fail to listen to what our gut is telling us.

Comfort Level

Pay attention to the person you are with and see if they make you feel that you are comfortable right away.  You may have a feeling of home when you meet this person and the level of comfort can be so strong that there is a connection like no other.  You might be used to being afraid or anxiety when you meet someone new, but with this person, there will be none.

This connection might make you feel that there is chemistry, but it might not.  Maybe you just feel peaceful around them and feel that things are easy.  Learn to trust your gut on this one.

Better Self

When someone is perfect for you and they are the one for you, they will make you feel that you are growing.  They will make you feel that you are true to who you are and that you are loved.  They will make you feel that you are your better self and you will know that they love you for who you are and will not judge you badly in anything.

When you feel this transformation with someone, it is real.  It is not always easy to let yourself be vulnerable, but when you meet this person you will be safe and feel like you are able to express yourself to them without being afraid.

Perfect Together

Every relationship requires there to be hard work, but you should not have to always focus on things being okay.  When you meet the perfect person for you, it will seem like the relationship is no work at all and you will be happy and always have things to say to each other.  Everything will flow naturally, and you will not have to convince yourself or your partner that things should work out, they will just flow perfectly.

You will think the same as your partner and things will just work together like a puzzle.  You will want ot know each other and be together and you will want to do the same things and share the same hobbies.  You will even agree with each other on things without a fight.


This type of relationship will be natural, and you will flow together perfectly.  You will want to be around each other, and you will share all the things in your life.  This will not be someone that will want to change you or mold you, it will be someone that you can imagine your future with.  You will enjoy hanging out with this person all the time.


Sex is good when you are with someone you like but it is even better when you are with the one.  The sacral chakra holds memories of people that you have had sex with and when you find the perfect person, it will feel different than all of the other times.  You will know that your relationship has a purpose and you will have high endorphins that give you strength inside of the relationship.  You will have a strong connection.

Not Your Soulmate

You might think that this relationship should be a soulmate relationship, but it probably won’t be.  Being with the one is different than having a soulmate and this relationship will seem perfect to you.  Once you get out of a some of your relationships, you will have an idea what a soulmate would look like, but you are becoming wiser about being with a partner.  You will want to find a soulmate but having a soulmate only brings growth and not always happiness.

When you find the right person for you this is a time that you will be ready for a relationship and so will your partner.  You will not be forcing anything, and you will be comfortable with this relationship because it won’t be about yourself.

Finding the right partner is not always easy but this type of relationship does not have to be complicated.  You can have a healthy relationship and learn to love yourself and others.  You can attract the right relationship if you let your heart be open and if you are willing to give it a try.


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