Soulmates: A Relationship Guide

Soulmates: A Relationship Guide

A soulmate is a person in life who you feel deeply connected to with a natural affinity, spirituality, and intimacy. This connection will be beyond words and explanation when compared to a typical relationship. This can be overwhelming when soulmates come together. This guide is meant to help you find your true life partner and maintain the relationship long term.

Signs It is a Soulmate

  • The timing perfect
  • You are willing to accept that person without a thought with an unspoken respect between you
  • If letting go occurs, it is done gracefully
  • Body chemistry is impressive and when this person touches you, it brings peace
  • There is no need to limit this person or try to control which leads to a judgement free relationship overall
  • You have chemistry when it comes to the mind and spirit
  • You will live and die for this person
  • You are inspired to improvement and you do the same for them
  • Conversation never gets old

An older relationship that felt like a soulmate may fail the above tests later on for two main reasons.

  • Modern culture forces the relationship into a stereotype rather than allowing for growth.
  • People can change and a life shift or trauma may fundamentally shift a person.

A person will be most likely to find a soulmate when strong and confident. Those who want a soulmate as a solution to life problems will not find a soulmate because their problems skew perception and search for the wrong qualities. This basically means that bad timing can prevent someone from finding their soulmate.

Life Partners

The highest ideal is a companion that embraces life with us in a harmonious, deep manner. This type of relationship is what we call a soulmate, but this can blind us to certain things that are needed for a true life partner. These include knowing what is really needed to balance a relationship and a potential need for a shift in the relationship that are held as ideals.

What Causes Souls to Break Apart?

At times, soulmates will break apart. There are a few reasons this may occur.

  • Trying Too Hard – Sometimes we just try to try too hard and mix the deep desire with cultural perceptions that anyone could be a soulmate. This can cause relationship hopping from one to the next.
  • No Such Thing as Perfection – Even the best of relationships will have some challenges. People mistakenly believe that soulmates will be complete smooth sailing, but this is not accurate. Everyone will face tough times.
  • Unbalance Chemistry – Chemistry is important with soulmates, but it is not always equally matched. One person may feel stronger about the other and if the feeling is not returned, your intensity can serve as a turnoff. Trust your senses and respond appropriately. Sometimes this is used to past trauma and personal development can level things out, but this takes time.
  • Not Only Physical – Physical chemistry should not be an area of concentration or at least not the only one. Physical chemistry can be powerful, so much so that it overwhelms. However, you should not avoid a focus on the mind and spiritual connections. Only physical chemistry will keep relationships together for a few years, but for longer term relationships, spiritual and mind chemistries must be in sync.


In western culture, a soulmate is not 100% defined. This means that your definition may be a bit different than that of your partner. If you hold differing ideals, it can create problems and stop a relationship from being long term. Some may not even believe in soulmates. So, we define soulmates as someone you can connect with without a word spoken that will help you grow even if it means losing you and that shares in kindness, judgment free.


Chemistry is a make it or break it aspect for soulmates. It requires physical, mental, and spiritual chemistry to really work for soulmates. While normal relationships can run on lower levels, but soulmates turn this up or the relationship will not last. This is why personal growth is important with soulmates. Issues can disrupt chemistry so continue with self-improvement to be in the right position to find a soulmate for the long term.


Soulmates have a deep and honest sexual connection as the mate aspect of soulmate. People often try to force someone into being a soulmate before knowing if a sexual connection is present, but it can fall apart if sex is not as connected as hoped. If this is the case, but other areas offer high connection, then you find yourself with a soul companion.

Soul Companion

A soul companion is much like a soulmate but there is no need or desire for sexual union. Sometimes people will marry soul companions and then discover they are not sexually compatible. This is actually quite common. Trying to force a soul companion to be a soulmate can be disastrous. It can work, but it will be dependent on numerous factors. A soul companion is spiritually close in a powerful place, but this does not mean you need to mate.

Many times, a same-sex soul companion gets confused and feels a deep connection with friends and maybe even a sexual edge. Understanding there is a deeper connection with some can improve these relationships. These are powerful connections, but can be confusing at the sexual level. Once the need to define a soul companion is removed than you are opened to many special relationships. You can have more than one soul companion, sometimes up to three though more is rare. However, we must be careful not to try to force a normal friendship into something further.

People also seek a twin flame as a strong soulmate. However, the karmic aspect of a twin flame often breaks people apart. The challenge that comes with a twin flame is to resolve karmic lessons and until this happens, relationships cannot become sustainable as life partners. The initial pull of twin flames can make people move too fast in a relationship, but without moderation and hard work, these relationships quickly burn out.

Finding a Life Partner

When searching for your life partner you must understand the nature of soulmates. Most people skip this step and force the wrong person into a mold.  You actually need to “know” not just wing it. Many feel they will simply feel their soulmate when they are near. This is not at all accurate. Biology can fool us into feeling someone is a soulmate with a focus on mating, but this is far from accurate as a soulmate.

A soulmate must include mind and spirit on top of the physical aspect. However, physical chemistry can be most powerful in the beginning. After all, it is a relationship and even the best have issues. A soulmate relationship may have fewer, but there will still be rough patches. Understanding how we perceive and match partners over time also effects how we find soulmates.

Finding Your Soulmate

  • True to Yourself – A life partner compliments you and your strengths as you do theirs. If weaknesses are your focus then a soulmate will not be found. We need to grow and can see a weakness and grow from it, but a focus on it is co-dependence. Find someone you are keeping that causes you to grow, not just for a relationship.
  • Do Not Force It – We believe we know what we nee and judge others as part of this, missing things that can ruin a relationship. Logic will not find a soulmate. This way of choosing is most obvious during the hardest times of life and soulmates will not be found during those times. Take time and wait for a true soulmate to come along.
  • Build Awareness – We must have awareness and be willing to explore different people to see how we react to others. Awareness lets us work to our essence and make connections. When we have a deep connection it is of mind, body, and soul. A person’s awareness for at least a year or two in a relationship is self-focused when in crisis. This is why a soulmate search should wait until a crisis passes.
  • Patience/Acceptance – When we are patient enough to accept ourselves as we are in life, relationships can improve in dramatic ways. This varies among people, but in a large community, people will come across a life partner about every three years until one is chosen. There is hope if we show patience.
  • Calibration – Relationship calibration is a unique teaching from Tao in which you are taught to understand your own essence and locate someone compatible.

Soul Companion Truth

Not every potential soul companion will become or stay a soul companion. It depends on conditions, timing, and many other factors. Take the time to be your own person, continually growing, to improve the chances of a soul companion taking notice. It will take both of you connecting to begin the process and you must be patient.

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