Meeting Your Twin Flame

Meeting Your Twin Flame

Many people think that the idea of a twin flame is fake and that it can never be real.  You meet many different people and just because you connect with one does not mean that they are your reincarnate or your other soul half.  This sounded like something that was made up, until they actually meet them.

Once they meet their twin flame, they will realize that they are connected to this person like no one has ever been.  They will see that their twin flame will come and be more than any soulmate ever was and whatever was holding you back, will no longer be there anymore.

You will see that when you meet your soulmate that you will want to change, and you will want to grow.  You will be able to handle your issues better and face things head on.

A soulmate connection will help you to want to work out your karmic situations and will want you to be closer to people in your life.  If you have a romantic relationship with your twin flame, you will no longer have barriers and you will be okay with that.

The twin flame that you meet is the other part of your soul.  They are like a mirror to you and if you are tired or energetic, they will know this, even right when they meet you.  If you are with someone that you are connected with, you will be close to each other, when you are not in the same area.

A twin flame is someone that you are connected to on all levels, not just physically.  You will have an emotional, mental and spiritual connection and it will go deep into your soul.  This will take away all of your emotions of fear and pain and anger and you will find peace and happiness.

If you want to know if you met your twin flame, here are some ways you can find out:


You will meet this person for the first time, and you will want to be around them forever.  You will feel like you have known them forever and even just being around them gives you the sense of belonging.


Your twin flame will always know what you are thinking and vice versa.  You can even call on them when you are miles away from each other.  All you have to do is to tune into your twin flame and they will hear from you.


Nothing about your twin flame will be shameful and you will always be able to look each other in the eyes and not look away.  You will feel comfortable around them and you will always feel that they are reflecting back what you are feeling.

Being Yourself

When you are with your twin flame, you get to be you.  They will not expect you to change or even want you to.  You will not be ashamed of who you are, and fear being rejected by them, because they don’t judge you or want a change.  They will encourage you in your journey and in your growth and want you to always be real with them.

Unconditional Love

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to help you to understand and know unconditional love.  You will not have to earn this love; it will just come from the universe.  Nothing will get between you.


You will find that you and your twin flame have the same purpose.  Your relationship will be easy because you will have the same goals and ideas on it.  Things will be easy because you will always be in unison with each other.

Strong Emotions

Everything that happens will be a strong emotion.  If you are happy, you will be very happy and if you are upset, it will be overwhelming.  With your twin flame, they will help you through all of the things that are hard for you to work through.

Separate Ways

There will be a time where your twin flame will likely distance themselves form you.  This will be because you are not both ready for the relationship and one of you will need some time to work through it.  You will have stuff and want to run from it, or your twin flame will.  This will last a while and then you will have a reunion with them.

Vibrational Frequency

You and your twin flame will have the same vibrational frequency, and this is actually how you find each other.  You will feel the energy field when you are around them and you will be able to exchange this.  This will cause you to be tingly and to feel that you are happy and warm.  This is an intense connection.

Patterns and Numbers

You might find that you always see repeating patterns or numbers, and this can be a sign that your twin flame is near you.  The repeating numbers and patterns can be a sign form the universe.

Knowing Your Togetherness

You will know without a doubt that you are meant to be together.  You will know that your soul is connected, and you will no longer feel empty.  You will be strong in your relationship and all of your insecurities will go away.

A twin flame connection is the biggest romantic relationship that can happen to you.  When you meet yours, you will see that no other relationship can compare to this.  A twin flame relationship is the best type of relationship that you will have in your lifetime.  Embrace it.

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