What Attracts the Soul?

What Attracts the Soul?

Physical attraction always gets all the attention, but the real attraction comes in a subconscious form that includes so much more. This is where you suddenly feel close to someone you have known for a short period of time. Maybe you are attracted to someone, but don’t understand why.

This isn’t necessarily the stuff soulmates are made of and it may not be fate or destiny. It could be our subconscious minds setting up a system for attraction with certain definitions. That may not sound romantic, but it does have a scientific base.

In this type of situation, there are four primary reasons souls are attracted to each other:

  1. You are mentally compatible.

People are attracted to others who think the same way and on the same level. Another term for this is active mental seduction. In this scenario, your words, intuition and instincts keep both parties interested and participating in the relationship.

One example of this is in the movie My Cousin Vinny. Vinny and his girlfriend love to argue and they start arguing about a leaky faucet, which ends with seduction. This is the mental stimulus they both find attractive.

  1. Reciprocation.

This involved more than gifts or even time. It involved reciprocating your partner’s feelings. When you give yourself to another person you grow the relationship, deepen trust and make it much more meaningful.

This type of action allows your partner to feel loved and appreciated. It gives meaning to both their life and yours.

  1. Sharing the same belief system.

This can be tricky in this day and age where everyone seems to be triggered by something. However, to have a truly meaningful relationship, you need to share the same beliefs as your partner. It doesn’t mean everything must be the same, but the more important priority issues like religion or political issues should be in unison. Otherwise, you could spend your whole time together arguing and trying to convince the other that you are right.

Having similar beliefs allows you to let down your guard and freely discuss things that are important to you without fear of criticism or judgment.

  1. Working through a challenge together.

Even though a problem can be difficult to work through, doing so together will add a bond to your relationship like nothing else. It helps you keep each other close and build trust that someone will be there at your side to face the problems of life.

Overcoming obstacles can also build excitement, kind of like fight or flight does, and can be a testimony to your character and love over time.

Realize as you look for someone who could be your soulmate, you will never find the perfect person because no one is perfect. Instead, look for someone who identifies with you, is complementary to your dreams and wants to walk through life by your side.

Any relationship is going to take work, patience and understanding. Don’t try to fit a relationship into your mold of expectations. Allow it to flow naturally with the right person. Then your souls will grow stronger and closer through the years.

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