Your Karmic Soulmate and Signs of Coming

Karmic Soulmate

Most people have heard about karma and soulmates. But what happens when you combine the two and you have karmic soulmates in your life?

A karmic soulmate is someone that is in your life, and they will be something that you never expected or thought of. You probably will experience things that you never expected.

Each person has agreements in their life, and these are often tied to karmic debts. This can be your parents, your siblings, your friends and even your children or lovers.

Karma is something that is often misunderstood. Karma is not just a bad thing or something that is meant to punish you, but it is something that is meant to teach you and guide you.

Every action that you do will have consequences and this is both good and bad. If you find your karmic soulmate and you harass them then you will know that you have a soul contract with that person and that is why you are soulmates.

You will be a relationship that is fun, and you will need to harass them a little to get rid of the karmic debt that you have. But the problem with soulmates, especially karmic soulmates is that they are not always good.

Karmic relationships often will be hard, and you might have a hard time making it through the mess. You might see that your soulmate is not there to heal you like you hoped but it will be a stressful relationship but, in the end, you will see the light.

When you are ready to learn your lesson, you will be able to move forward but until then chances are that you will be angry and sad.

Do you feel that you are experiencing this kind of relationship in your life, and you think that you might be in a karmic soulmate relationship?

Signs of a Karmic Soulmate

The first sign is that the person that you meet will feel like someone that you have been with or known forever. They will feel like your destiny.

There will be an intense feeling and you won’t be able to explain why you are so close feeling with them. You will not be able to understand your feelings.

People need to be connected and when you feel this relationship, you will feel something that you have never felt before with someone else.

Your heart will understand them, and it will make you feel that you cannot get away from them because of the karmic connection. This is probably someone you have known in your past life.


When you first meet this person, you will have an instant connection with them. Once you look at them you will be hooked on them.

You might even hate them right away or dislike them but not know why but then you will not be able to stop thinking about them and you will do what you can to run into them.

The feelings will be intense, and the universe will set up synchronicity to help you find that person.

Strong Feelings

You will have strong feelings with this person, and you will experience feelings stronger than you ever expected. This will be more intense, and you will feel feelings of anger, sadness, and excitement at the same time.

All the things that you go through will affect your life and you will enjoy things in your life. You will feel that they are an addiction to you, and you will also need to look at the red flags. Because the relationship is so intense, you will think that it is true love.

Dark Side

This person will bring out the dark side of you. You will not want to face the things that this person brings out in you. You want to have a healthy relationship, but the feelings will be hard.

You might be scared of how you react with them, and you might feel that there are things that you need to force yourself to see. Things that you had happen when you were growing up and other desires that you never faced.

Once you meet this person you will see that you cannot hide anything, and everything will come to light. You will see the dark side of yourself, and you will see that this is actually a good thing even though it is hard.

You will experience going through changes and you will need to affirm yourself and be positive.


Your karmic partner will make you face your fears and your self-wroth. They will make you feel hurt and lonely sometimes and you will see that this is part of your karmic debt.

Even though you don’t know what is going on, you will see that you have a soul lesson. Your partner will have a purpose and it will not be a coincidence that you go through hard things.

Your soulmate will say that they love you, but they will trigger your deep fears.

Toxic Moments

You will have toxic times with this person and because they have reincarnated into your life, there is karmic debt that has to be paid off.

You can see that the action is that you have done in the past will be paid back and you will feel that this relationship is important.

The relationship will help you to find who you are and when you fight with them, you will see that you are fighting with someone just like you.

You will have to face who you are, and your emotions will go up and down. You will feel that the relationship is toxic but there will be good in it as well. You will have a good attitude and you will see that your partner is teaching you a soul lesson.

If the relationship is abusive though, get out.


The soul connection that you have will be deep and you need to imagine what your life would be like with this person. If you cannot see peace with them then you need to get out of the relationship.

You will not know what your heart is saying but if you think that losing them will be too hard for you then you need to find out how to make the relationship normal. You will be attached to them, and the connection will be part of your past life.

You won’t end up with this person before the relationship gets hard and your connection will be painful.

Changing Life

You will have someone that changes your life forever. They will change you for the good and you will get over the old you. You will stop seeing things like you used to and you will lose people along the way that are not good for you.

Karmic relationships teach you a lesson and you can handle this in a positive way. People that have these failures in their life will feel bad when they lose their, but you will learn to understand it and it will change you forever.


This person will make you have patterns of ups and downs, and you will see that your life repeats itself. You will notice that there is much karma in this relationship, and they will affect you over and over again.

You will notice that they have made you better along the way.

Other Relationships

Beside a karmic soulmate, you will see that there are no definite rules to any relationship.

Twin Flame Relationship

A twin flame relationship will last forever, and they are the mirror of your soul. They are someone that is connected to you, and you will share a soul with them.

The twin flame is different than a soulmate because they are on a mission to be with you forever.

This is a relationship that makes you feel at home, and they will make you feel whole. You will have a strong connection with that person and your emotions, and your spirituality will be stronger.

Soulmate Relationship

A soulmate relationship is not like a karmic relationship, but it will have its share of upset and downs. Everyone has soulmates and there are different ones that will come in and out of your life. These can be romantic or friendships.

Soulmate relationships will make you mature, and you will see that you are connected with this person.

Signs of a Soulmate

  • Instant connections.
  • Calming feelings.
  • Familiar goals.
  • Loving each other’s personality.
  • You are not afraid of each other.
  • You can be quiet and enjoy time together.
  • You never feel negative emotions.
  • You don’t have to apologize for who you are.
  • You have no secrets.

Karmic Relationships

Relationships will help you to build your life and the difference between a karmic relationship and a karmic soulmate does not always end well.

Most of the time these things are toxic, and it will end with you being angry at the person. They will put you through traumatic situations and cause you to have fear.

You cannot cut the strings with this person, but they will be broken as you work through your problems.


Relationships are hard but when you have to deal with karma on top of it then you will see that these kinds of relationships will teach you about who you are

You will see that you will have a universal connection with these people and everything in your life will change.

Karmic soulmates will change your life but remember that not all relationships are the same. Each experience will be different, and you will have to interpret your life any way that you see best for you.

People are born being different and each person has intuition. This can help you to know who you are and to find your true self along the way.