Why The Law of Attraction can Be Hard

Law of Attraction

Everyone that has dealt with witchcraft or is interested in it knows what the Law of Attraction is. Some people say that this is not witchcraft, but the truth is that it is one of the dominate theories of witchcraft and is something that is in almost every kind of magic teaching that there is.

This article is going to look at the Law of Attraction and find out if it is something that is right for you and your crafting.

Blaming the Victim

The first thing that happens with the Law of Attraction that needs to be talked about is victim blaming. This so something that is often misunderstood and is used when you talk about the theory of Law of Attraction. Most people that know about the Law of Attraction often think that they are the problem with all of the bad things that come into their life.

The truth is, if we are attracting everything around us because it is bouncing off the world like a mirror, then we have the energy to take the bad things out of our life that we attracted. When we look at bad things such as sicknesses, bad relationships, money problems and more, the reality is that victim blaming is one concept that people use to blame others for the bad things that happen to them, but the Law of Attraction should be the exact opposite.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that we take our reality, and we see how this reality shows us how we attract things that are negative and positive in our lives. It allows us to look deep inside of ourselves and see what we need to do to make better things happen for us. It helps us to reflect on what we already know is going on inside and helps us to deal with things such as rejection and other problems that we encounter.

When we look at the Law of Attraction and victim blaming, it is something that we need to stop doing. We have to look at people that are experiencing something painful and we have to have empathy for them, and we have to learn to care about what they are going through instead of blaming them for all of the bad things in their life.

We often think that the best thing we can do is reject people and treat them poorly and when we see someone that is going through things then we automatically think that we should blame them but instead we should have care and empathy for them. We need to be vulnerable to others and encourage them and show them love through their hard times.

Magic should be something that helps you to know who you are and helps you to empathize with others. This is the way that you can benefit from using your magic. You can look at who you are and what you are feeling and learn to use your subconscious to raise your energy level and to improve the relationship that you have with yourself and with others. It allows you to examine and know who you are. That is what is missing when people talk about how the Law of Attraction is learned.

Positive Feelings Only

Another problem with the Law of Attraction is that it is easy to look at the concept of how this attracts whatever you put into the universe. That means that you always have to have peace, happiness, and love at all times so that you don’t make bad things come to you. It says if you want something happy, you have to always have happy vibes.

You end up with feelings that only allow you to show positivity, and this stops you from ever expressing how you feel such as sorrow or pain and it causes you to reject and hide your emotions. This is a simple thing, but the truth is that we have an energetic state that we are in and even though the Law of Attraction is there, the emotions that we have are there rather we hide them or not.

By hiding your negative emotions, you never get rid of them or solve the problem behind them and the more you hide them the harder it becomes to move on in your life. You must learn to deal with these emotions. When people do not understand the Law of Attraction at its fullest, they become fearful of their real emotions, and they hide them so that they do not get bad things coming to their life. They bottled up their feelings that are not positive and they choose to hide them and never address them.

When they avoid their negative emotions, they expect to feel positive at all times, but the truth is that when you bottle them up, you will still attract them because you are powerless to your own reality. This means that you are not taking control of your emotions, and this also means that you are not going to attract positive things when your life is going through heck.

You need to look at the theistic roots of the Law of Attraction and you have learned that what you experience in your life is something that has to do with your emotional state. You will be growing and changing all the time and the more negative emotions that you experience the more you will understand what to do and what not to do in life. When you have something negative come in your emotions, this is the reality of the situation and helps you to know that something is not right in your thoughts or your beliefs for yourself or for others.

You have to see that ignoring your emotions will keep you held back. This is like ignoring the engine light on your car. When you ignore the emotion and you choose not to fix it, you are not dealing with the problem that is really causing the emotions. You are avoiding them, and you are being trapped and ignoring the pain you feel.

Truth of the Law of Attraction

The truth behind the law of attraction is that when you dedicate yourself to this, you will do shadow work to get rid of things in your life that are hard to deal with. This is a way that you can look at yourself deeply and you can learn to grow and become powerful. You can learn what power you have inside of you and the deeper you are willing to go, the more you will have power at your fingertips.

The idea behind magic is that you are engaged in what you want. You think about what you want, and you take the theories, and you use the Law of Attraction and ground yourself by asking questions. You find out what you are meant to do. You look at the different ways that you can experience things and the different magical theories.

This is not a religious thing because magic doesn’t engage around a higher being, this is just how you can learn to reconcile your life and how you can use the Law of Attraction to make your experiences in magic and other things better. This is something that helps you to know how you can look at your conscious life and how you can reach your greater purpose.

Soft polytheism is when you look at the concept of God as more than a set of individuals or persons, but you are interconnected with their consciousness. Hard polytheism talks about how you believe that there are different gods, and they are all separate and they don’t overlap. You can figure out what you believe in and if you believe in soft polytheism then you see that you can open your mind and be connected with everything in the universe.

This is a theory that people often question but it is the same as other magical theories. It is one that can lead you to explore more about who you are and what you want in your life. This is not the only magical theory, and you should look at your crafting and find out ways that you can avoid falling into a pit and learn to have the power of being the best that you can be in your life.


  1. The article provides an interesting exploration of the Law of Attraction within the context of witchcraft. It prompts a necessary discussion about the misconception of victim blaming, which is an essential topic to address. Understanding that the Law of Attraction should be about introspection and personal growth rather than assigning blame is pivotal.

  2. The comparison between ignoring negative emotions and ignoring the engine light on a car is quite apt. This metaphor underscores the importance of addressing our feelings rather than suppressing them, which can prevent long-term psychological harm.

  3. The point about positive feelings only is quite thought-provoking. It’s true that emphasizing only positivity can lead to emotional suppression. A more balanced approach would be recognizing and addressing all emotions to ensure holistic mental health.

    • I agree with your perspective. Emotions such as sorrow and pain are natural and should not be ignored. Properly understanding and dealing with these emotions can indeed lead to personal growth and better emotional well-being.

  4. The article does a fine job of explaining the complexities of the Law of Attraction. It’s important to note that magic, as discussed, is more about personal understanding and growth rather than religious devotion. This nuanced view helps demystify some of the common misconceptions about magic and its practices.

  5. I appreciate the article’s emphasis on empathy and understanding within the framework of the Law of Attraction. Recognizing the struggles of others without blame is fundamental to fostering a compassionate society.