Why People Cheat on Their Partners

Why People Cheat on Their Partners

When someone is cheated on, it is frustrating and can cause them to be confused and wonder what went wrong that caused it. They often believe that they should have seen signs and sometimes they want to even save the relationship so that this doesn’t happen to them again.

When you have to face someone that is cheating on you, it is normal to feel vulnerable and to doubt yourself and your relationship. You have to figure out what happened and why.

There are different reasons why people cheat and there are some obvious reasons but there are other situations where the cheating will catch you off guard.

The Main Reason People Cheat

People will often cheat because they are insecure in their relationship. This doesn’t mean that they are not getting what they need, but it is because they are needing to know that they are good enough to get someone eels.

When someone finds out that their husband is seeing other women, they will often wonder why. Sometimes when a guy is with someone else, he will feel that he is better because he is able to make someone else like him and want him.

A guy will sometimes let his ego take over and he will try to build his confidence by finding someone else that will desire and excite him. He will be unfaithful, but he will cheat because he has no self-confidence.

Other Reasons People Cheat

There are other types of reasons that people will cheat including something being wrong in the relationship or because of reasons that have nothing to do with the relationship.

When you want to know why someone cheats, you have to figure out what kind of person you are dealing with.


Some people will go outside of their marriage bed to find someone because they feel that they have missing things out of the relationship. They feel that the spark is no longer there and that the sex is predictable and boring. They want something exciting, and they want what they used to have when they first go together.

People will sometimes look for love outside of the marriage when they are in the relationship for a long time. If people are not good at communicating, they will not talk about what is missing or what the other person needs. This doesn’t mean that it is the other persons fault, it just means that the cheating is because of a problem and is the problem. If you are wondering why people cheat, you need to look at what your partner is feeling and see if you can understand your own relationship.

Breaking Trust

Another reason that some people cheat is because they feel that their relationship is not strong. They feel that they need to find love and get away from their current relationship because they need to be protected in case their partner leaves.

This happens sometimes when someone else has cheated in the past. When this happens, he is always going to be suspicious and wonder if it is going to happen again. Sometimes people cheat as a defense.

Some people will cheat on their partners to pay them back for their past cheating. This happens after the trust is already broken and this can cause all kinds of infidelity.

Intimacy is Lacking

When something is wrong in the relationship and there is no intimacy, this will cause a problem, and will lead a man to cheat.

When people are in love and they cheat, they have to figure out what is going on in the mind of their partner. What is cheating? If cheating is flirting or looking at someone else, then this needs to be understood. Many think that cheating is just having ex.

Can Cheating be Biological?

Some studies have shown that there is a biological reason that people cheat. Some believe that there is an impulse to cheat when the parents have cheated on their mates. Women will sometimes be unfaithful, and women also have a compulsion to cheat sometimes.

Most of the time a person will cheat because they are insecure, but research shows that people that cheat often are missing oxytocin and vasopressin in their brain and this can be part of the problem.

Vasopressin is a hormone that effects things like sexual bonding, trust and more and oxytocin is a receptor gene that can affect sexual behavior. When people cheat, it releases dopamine, and this can become addictive for some people because it brings a rush of excitement. It can give them a high and they will crave it just like a drug.

Protection from Cheating

If you want to have a good relationship where there is no cheating, you need to learn to be open and to communicate in your relationship. You need to be open to each other’s needs and figure out what your partner wants. Talk about things even if they are uncomfortable and find out what is going on inside of their mind. There are ways to keep the relationship exciting and you should do this so that your partner feels that you desire and love them.

Cheating will often come when someone feels insecure or neglected or if there is a broken trust in the relationship. This can also happen from a biological stance or because someone is defensive. Make sure that you are talking to your partner and that you are being honest with each other.

If your partner cheated and you want to heal the relationship, you need to keep your bond strong and you need to work to make sure that you and your partner talk about things and work out the root of the problem. Learn how to make your relationship meaningful and how you can respect yourself and your partner no matter what is going on.