Why Are Empaths Not Able to Connect?


Are you an empath and you aren’t able to truly connect with other people? Do you feel that you can never make real connections? If this, is you, know that you aren’t alone. There are many people that take whatever happens to them in their life and they use this to make the next steps.

Most of us don’t even realize that the different people that we meet along the way can cause us to feel disconnected in who we are.

Since our mind is always so busy and is always trying to figure out what is going on in this world, we often do not see how good things are around us. As an empath, it can be harder to connect because the emotions make them disconnected so that they can stay strong without being overwhelmed all the time.

Many people are looking to understand life and their purpose, and they are always trying to figure out a way to fit in and to better themselves.

Why Do Empaths Feel Disconnected?

It often seems that as an empath that you feel that life is messy and overwhelming. This makes it hard to connect. When you are an empath, you probably notice that you will push people away because you are fearful of getting hurt because of all of the emotions that you pick up. This can lead you to feeling like you are unable to make connections.

Empaths with a Purpose

The truth is though that as an empath you came here for a purpose. You came here to help others and to face the obstacles that the world lays before you.

Pain of an Empath

Empaths have a hard life sometimes and it can be very emotional and even painful. This can cause an empath to want to disconnect because the energies are so strong. As you allow yourself to see how good these connections can be though, you will see that it is really a gift to connect.

Expression Connections

Empaths can express the things that they have went through in life but many times they have a hard time expressing how they connect. They don’t always follow their intuition to take them to certain places or to meet new people, but they do believe in following their guides.

Victim Mentality

It is hard sometimes for empaths and often they make things harder on themselves without even knowing it. They live in a victim mentality, or they choose to feel bad for themselves and refuse to notice the things on the journey that keep them safe and strong.

Happiness Through Connections

If you want to be happy, you have to find a way to connect with others. When you don’t feel connected with someone, you have to look deep inside and find out why. You need to find ways to connect and not to feel powerful.

The Empath Experience

Empaths often see things in darkness because they have the gift of experience inside of them and they are able to know what others have felt, are feeling, and thinking even.

When you can look at your past, you can see that things occur for a reason and that the universe is pushing you to be involved in your life and with people.


Learn to listen to what your heart wants and follow your intuition. It is there to guide you and to move you forward to meet new people. You have a purpose not only for yourself but to help others and to bring change in their life.

Follow your journey and learn to move forward in connecting with new people.


  1. It’s insightful how the article highlights the challenges empaths face in connecting with others. The idea that empaths have a purpose and can bring change to others’ lives is quite compelling.

  2. The notion that empaths have a unique experience of understanding others’ feelings is well presented. Encouraging empaths to look inward to find ways to connect with others is a valuable takeaway.

  3. The discussion about empaths feeling disconnected due to their high sensitivity to emotions is intriguing. It provides a deeper understanding of why some people might struggle with making connections despite their empathy.

  4. The concept of empaths having a ‘victim mentality’ and how it affects their ability to connect is thought-provoking. The suggestion to follow intuition for meaningful connections is practical advice.