When Your Energy is Closed Off

When Your Energy is Closed Off

Finding love is more than just going on dates and having a dating app.  You also have to open up your mind, body and soul to the energies of love. You might not even realize it, but some people block out the energies of love and cause themselves to miss out on potential partners.

There are three different areas in your life that you need to review to see if you are blocking out your love energies.  The first is body language, personality and how you look.  When you are blocking these things, you are not really ready for a relationship and you need to work on you.

If you have fear and insecurity, that is normal.  You have to work through these things before you can have a healthy relationship.  If you aren’t ready to work through them, maybe you aren’t ready for a relationship.

Body Language

When you want to know if someone likes you, you look at their body language.  If they cross their arms or if they are standoff-ish, this is a sign that you are not interested in getting to know someone.


If you are always frowning at people, chances are you are giving a message for them to go away.  People will not want to approach you.

Dark Colors

Wearing dark colors can cause people to stay away from you.  Dark colors can be interpreted as sadness, depression and defiance.  Wearing these colors might make people stay away from you.


Starting conversations with people means that you are open to love.  Even if you aren’t looking for romance at the time, you can still bring people into your life by doing things like paying for someone’s coffee or reaching out to someone.  This can send a message that you are open to connect with people.

Leaving Early

When someone does something bad, you might want to leave the date before it ends, but if you find that you are doing this, you will not be able to gain much from that connection.

Dating the Wrong Ones

When you date people that you cannot see yourself with for long-term, you are closing yourself off to a future of love.  This might be because you aren’t ready to settle down or you are hesitant.


If you meet people and they all remind you of what your ex did wrong, chances are you aren’t over them.  If you are always thinking about them, you might still have a certain energy with them that isn’t allowing you to connect with others.


If you want to be open to love, you have to open up your love energies.  Try to make eye contact with people, talk more, and imagine yourself on the perfect date and finding the perfect love.  All of these things can manifest you a love interest in your life.

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