When You Need Inner Healing and How to Get It

Inner Healing

Have you had trauma in your life, and you need to be healed? Trauma that is not resolved can hurt you and there are signs that you will know that show you that you need to have inner healing.

Signs You Need Inner Healing

Here are some things that you need to look for to see if you need inner healing:


Do you have songs that play or watch movies that open up old wounds for you? These kinds of triggers affect your emotions and make you sad or angry. You might even cry a lot during these things. This is a sign you need to heal.

You Overreact

If you overreact, this means that you need to feel that you are protected. Sometimes this will come when you have to respond to a certain situation.


People that are hurt and need healed have a hard time forgiving people that have hurt them. They need to repair their emotions and have forgiveness so that they can get rid of the pain.

Replaying Life

If you keep replaying memories from your life, this can mean that your heart is hurting and that you need to move forward with things in life.

Being Insecure

Being insecure can mean that you have low self-esteem that can come from a problem that is much deeper than just feeling low.

Hard Relationships

People that have a hard time being in relationships with friends, family or their partner often struggle with something more.

You might feel that you have to distance yourself or you might be afraid of being vulnerable. All of these things happen because you feel that you need to protect yourself and keep yourself safe.


When you keep doing things over and over again or you have addiction or other bad habits that you cannot seem to break, this can be a sign of the need for inner healing.


Having mood swings and bouts of depression can be a sign that you have a deeper problem. You can only have real healing if you acknowledge that you have a problem and you learn to get to the bottom of it.