When You are Not Motivated to Practice Magic

Not Motivated to Practice Magic

Have you ever started doing witchcraft but out of nowhere you became unmotivated to do it anymore? There are so many people that go through this. Sometimes a witch will begin learning about magic and they will be super excited but then out of nowhere, they will stop being excited about it. If you are trying to get excited about your crafting again, there are things that you can do.

You might want to go out and find new resources, buy some new tools, learn some new spells, or even take a class that can help you to build your excitement. This can work for some people to make them more motivated and to get them back to feeling excited about their magic. If you end up feeling burnt out and you don’t have any motivation, you might realize that you are not really wanting to do crafting anymore.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be a witch, what it means is that you are needing to go through and find out what has got you to this point and what you can do to get your motivation back.

When You Should Do Magic

The way that you think about your magic and how you talk about it can cause you to love or to hate your crafting. You know that what you say can be very powerful in your life and this means when you talk to yourself about your crafting, you need to make sure that you are positive and that you are saying things that are good. One word that witches often use is the world should.

The world should be something that is a normal word when you just look at it and it isn’t either positive or negative. But, when you say the word should, you are telling yourself that things are not okay with you and that you are resisting what you want. Instead of saying, “I should be doing more magic,” what you are really meaning is that you don’t really care if you are doing magic or not. This is something that you often say when you feel guilty that you aren’t doing more to make something happen or that you aren’t keeping your expectations up.

Some people use this word when they are disappointed or worried that they have done things wrong. When you say the world should, such as should be doing more magic, you are not saying that you want to do more spells, but you are just being emotional in what you are saying.

Saying should and feeling bad for what you aren’t doing is only going to take away your expectations and your motivation. This is something that you aren’t trying to meet, and you aren’t setting yourself up for the desires of your heart but what you are saying, and feeling do not even match.

Find out why you have no desires or expectations to do magic anymore. Find out why your desires and what you say are not matching up. Sometimes this happens when you feel that you are not being successful in what you are doing.

Maybe you feel that you aren’t a real witch because you aren’t doing enough spells and you aren’t crafting like you should. You might even feel that you are not able to be a real witch because you are not doing for others, and you are not being perfect in what you do.

The best way to know what you want is to take a pen and paper and write down what you think it takes to be a witch. You don’t have to be right, and you don’t have to think hard but write down what kind of practice you do and what you think it takes to be the best that you can be. Don’t worry about getting anything wrong because there are no right or wrong answers.

Why do you not think you are good enough to do crafting? How often do you do spells that you see work? Do you talk to deities? How much have you studied, read, and watched videos?

Remember doing something is not the same as having an idea. You are not pretending to be a witch and even if you are not getting the crafting that you expected, there are no extras in being a witch and even doing the least you could do should make you feel validated in your crafting.

Take the list and write down which ones you feel are the most important. Remember, write down the reasons that you are not doing the spells as much as you should be or why you aren’t reading or studying? Have you been told a minimum that you have to do to be a witch and who is the person that told you to do this? Do they practice magic? Do you feel that you are not a part of your craft or that you have been disconnected from it? Do you feel like you need to talk about what you are doing, and do you feel like you have witches that you can hang out with? Write down all of your thoughts for each of these things before you go on.

Look at your list, did any of it make you feel bad? Why? Why are you even wanting to be a witch? Have you done it for yourself or are you doing it for others? Do you find things that you can read or write about?  Are there things holding you back such as people or other things? Do you feel that you have no standards? Do you have expectations that you feel that you cannot reach? Figure out what is important to you.

This is not a witchcraft list that you have to follow or rules that you should do but this is a list that can change when you have certain needs. You can use this as a guide to help you to get excited about your crafting. Maybe you are always feeling that you aren’t reaching what you should be doing, and you need to figure out what is causing you to feel that. You need to figure out if you are doing enough or if you are just not doing what you hoped.

Enjoy Your Magic

One thing that you should look at is that you need to enjoy what you are doing in your life. If you aren’t having fun and enjoying it then you will not want to do it anymore. Maybe you have been making your spell casting and magic like a chore and instead of loving you are beginning to hate it.

When you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be a certain way and to do a certain thing, you get yourself set up on expectations that you have to meet and when you don’t, it makes you feel like a failure. When your expectations are too high, you will never feel good enough. You will feel that you are not able to be a good witch and it will cause you to have shame and to feel guilty about who you are.

Instead of feeling excited and having fun, you will put yourself in a situation where you avoid doing it because you don’t want to fail. You punish yourself because you aren’t living up to what you expected. This can follow with negative self-talk and other things that cause you to avoid your crafting.

You have to stop feeling guilty. Even if you don’t do a spell for a long time, you aren’t going to not be a witch. No one has to cast a spell forever to be a witch. Crafting is there to help you and to meet your needs and to help you to change and be the best you can be. If you don’t have time to read and to study like you want, meet your goals at a slower pace. Do not get negative and think that you aren’t doing enough. The harder you are on yourself the less crafting you will want to do. You cannot hate yourself for not being the best witch or doing the most things.

Focus on having fun with your magic. Witchcraft should not be boring and should not be something that you hate doing. You should be consistent with your crafting, and you should enjoy every moment of it. There are times you will want to do it and times you will slack and that is okay. You are always changing and doing things and if you want to keep practicing down the road, you need to let your positivity come forward and you need to let yourself be a human sometimes. The best way to get back into your crafting is to prioritize your time.

This sounds easy but if you are always thinking that you should be casting spells, take time to do one. Do not have a guilt trip and think that you are not able to be the best you can be because you don’t want to do something. Take time to do what you can, and you will find that you are enjoying it more than you imagined it. You might be tired one week and have other things that you need to be doing. Find out what you expect with your crafting and what you want in your life. Do not let yourself feel guilty over what you do or don’t do.

Learn and grow with your magic and let it bring you back in. Let your desires come back to life and find out what changes you need to make to follow your desires and to not let things outside of your life determine if you are a good witch or not. Doing magic feels good and you should find your motivation as you remember how good it feels to you.

Finding Motivation

Everyone wants to do things, and everyone thinks there are things that they should be doing. You have to have the desire to do something. External things in life can cause people to change their desires because you have to have some kind of motivation in order to get things working.

Maybe you have to work because you don’t have enough money to make it and even if you don’t really want to do that job, you know that you have to because otherwise you will be poor and not have a home. This is one kind of motivation. This is something that you will experience in life. Just like being a witch, you might not want to do a ritual, but you want other witches to see you as a good witch.

Having external motivation will not be as exciting as the motivation from within. Intrinsic motivation will be there to keep you going. Even though the external rewards are there, intrinsic motivation is much more fun than the extrinsic motivation. This is because you actually enjoy something form the inside and there are rituals that you will do to help you reach your dreams.

Look at how many reasons that you wrote down that gave you intrinsic motivation. How many were extrinsic? What can you do to have more motivation and to express your witchcraft with ways that you feel pulled to doing it? You should never feel like doing a spell is so hard and aggravating but you should want to do it. If doing spell work is causing you to feel that you are not excited or that it is a job, find the intrinsic motivation to make the spell and your crafting work for you.

Intrinsic motivation should make you feel good about what you are doing. This should be how you know that you enjoy things. Find ways to use your internal motivation to make your crafting exciting. Find the motivation in your craft to make it enjoyable for you. Find things to do that are fun such as joining a book club with other witches. Start meditating or go for a walk outside in nature.

Do things that get you excited. Schedule a group meditation when you have had a bad day. Find some music that you can listen to while you are meditating that you love. Paint something, do some music healing or find other things that you enjoy that make your crafting desirable.

Look Back

Now, the biggest thing that needs to happen is that you need to be kind to yourself. When you don’t want to do something, take a break. Maybe you need time to rest. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from doing magic. There is nothing wrong with focusing on other things in your life when you need to. You are not going to stop being a witch because you take a break. Maybe life is stressful lately and you need to just calm down and relax for a minute.

Find out where your life is and think about what you can do to make your crafting more exciting. Maybe you need to think about your crafting but then you are tired. If so, take a nap. Let your body show you what you need. You might need time to rest and to get your body in order. Your life as a witch is different because you are dealing with so much emotion and energy.

This can be a reason that you need to take a break. If you need to take a break for a week, month or even longer, this doesn’t make you a bad witch. If you give yourself the time you need to rest and relax then you will see that you can get your life in order and be ready to do the crafting, you love again.

Witchcraft should be something that you love. It should make you feel full of peace and joy. This should make your life easier and your relationships better. If this is not happening and you feel bad because you aren’t doing the crafting you think the world expects, take a break, and find out what is going on. Reevaluate your life and what you want so that you can make your crafting a happy part of your life.