What to Remember When Breaking Up with a Soulmate

What to Remember When Breaking Up with a Soulmate

When you have a soulmate, the relationship can be hard.  Just because they are your soulmate doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t be full of strong emotions of love, obsession, passion, jealousy and other strong emotions.

When your soulmate comes into your life, you expect that things will be good and when the relationship ends, it will be hard to handle because a soulmate is someone that you share your whole life with.  It will feel that your life won’t have struggles but then when you do, it will be magnified.

The love of your life is who you choose to love and meeting your soulmate is not someone you can choose to be with.


You don’t have to cater to your soulmate every second of their life.  You don’t have to always entertain them and do whatever they want.  You might get mad and angry when you are always trying to do this.  You need to take care of yourself and you cannot be there to make them feel better.  If you feel like the relationship is not healthy, don’t stay with them just because, move on so you can be happy.

Staying in Your Life

You get to a point where you have to end the relationship with your soulmate, and it is not a time to worry about rather they will stay in your life or not.  Your connection was made for a purpose and to teach you a lesson.  Many people do not understand that soulmate relationships can be toxic and therefore they worry that they will lose the person that is their soulmate forever if they move on.  A soulmate connection is something that teaches you and you cannot worry about it being a loss.  Relationships with your soulmate will be harder when breakup happens but you have to cut the strings sometimes.


You do not own your soulmate and they are not your possession.  These relationships can be abusive, and you have to learn to move on.  If you always feel like life is pulling you and your relationship is not what you expect it to be, then you might need to move on.  There are soulmate relationships that are sometimes built around each individual and you have to learn to be an individual.

Right Time Connection

Sometimes when you meet your soulmate, it can be the wrong time.  Your partner might just be leaving a marriage or another relationship.  When you connect with a soulmate and then feel like you have made the wrong decision then it means that your soulmate won’t be forever.

You might have your soulmate for a small amount of time and you will not know what you are missing unless you give the relationship a chance.

Too Much

When you are in a soulmate relationship, it can be a lot of energy.  This energy can be too much for some people to handle because the vibrational frequency is so strong.  The love affairs can make people feel that they are going crazy and can make them feel that their feelings are controlling their life.  Leaving this relationship can be hard but it is part of life.

Dark Pieces of You

Having a soulmate connection can mean that you magnify your emotions.  This can cause you to be angry and to be upset.  When people are passionate and have met each other, it can be hard to control these feelings.  These types of relationships are known to be anxiety and fear.  You can’t imagine not being with this person but at the same time, it isn’t always healthy.

Spiritual Growth

A soulmate relationship can be a strong bond and can help you to move past certain karmic contracts that had to happen in order to let you grow.  When these people come into your life, allow the universe to shift.  These people exist so you can learn to love and learn lessons.


When you break up with your soulmate, you can see that you will never be the same.  You will have other relationships that will come in your life, but none will be as strong as a soulmate relationship.  These relationships can bring chaos and passion that you cannot explain.

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