Ways of influencing others using telepathy

Ways of influencing others using telepathy

Telepathy is a very strong psychic ability.

Telepathy can be used for a lot of things; it’s not limited to mind-to-mind communication only.

Remote influencing is used by individuals who practice telepathy to attract people and situations.  So what’s remote influencing? It is a form of telepathy that’s advanced and enables you to influence other people, project your thoughts, desires, and feelings.

You are going to learn how you can use remote influencing to improve your own life, in areas related to love life, career, relationships, and finances.

How telepathy can be used in everyday life

You don’t need to have reasons to use telepathy. There are several ways you can use telepathy to your advantage.


  • You can use telepathy to attract a partner magnetically or that perfect soul mate.
  • You can improve your love life using telepathy.
  • You can use telepathy to stop your partner from being unfaithful.
  • You can discipline your kids using it.

Career and Business

  • Get that job you’ve always desired
  • Get hired fast
  • Improve your career and businesses
  • Get a promotion or raise at work
  • Increase sales


  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Rapport and trust are not hard to build, telepathy, therefore, can help you have a better understanding and connections with people.
  • Good concentration with clarity and focus.
  • Build your health.

Your life can greatly be improved by remote influencing from relationships, to love life, to health and finances.

Telepathy influencing for beginners

Before you begin this exercise, you should keep in mind a few essential things when using your telepathy skills.

Apart from using your mind to convey your intentions, do not forget that your mental state is another important factor in harnessing your telepathy skills.

Telepathy must be practiced always and with confidence.

Learning basic telepathy is likely to take a few years but having that gift is worth everything:

  1. Locate a quiet place away from distractions.
  2. Sit down comfortably in a chair with your back straight.
  3. Take 3 deep breathes and close your eyes.
  4. Concentrate mostly on the person you are going to be influencing.
  5. Think of yourself being connected to the person using a silver tube.
  6. Relax your mind and focus
  7. Visualize what you want to send.
  8. Visualize the individual you want to influence receiving the concept.
  9. Then think about sending it through the silver tube.
  10. Imagine your thoughts being received by the other individual.
  11. Do this for a while until you feel it has been sent.
  12. Then take 3 deep breathes.
  13. Open your eyes.
  14. Stand up and stretch.

After doing all these, believe that your message was received by the individual you want to influence. You shouldn’t doubt anything. Know that what you wish for will happen.

Once you’ve crammed all those basic telepathy exercises, you will have to re-evaluate yourself and know if you are ready for the next step which is advanced telepathy.

Advanced telepathy influencing

The steps for advanced telepathy are the same as those for basic influencing.

The difference only comes in when sending more images that revolve around goals that you want to achieve. The usage of positive affirmations or words will inspire the receiver to follow what you would like to happen.

What you need to take note of when using remote influencing

Do not forget that psychic abilities such as telepathy and remote influencing go hand in hand with the law of attraction, to sum it all, what you send out comes back to you.

Remote influencing can be impactful but one must be careful not to harm others. Do not use telepathy for mischief or harm as the negative influence you sent out will come back to you.