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Using Tarot Cards to Have a Love Triangle

Love is never something that is simple, even from the time that you are in kindergarten. Love is something that is complicated, and it takes a long time to figure out between being excited and being secure and being selfish and giving more of yourself. When you add a few people to the mix, it makes it even crazier.

Some people such as a three-way relationship might work for some people but not for everyone. As long as everyone is happy with what is going on and they are getting fulfilled in some way, it can be good. Sometimes even two of them will get into a relationship when the time is right.

It is important that you have boundaries in this kind of relationship and that you remember karma and how it works. Sometimes things are not defined right, and it can cause a bad love triangle to form.

We Have All Done It

Relationships never start good and end neat, but they always have some kind of circumstance tied into it. They overlap here and there, and things change and shift. They cause confusion and sometimes can bring about lessons that have to be learned.

Relationships that are there because of society or economic forces are beyond the control and when there are things such as war or pandemics, it can cause the relationship aspects to change.

Relationships often change as things in the world change.

Who Comes Out on Top?

Everyone in a relationship will win spiritually. This is because what is best for one is best for everyone.

Even when we do not realize it, we work together to reach our higher good and to let the universe help us to evolve.

We are spiritual beings, and we are infinite, but our needs are finite. This means that we need to know what to expect out of people that we are with and those we form relationships with.

Maybe there is someone that loves someone else, and the women have a hard time getting along because of this.

This can cause heartache and pain and accusations. Maybe one is looking at the other and the relationship is on the rocks. After there is help, it can be stronger, but this can change when the outsiders come in.

Everyone is clear about how to move forward and have a deeper relationship and everyone realizes everything worked out for the best.

Choice of Love

If you have a partner do you want them to sacrifice themselves and stay with you or do you only want them to stay because they want to. There is no real answer to this because it could be yes and no.

We do not do good for people when we just are there taking up space in their life. They need to have people that truly care about them and if you don’t, you are not the best option.

Love and decision making can cause hurt feelings. If there are children involved, it can cause things to be harder. Things have to work out in favor of what is best and what makes the situation the most peaceful.

You can use tarot cards to help you in these kinds of situations:

Love Triangle Tarot Spread

This spread is easy and has four cards. You only use the Major Arcana cards, and this will help you to be clear on the love triangle:

Card 1

This is where you are in the situation. If you have the Chariot, it means that you are moving forward, and you are clear about your relationship and where you want it to go.

You want to move forward and not ask questions. You want to be in control, but you want to focus just enough to get what you want.

Card 2

This can be the sun card or the lover 1 card. This is where you find your energy and where you find your friendships. This is a person that will help you to reach your goals and to go deeper in your life.

Card 3

This is the lover 2 card and can be the Hermit. This is someone that doesn’t care how they look, and they don’t care if they are part of your social media group. They want to look at the inside of themselves and they are sensitive and kind. They don’t care about money they just want peace.

Card 4

This is the unknown person card and can be the World. This is different than lovers and can be your soulmate. This will be someone that you haven’t met yet and they will be there to help you and the universe will send them to you.

Look at each of the cards and figure out what they mean to you. What do you feel when you look at these cards? What kind of promises do they make to you? Do you want something short or long term? Are you going to be available to these people? Find your answers in yourself.

When It’s All Done

Once you are done with your spread, ask your guides to help you and to help you find your happiness. Listen to what they are trying to tell you and see if you are going to grow spiritually with that person. Let time be on your side and when it is time to make a decision, it will be for the greatest good for everyone.

Being in love is an experience that everyone should get to have. No matter if you are looking for your soulmate or just for a friend, keep the fires burning and try tarot reading or go to a psychic for a love reading.

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