Things to Know to Understand Healing

Things to Know to Understand Healing

Healing may seem so simple but it can be complex for those attempting to dive into it as healers. Healing is a multi-level experience and the level you go to depends on your knowledge and experience.

Beginners tend to make a few mistakes in their first attempts at healing. First, they expect to feel something but may not feel the energy flow. Second, they may expect to see something supernatural when it may not occur. Healing doesn’t need a supernatural occurrence to work.

Where Does Healing Come From?

Those who are spiritualists classify healing as a sub-category of magic. There are several categories under the definition of magic including structural magic, spells, natural magic, black magic, and white magic. Healing falls under white magic as it is giving away energy where black magic is taking or blocking energy.

Religious people view healing differently since they believe all magic is from dark forces. They see healing as God using people to accomplish His will and perform miracles. Jesus was a healer and told His disciples they can do everything that He did while He was on earth. Likewise, people differ on where they believe healing energy comes from. Some believe it comes from the universe or God while others believe it comes from within yourself.

Healing Basics

The first rule, although rules are rather informal in healing, is that you must have the intention to heal someone. You must want to heal a person for it to work and offering positive energy, thoughts, and prayers gives energy to that person. Some studies back up this fact as people who are prayed for, even if they don’t know it, heal faster than others who are not.

The second rule, which is just as important, is that the person wants healing. You can’t give a gift to someone who doesn’t want it. They have to be in a spiritual or mental state to want to be healed. This is shown in the story of the woman reaching out to touch Jesus’ garment for healing. She reached out while Jesus was looking elsewhere. He knew she had been healed when he felt the energy flow out of him and questioned who touched him. In other words, her longing for healing worked even though Jesus did nothing but be there.

The third aspect of healing is that you need a connection to the person. It can be a physical connection with you there with them, a personal connection, a conversation, or an email. You can’t heal a stranger. There needs to be a form of a relationship for healing to work.

Does Remote Healing Work?

Remote healing does work as effectively as in-person healing as long as you have a personal connection with the person. In some ways, it’s better because you can allow energy to flow where it needs to go instead of trying to focus it in an area of your choice.

Another rule of healing is that it works because it comes from your personal experience. Your energy is unique to you. It’s like your immune system. Your immune system is created to withstand diseases you get. Likewise, healing energy knows what it can heal because it has done so for you.

With that in mind, you are subconsciously helping another person overcome a problem by using lessons contained in your energy. This is what helps them heal. It is kind of like giving them a blood transfusion that contains a lot of antibodies.


Healing does require a ritual because it requires that you do something, to take action, to initiate it. The ritual doesn’t have to be complicated or of a particular faith. It is the action of implementing your intention that gets energy moving.

Generally, a longer, more involved ritual tends to work better but that is only because it amplifies and focuses on your intention.

Ground Yourself

An important aspect of healing is to make sure you are physically grounded when you are doing healing. That means your feet need to be on the ground. You need the earth’s energy to perform well.

Mixed Reactions

A healer faces different and mixed emotions from those around them. People are drawn to you because they sense you have healing energy they need. Yet, they don’t want to go through the pain of healing, so sometimes they say or do hateful things to you.

Healing can be painful, especially when you get to the root of the problem. For example, a broken arm hurts but setting it hurts more. A kidney stone hurts, but an operation hurts more.

What Is Given to You?

Healers don’t heal to get a reward, but energy has an ebb and flow. When you give your energy, you will receive energy back. Don’t block positive energy because you need to keep that energy river flowing. You can close off negative energy. However, being afraid of facing negative energy will draw it to you and block positive energy.

Other Things to Know

Some other elements are important to healing. One is not to strain to feel the energy flow. This should happen in a relaxed manner. It should be passive. Another element is to drum up feelings of love or other positive emotions. This tends to increase healing energy.

Likewise, visualizing things over them like a rainbow, sunlight or a bright cloud increases the effects of healing.

There are more levels to healing that this. Once you have practiced the art some, you can delve into the auras and the second level of auras to heal. That relies on understanding that emotions and beliefs are more than invisible forces. They are physical structures located on an aura’s higher level. Once you can see these levels, you can work on that level to heal.

Learning Advanced Techniques

Advanced healing techniques include removing parasites and spiritual things that block, bind, limit, and gag people. These spiritual things act as physical things like binds, gags, and implants. They are instilled by others for malice.

The secret to becoming a healer is to practice and develop your gift. It grows only with practice.

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