Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship can be defined in part as a strong, almost irresistible bond that forms between two people and functions to heal the wounds of past lives for those individuals. When you find someone you have a karmic connection with, you may feel an instant closeness or a sense of nostalgia even though you are meeting for the first time. This is powerful, as will be the relationship. If you want to bring to light the patterns in karmic relationships, you need to learn to spot the themes as well as single out patterns and change your point of view when needed. Below are the signs of a karmic relationship.

Feels Meant to Be

When you meet a karmic partner, it can feel like cupid shot you with an arrow. This is because you belong to the same soul group and have probably been around together for several past lives. Reuniting in the current life is like a homecoming. However, the relationship will not be perfect at all times because you will constantly challenge one another.

One of You is Selfish

Karmic relationships are notorious for struggling with healthy boundaries. You or your partner may continually place their interests above those of the partnership. It is important to watch this sign as the relationship can evolve into a dangerous form.

Repetition of Old Patterns

A karmic relationship will likely revolve around the same repeated fights. You may break up and get back together several times. These patterns mean that you have not learned the karmic lesson that is intended. Breaking the pattern requires learning the lesson or you will continue to repeat the mistakes.

Convincing Yourself You are Destoned to be Together

Despite the red flags, failures, and fighting, you will try to convince yourself you are meant to be when in a karmic relationship.

Addicted to Your Partner

If your relationship is full of negativity and fighting, but you still cannot bring yourself to leave, then it is probably karmic in nature. Even though you are suffering emotionally, you will likely feel powerless without your other half.

Awakening Your Worst Fears

Your karmic partner will bring out your worst fears, no matter what they are. This is just part of the deal.

They Reveal Your Shadow Self

Though the karmic relationship is a soulmate-like type connection it is designed to show you your shadow self. If your dark side grows with your karmic partner, but they do not show you compassion and understanding toward healing, then it is a karmic relationship.

Controlling Partner

A controlling relationship can be indicative of a karmic partnership. They may hate when you spend time with anyone but them or constantly question your whereabouts. They are afraid of losing you as a partner and can become control freaks because of it.


Karmic relationships are totally erratic and unpredictable. If one is identified, let it go as soon as possible for your own sake.

Do Not Last

A karmic partner is not someone you spend a lifetime with, even if you want to. They are born into and die in conflict creating an unhealthy relationship that will not last forever.


  1. While the idea of karmic relationships seems to provide a framework for understanding complex interpersonal dynamics, it also raises questions about personal accountability and growth. How much of it is predestined versus self-driven?

  2. The notion that karmic relationships reveal our shadow self is quite profound. It suggests that these relationships, though challenging, could be crucial for personal development if navigated mindfully.

  3. The concept of karmic relationships is intriguing. It seems to offer a unique perspective on the dynamics between individuals, especially in understanding repetitive patterns. The idea of healing past wounds through current relationships is compelling.