Problems Empaths Have with Relationships

Problems Empaths Have with Relationships

Maybe you are an empath, or you know someone that is, and you realize that there is always a struggle when it comes to being in romantic relationships.

A person that is overly sensitive to the emotions of those around them often have to deal with the energy that comes from people and it is sometimes hard to find love and to keep it.

Empaths are very loving, and they are compassionate and kind to others but because of their sensitivity, it is often hard for them when it comes to being in a relationship.

An empath can work on themselves and learn to be more in control of their feelings and emotions and if they have a strong partner that supports them, they can learn to work through their issues and have a great relationship.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that isn’t just sensitive, but they are someone that picks up on the feelings and energies of things a round them. They are given this gift from the universe, but the gift can be hard because it can cause them stress and pain.

Empaths are people that other people want to run to for answers. They are positive people that are loving and willing to give their time. The problem is, they are so overwhelmed by the emotions that they pick up that they are often drained and tired.

They listen great and they help to solve problems, but they often forget to take care of themselves in the process.

Empaths and Relationship Problems

Empaths are kind and loving and they care about the relationships that they are in. The problem though is being in a long-term relationship means that being alone is something that isn’t often given to them.

Some empaths have a hard time coping with relationships because there are so many emotions to deal with and they need their own space in order to have alone time to deal with their own issues.

Relationship Problems for an Empath

One of the biggest problems that an empath faces in being in romantic relationships is the boundaries they set. Empaths often have a hard time making boundaries and when there are no boundaries, the emotions can be hard to deal with.

The energy of the emotions that an empath has is always by them and they know that their emotions belong to themselves or their partner. This can cause them to feel tired and overwhelmed. Maybe one minute they are full of joy and happiness but then out of nowhere there is extreme sadness. This is when they pick up the emotions of those around them.

An empath in a relationship might always take on their partners emotions to the point where they get worn out and overly tired.

Having boundaries is important and even when you are in a relationship, there needs to be boundaries. An empath needs to have alone time to recenter their energy and to calm down and collect their feelings and thoughts.

Here is some way that you can spend some time alone if you are an empath:

  • Reading something useful.
  • Finding a new hobby.
  • Journaling

Having space and alone time is important for an empath in any relationship.

Being Alone

Empaths often have a hard time relaxing and calming down. They don’t always know how to turn their emotions on and off.

They want to be around people, but they also need to have a lot of alone time. If you are in a relationship with an empath and you think that they are being distant, you have to understand that they need alone time to recharge.

This situation can cause problems in the relationship. The empath has to have alone time to stay grounded and to take a break from the energies of others. If they don’t get their time alone, they become sad, depressed, stressed out and hard to get alone with.

If the partner of an empath doesn’t understand this, they might think that their partner doesn’t want to be around them when they ask for alone time.

It is important that the empath tell their partner about needing alone time and space. This is just a conversation that needs to happen and there has to be honesty and mutual respect if the relationship will work out.


A main reason that many empaths struggle is with intimacy. Being close to someone can be very stimulating and exhausting to an empath.

Empaths that are in relationships often have a lot of up and down emotions when they are intimate with someone.

If you are an empath and you are having a hard time being intimate with your partner, tell them. Let them understand that you love being with them but that you also need alone time to do things on your own and to have quiet time. Let them realize how important alone time is for them as well.


An empath will never let their partner go out to protect them if they have a fight with a friend or if someone is rude to them. The partner is there for them, but the empath will refuse to let them step into the situation.

Empaths deal with struggles differently and they appreciate that their partner wants to be there for them, but they do not like there to be people that stand up for them.

Some men have a hero instinct, and this can be hard for them to handle when an empath will not let them use this gift they were given.

There are things that the partner can say and do in order to keep the empath happy. Just be loving and passionate and this will fix things in the end.

Inner Self

Empaths have strong feelings always attaching to them and so they often turn inward. They look for their own qualities and they look to try to stop their difficult feelings.

Sometimes they can be overwhelming for their partner because they are always trying to fulfill their own needs when they are at home.

Empaths are always tuned into their partners even when the partner doesn’t realize this. The partner needs to take a step back and see that their empath partner is there to love them and to help them with their own energy.

Putting Their Partner First

Since an empath is always feeling the thoughts and emotions of people around them, they tend to put everyone else’s needs first, including their partner.

They want them to be happy and they put themselves last. They will not give their opinions and they will not do for themselves but always for others.

Sometimes in a relationship like this, one person gets taken advantage of. The empath needs to build their confidence and start asserting their opinions and thoughts. Doing this out of respect will show the empath that they are stronger than they think.

Controlling Emotions

One bad side about being able to understand and know your partners emotions is that an empath is always wanting to change these things. They feel bad for their partner when they are not happy, and they will do whatever they can to change their emotions.

Talk about this with your partner and let them know that you are doing your best to not try to control hem and to keep their emotions strong. Let them know that you support them and learn to support each other’s.

Small Things Bother Them

There are some small things that can get on the nerves of an empath fast. They have a hard time handling sarcasm and they do not like people to be upset with them. They have a hard time detaching from feelings and so when the feelings are strong and there is a fight, it can cause pressure on the relationship.

If you are an empath and you are dealing with this, talk to your partner. Learn to do these things when there is a heated conversation happening:

  • Take a break from the conversation and come back after the stress is gone.
  • Let everyone know what the other means so there is no misreading.
  • Argue in a calm way.
  • Do not let emotions overwhelm the conversation.

Partner Not Understanding the Needs

Most empaths know that finding a partner to stay with them is no easy thing. People that date an empath have to deal with a lot of emotions and stress.

A non empath will have a hard time really understanding what an empath is feeling and they have to learn to be very patient with them.

Empaths have to have alone time and they are overly stimulated when they go out or are in a crowd. They have to have ways to stay energetic and strong.

Without a break, an empath will be stressed and drained and ultimately, unhappy. Sometimes partners misunderstand these emotions, and they don’t understand why their partner doesn’t want to spend more time going out or doing things.

Take a step back and look at the situation and really know what your partner wants and needs. Most of the time the partner is doing the best that they can to understand the emotions and to care for their empath partner.

Make Effort

Always having to deal with the emotions of others can be very hard. This also can bother the partner because they have a harder time understanding it.

When emotions have to be dealt with, this can be hard for an empath to socialize and to have to deal with things. Non empaths often wonder why an empath is not wanting to go out and do things, but this happens because the empath gets overwhelmed.

Sometimes they think that the empath is lazy or doesn’t want to make an effort. If you wish to go out and you want your empath partner to go, compromise on a place and a time and make sure that you go to places that are positive.


Honesty is a good thing but sometimes an empath is overly honest. Some people keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves, but the empath is not that way.

They will always tell the truth rather it is about an ugly haircut or about a problem they are feeling. Most empaths have a hard time not saying something when a situation comes up.

They are very honest, and this can be hurtful when people don’t know them.

When you talk to people, you should be honest but sometimes you have to limit the things that you say to your partner. Pay attention to the situation and see if you should speak or if you should just let the conversation go.

When your partner asks you for your opinion, give it so that they can know that you haven’t changed but if they don’t ask, keep it to yourself.

Normal Relationships

Most relationships lack normalcy but if you are looking for a partner that will be kind, loving and honest, finding an empath can make your life complete.

Each relationship is adaptable in some way and even though it can be harder for an empath to find a partner that understands them, being with someone that is willing to try can be an adventure that they don’t want to miss out on.

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