The Magic of a Twin Flame Relationship

Magic of a Twin Flame Relationship

Philosopher Plato explained twin flames as a human split into two halves. One half was representative of the masculine, the other feminine. The two halves then searched for each other across lifetimes. When the twin flames meet, the love they have is liberated of all normal conditions.

While everyone has a twin, not everyone will get to meet them. If you are lucky enough to meet them, then life will forever be changed. You will feel the connection immediately as life changes totally, in an instant. This other half will touch the depths of your heart and soul.

Twin flames have recently become a topic of interest. Many think they have their twin flame because they fell in love with a soulmate, but this is a different type of relationship. While living with a soulmate comes easy and naturally, the twin flame is everything but romance. Twin flames push one another to higher levels of growth very quickly. You trigger both wounds to be healed and bliss beyond measure. You may feel as if you are going crazy.

When with your twin flame, you will realize you have never wanted anything more, yet know you cannot be together. This causes pain beyond belief. You will likely come together for only a short time before separating again, sometimes out of fear of being burned. This means that finding your twin flame is not always easy and you may never share a normal relationship. This is okay though because that is not really what twin flames are about.

Purpose of the Relationship

If you are positive you have a twin flame and not a soulmate, then the goal is to experience liberated love. This goes beyond labels and normal relationship bounds. It is love without conditions. Your twin will trigger fears and insecurities as well as many positives. A twin flame is never trying to hurt you, but does trigger intense emotions.

This unconditional love means that no matter the pain that surfaces, how many times you separate, the heart does not close down. Your heart and self become independent of anyone else. When you master this openness, you can recognize the flaws in human forms, yet still see well beyond those flaws. While you are not blind to the shortcomings of your twin, you do not mind anything that happens to occur. You may have to decide whether to wait on them romantically or move one and love from afar. Either way, keep your heart open so unconditional love can flow.

Moving forward may help with expectations, but it will not hurt the bond you have with your flame. The connection rewrites what love means. There are no attachments, control, or even manipulation. Gift yourself and them the freedom needed to be open, yet true to power and love.

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