Is the Universe Trying to Set You Up with the One?

Is the Universe Trying to Set You Up with the One?

If you keep making the wrong choices when it comes to dating, it can feel like the universe is conspiring against you. However, it could be the universe is pushing you toward someone but you keep getting sidetracked with what you do not want. You may just not realize this is what is happening.

We co-write our own stories in life and we must dance between what our ego tells us we want and what we are meant to have and learn. When we put an intention of love out into the universe, it is usually answered. The universe will offer nudges, but we tend to ignore them. You may not see fireworks when you meet the one, but you will know. We just have to be ready to pay attention. Below are some indicators that the universe is pushing you toward your soulmate

Done with the Wrong Ones

The universe is always generous, providing for what you want or need. When you are ready for the one, something within you will shift and those red flags you ignored in previous relationships will no longer be tolerated. You will finally be able to be honest about what you want and even what you do not. When this finally happens, it will be easier to open up to those you may have previously rejected. This does not mean chemistry will be instantaneous, but a subtle energy will be felt when the one is in your presence.


When the universe is trying to show you the one, you will have peace with yourself. Others may even comment on positive changes that are noticeable in your attitude and actions.

Exes Were not the One

Failed relationships are the universe’s way of helping. If you have had a relationship end, it is a sign that you were headed in the wrong direction. Consider exes as learning experiences and stones leading you to the one.

Running Into the Same Person

Life may just be pushing you toward someone specific if you keep hearing their name mentioned or randomly running into them. Pay attention.


Dreams may or may not mean anything to you, but if you repeatedly dream about the same person then it could be important. Pay attention to the people in your dreams whether they are known or strangers.

Random Repetition

Coincidence does not exist, so we must consider things like this a sign. Signs tend to be repetitive and from various, often random sources. You may hear the same love song in different places all in the same day or hear the same or similar stories repeatedly. Take notice, the universe is trying to get your attention. These may take place over a day or even a week, but you need to pay attention.

You Will Know

Sometimes you just know that you know when you have met the one. Sometimes we have a hard time recognizing it, but if something inside of you seems to say this is the one, then listen. The feeling will be mutual for your one, even if they do not at first realize it. Listen to those feelings and you will both reach the same conclusion.

It can be very difficult to recognize signs from the universe because many of them are personal shifts. Just remember the universe is on your side and with time, patience, and some self-work the one will be found. Things will fall into place.

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