How to Nurture Relationships with Soulmates

How to Nurture Relationships with Soulmates

It can be difficult to navigate deep seeded love.  When soulmates are apart it can feel like an eternity before you can reunite.  Turn to your heart to understand how to safely face the unknown while still being able to feel connected to your love.

Intuitive readings can provide solace, but doesn’t replace the power of freewill.  Psychic can help you analyze energy pertaining to your relationship, and offer advice in ways you can trust your heart to move forward.  However, the true answer lies within your inner wisdom.

Giving yourself peace and space to understand the various facets of your relationship.  Love is an energetic and spiritual exchange between two beings.  Time has no measure in love, instead its power is in transformation.  If you two are not growing together it doesn’t matter how long you have been together.  Whereas you might have had a fleeting encounter, but there is a distinct shift in your being that allowed you to become a better person.

Consider it as two friends undertaking an adventure.  Through the power of the buddy system you can overcome the obstacles that be the balance of life and death, to spur you to success.  If one partner stumbles, falls, gets lost, or requires rest the other unwaveringly has their back.  No judgment exists, instead the require resources to become stronger will be provided.  This is in part, because at any time the roles may shift and the helped individual may turn into the helper.  It is dance and a partnership that provides benefits and lessons to both parties.

Unconditional love is a core essence of our being.  It’s love void of any “but.”  Unconditional love compels you to love without transaction or reason or objective.  Soulmates help us grow and serve the Divine and Universal community more easily.  It transcends lifetimes.  What happens with love in the moment, ripples exponentially.  Having a broader concept of love with soulmates fosters patience, empathy, grace, loyalty and peace.  No matter where you are in the world, you love connects you and as you grow your love you will grow in service to all humanity.


  1. The article presents an interesting perspective on the power of love and its transformative nature. It provides a thoughtful take on how navigating a relationship involves mutual growth and support.

  2. The discussion on intuitive readings as a supplementary aid rather than a replacement for free will is important. It reinforces the idea that while external guidance can be helpful, the ultimate answers lie within our own inner wisdom.

  3. The concept of unconditional love as a core essence of our being resonates deeply. It emphasizes the importance of loving without expectations and how it contributes to broader communal well-being.

  4. I appreciate the focus on inner wisdom and personal growth within relationships. The idea of love as an energetic exchange transcending time offers a fresh viewpoint on relationship dynamics.