Heartless After Heartbreak

Heartless After Heartbreak

Are you someone that has had your heartbroken and now you feel jaded, alone and heartless? Do you feel that you have to hide your heart and that you are afraid to let yourself go because you are afraid of what will happen next?

Do you have love and feelings, but you don’t want to let people in because you don’t know what might happen next? You might be someone that has a hard time communicating now and someone that is fearful of intimacy.

Just Sex

Don’t be someone that just goes out to find sex. Don’t be that person that refuses to text first because you are afraid. Don’t be someone that won’t ask you personal questions for fear of getting too close or fear of rejection.

Getting Hurt

People sometimes think that when you get hurt that you will grow and that you will see what you deserve in your life. The truth is thought that being hurt can cause you to stop growing. It can cause you to be in a place where you are stuck and where you don’t want to go forward.

A girl that has had her heartbroken might be jaded and heartless. She might not have feelings of love and sympathy anymore because she is weak, and she is afraid of being hurt again. She might be someone that has allowed her heart to become frozen.

Being Frozen

When your heart is frozen, it can be hard to talk to people and to share your feelings. It can put you in a place where you are afraid to expose who you are. If you have been in this situation over and over again, it will be hard to show your emotions. You might not ever feel that there is a moment that you can grow and be good with someone else.

You will want to be loved and you won’t want to have a frozen heart, but the problem is that you are afraid of risking things and afraid of being foolish.

Hiding the Emotions

Going through these things can be hard and they can cause you to hide your emotions from others. They can cause you to protect yourself and to not allow others to love you or to have love of your own.

Being afraid of your own feelings can cause you to not reveal things about yourself because you want to protect yourself and not open up to others. Being heartless after a heartbreak can leave you having a painful and sad life. It can cause you to never have real connections.

You might be afraid that if you get close to someone and you learn more about them that they will want to be with you and then they will reject you. It can cause you to not want to give anything in the relationships and to pull away when things start to get serious.


People that have had their heartbroken often want to protect themselves. They want to be strong, and they want to keep their emotions close to themselves. Don’t get to the point where you want to protect yourself so closely that you refuse to have good relationships. Someone out there can love you and treat you the way that you want and deserve.  Find them and don’t hide away.


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