Emotions and Energy

Emotions and Energy

People are whole in their emotions and their physical lives and these things interact with each other. There is energy in all living and even non-living things and these energies can react with your body.


The energy in the body works with the mind and in the western culture, people understand that in their metaphysical realm and their physical realm, there is a reality that we are used to seeing. This has to do with the five senses and the different emotions that people have.

You can touch, hear, smell, see and interact with things in your life but the 5D or the metaphysical world is a quieter energy that is connected to the cosmic energies of the universe. This can be a source that people have.

There are parts of the mind and the body and scientific ways that the body will react to things and most of these have to do with the five senses and the energies related to the body. The energy level in the physical and metaphysical body is different and so are the emotions linked to them.

Energy in the body leaves different memories and feelings in your life and the imprint can leave you trapped. You can see things in your body that shows your energy and your aura has personal space that allows you to be able to interact with the world around you.

No matter how close you are to the physical things in your life the energy that is connected with the people, places and events that happen can hold on to energies and can come from your past, present and even the future. This means that when you interact with people, it can cause you to have an intense energy in your mind and body.

When you meet certain people in your life such as co-workers, teachers, family members or even lovers, the vibrations of the relationship will be depending on how your body interacts with their energy.

When you have energy that matches them, the relationships can be strong, and it can help to make cords of attachment that will stay long after you have ended the relationship.

People call these cords karmic, etheric, or soul chords. The more complex the relationship is, the more you can interact and the harder it is when you have a breakup or when you feel rejected. This can be confusing and depressing because most people expect relationships that are strong to last and it is hard for people to understand the logics of things going wrong.

Etheric cords that linger can cause you to have emotional and physical pain in your life and it might get to the point where you need to cleanse your aura of your past partners and this can help you to heal from your relationships. You might find that you have a hard time moving forward though.

When a soul contract ends suddenly, you might have a hard time not looking at their social media or not feeling bad when you see them while you are out. You might find that old feelings are close to your heart and are close to the surface.

When this happens and you have actually moved on, you are likely to have broken the etheric cords and you are healed in your mind and your emotions.

There is a lot of evidence that proves that people have a hard time getting over their exes and even sometimes for years and years these relationships last depending on the connection that you have with these people.

When things are positive and good, the cords that you have with someone can be negative, especially when a relationship ends, and this can be painful.

Our family and friends can still access your energy and even when you do not want them to have your energy, chances are they can draw from it. This can make the breakup even harder and can cause you to have emotions that are confusing and painful.

These situations have to be cleansed from the past lovers and this can happen if you find a psychic or a healer to help you.

The chakra system holds energy and goes deep into your life. This is what is affected when a relationship goes bad and ends. This also happens when relationships are dissolved, and you allow the healing to take place.

Learn how to create a healing environment for yourself that can help you to grow closer to your heart and get you closer to the goals you have in your life.


Grounding and exercising with meditation can help your mind and your body to heal. You can use guided meditation to help balance you and cleanse your chakras and your aura. This helps you to connect with yourself and to be whole.

Trinity Healing

Trinity healing is when you heal in your mind, body and soul and when you do this, it can help you to sleep better and have holistic energy and help your body and soul to be balanced and strong.

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be used and can be powerful for those that need to heal their vibrational frequencies. Maybe you need healing in your job or in your finances. Through private sessions, you can have healing in all aspects of your life and this can help you to move forward in your reality.