Dreaming About Your Ex

Dreaming About Your Ex

Just because you dream about someone doesn’t mean that you want to hook up with them. Chances are that you have experienced weird dreams here and there and if you think about your dreams or better yet, write them down, you have a chance to go back and look at your dreams and see that they are more normal than you thought.

Maybe you have had dreams of being naked and wondering the streets or maybe you dream about your teeth falling out. Some common dreams might even include relationships with your ex or even strangers.

Dreaming is a process that goes through your mind and the process can be filed from information that you have put there while you were awake. The mind works through the information that you have around you and it can change your dreams to represent something or to be a symbol of what is going on in your life.

If you find that you are dreaming about an ex from elementary or middle school, it doesn’t mean that you should try to find them or that you should look them up on social media. Dreaming is something that happens and if you want to figure out what your dreams mean, you can look up different interpretations online.

You might have some dreams that leave you feeling strange or make you wake up turned on. If these dreams are about your ex, this doesn’t mean that you want to get back with them, but maybe you do want to catch up and see what is going on in their life.

Ignoring You

Dreaming that your ex is ignoring you might mean that they really are. Maybe they blocked you on social media or if not, your dream could mean that you need to be more aware of what happened in your past relationship and you need to accept things as they are.

Fighting with Them

When you dream that you are fighting with your ex, think about when your relationship ended. Did you fight and have a hard time getting over the relationship? If not, maybe you are upset about something they did to you and never said they were sorry for.

They Are Cheating

If you dream that your ex is cheating, it could mean that you felt betrayed in your relationship. Maybe they didn’t cheat on you but maybe they did other things to make you feel left out or betrayed.

Getting Back Together

Dreaming that you and your ex are getting back together can mean that you might miss them more than you realized. Maybe you had a pet together and you miss seeing their family. This could also mean that you need to look more on who you are and the parts of your life that you put aside to make your relationship work.

Missing Them

Chances are that if you are dreaming about your ex a lot that you might miss them. This could be a relationship that you never wanted to end, or it could make you feel that you lost yourself in the relationship and you need to find yourself again.

They Miss You

Dreaming that your ex misses you can mean that you want them to miss you. This can mean that you need affirmation from someone in your life. Do not always focus on your dreams being about your ex but focus on the meaning of your dreams.

Do you feel that you need someone to give you attention or are you seeking someone to desire you? This could be what your dream is telling you.

Meeting Your Exes New Partner

Maybe your ex had moved on fast and now you are dreaming about the person he replaced you with. This kind of dream can mean that you have anxiety about rejection. This could also mean that you have feeling that people are replacing you.

Dreaming Your Ex Died

Sometimes in your dream you might dream that someone you love has died. If you are dreaming of your ex dying unexpectedly, this could mean that you are letting go of your attachment to them and you are ready to move on in your life.

This could also mean that you are ready for a new relationship and new love in your life.

Dreaming They Are Sick

When you dream about your ex being sick, this could mean that you are needing more time in your life to heal after your breakup. Maybe the breakup happened fast, and you missed out on the support you needed. This could mean that you need to take time in your life to heal and to be who you are.


Every dream can mean something new and not all dreams are based on something real. Dreams happen for different dreamers and some dreams for one dreamer might mean something different for someone else.

Look at the context of your dream and do not think that your dream is easy to solve. Some people just have weird dreams for no reason while others have dreams that are symbolic.  Take time to really think about things going on in your life when you begin to try to interpret your dreams.