Does He Like You or Not So Much?

Does He Like You or Not So Much

Dating can be hard and when you are trying to plan a date with someone and you don’t ever seem to have time to be together, you might begin to wonder if they really like you or not. Here are some signs to help you know:

Rescheduling a Date

If someone likes you and they have to cancel a date, they will reschedule it right away. They will make sure to set a time that the date can still happen, soon. They should contact you back right away and tell you that they can’t today but that they can on a different day. They will be specific in what they tell you.

They Are Very Sorry

Someone that likes you will be very sorry if they cancel a date on you. They will apologize over and over again. If they aren’t interested, chances are they won’t care that the date was cancelled. A person that likes you though will not want to make you upset.

Looking for an Out

If someone doesn’t like you that much, they will not be very detailed in what they tell you. They might be looking for an out of the date. A person like this will be vague when they tell you that they will reschedule the date, saying things like, “We can talk soon.”

Calling When You’re Busy

When someone calls you and knows you are at work or that you can’t get to the phone, chances are they don’t like you. They just want to leave a fast message so that they can cancel on you, and they don’t want to really have a date.

Trust Your Intuition

Being in a new relationship can be hard but you need to learn to trust your gut. If you feel that the person really doesn’t like you, then you need to go with that. Remember though that some people have a hard time communicating and if this is the person you are talking to, you can give them more of a break.

In the early parts of the relationship, it can be hard to go forward without having some kind of doubt but listen to what your gut is telling you. You can tell if someone is interested or not and if you trust your gut, that will help you in the long run.

Just Ask

You can always just ask this person if they like you or not. This will allow them to tell you what they are feeling and then move forward with or without them.