Can Déjà vu Reveal Your Soulmate?

Can Déjà vu Reveal Your Soulmate?

How often do you stop in your track when you feel you have experienced this moment before?  Perhaps it was a conversation with a friend that you knew all the points they were about to bring up.  Maybe you visited a new place, only to sense you have actually been there before.  This sensation, déjà vu occurs when you experience something familiar from the soul level, although logically this is its first instance.  Some people believe déjà vu happens because we are remembering something from a past life.  Others feel it relates to one of our parallel lives that is currently occurring on a different plane of existence.  Regardless of the reason it happens, déjà vu can leave us feeling rocked and perhaps changed.  Such is the case when déjà vu leads us to, or helps us recognize a soulmate.

The connection between soulmates and déjà vu

Soulmates are spirits we interact with throughout multiple lifetimes.  They can manifest as lovers, friends, family, a stranger that leaves a lasting impression, or even foes.  Soulmates serve to teach karmic lessons and share similar past-life memories. Recognizing soulmates can sometimes take time, but the following are ways déjà vu can aid us in reconnection.

  • Simultaneous déjà vu: You may with another person when you experience déjà vu.  You might suddenly notice they are looking at you oddly, or perhaps they mention feeling a similar feeling of remembrance.  This is clear sign to investigate the situation more intently to explore if you both have shared a past life experience and could be soulmates
  • Stirring insight into a stranger: If you get déjà vu when meeting a stranger and, in the moment, you KNOW you have interacted before, you may be soulmate.  Often people who experience love at first sight feel like they have always known this person.  Déjà vu helps us know this stranger is important to our lives and we must always pay attention to this feeling.
  • Knowing an existing person is of greater importance in your life: We all have acquaintances and friends that we might take for granted.  When you have déjà vu in their presence this may be sign that this person is meant to play a bigger role in your life than you currently realize.

The Universe speaks powerful messages to us via déjà vu.  When we honor the signals and messages, we can follow the direction that most aligns with our soul’s journey.  Soulmates are always a key way of helping us spiritual grow and get further along in our life’s purpose.

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