Avoiding Toxic Relationships and Soul Connections

Toxic Relationships and Soul Connections

Toxic relationships are very harmful to your mind, body and soul. You will feel that you aren’t good enough and you will always feel that you have to tip toe around to make sure that your partner is pleased and that they are not angry or mad.

A toxic relationship shows us that you can have these relationships but that you can become free from them. We all are always searching for love and our soulmate and when we do this, we will meet many people along the way that we are connected with. These people will have a powerful effect on us.

Not everyone that we meet though is good for us or will love us the way that we deserve. When you put all of your effort into a relationship and you get nothing in return, this is likely a toxic relationship.

The bonds that you form with lovers and people in your life are both positive and negative. These people play a role in your life to teach you and to help you grow. These relationships can cause you to be hurt and dependent on them and there are different bonds.

Karmic bonds are a Hindu and Buddhist bond that says that the action of a person in your previous life will affect your future. These are people that you have met in other lives and they come back and teach you painful lessons that you have to learn to move forward in life.

Karmic relationships are the most common soulmate relationships that you have, and they can be both good and bad. Most of the time they are there to help finish something that happened in your past life. They are there to teach you to learn a lesson so that you can move on the right path of your destiny.

This relationship will help to make you stronger and help you to grow. When you have to pay back karmic debt that is bad, you will have to deal with issues in your life and it could be toxic relationships. These can cause you to be unbalanced and to be miserable.

You may have hope in this love and when you have a toxic relationship, you need to know that karma plays a role.

Romantic relationships or friendships can create etheric cords that will make the relationship even harder. This will be a connection that is negative, and you will find yourself in a place where you are in a toxic relationship.

This can cause you to be insecure and you may find that you repeat these patterns instead of learning from them.

Twin flame relationships will have different stages and will be challenging. When the relationship gets to be toxic, it can be dangerous and sometimes the patterns are stopped, and the relationship works out or sometimes the relationship can ruin your life.

You need to find your own happiness and it is not impossible to find a partner that will be good to you or take care of you. When you are in a toxic relationship, you might have a hard time admitting this and you might need to talk to a psychic for healing.

You can have a psychic help you to heal and help you to disconnect from negative relationships that are holding you back and to help you figure out why.

Signs of Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship can be very painful and can cause you confusion, hopelessness, depression and more. They will destroy you and make you feel unworthy. Here are some signs to pay attention to and stay out of toxic relationships:

  • Lack of equality. You give to your partner but never get back.
  • The relationship will be a constant up and down ride.
  • You will not have the communication that you need, and your partner will make you feel guilty for bringing things up.
  • You feel trapped and unable to get out of the relationship.
  • You think that you need them because it makes you feel stable.
  • You have no support and they do not encourage you even when you do them.
  • They blame you for everything that goes wrong.
  • You only feel happy when you are with them.
  • You find that you have to work hard to please them.
  • You feel manipulated.

When you find out you are in a toxic relationship, you have to cut the etheric cords and end the relationship.

The problem with etheric cords is that they get stronger as time goes on. Getting free out of this kind of relationship is hard and the relationship can become obsessive. You might even be tricked to believe that you are in a good relationship and you might keep choosing these kinds of partners.

The energy that you put into the relationship will cause a stronger connection and when you are in a toxic relationship, chances are that you are denying this, and you are ignoring all the wrong things in the relationships. You might tell others that things are good and refuse to move forward.

The emotions that you have will be strong and you will have a relationship that starts out good and ends toxic. The etheric bonds that you have will cause you to have negative things that you overlook and then later down the road the negativity will build. You will see that the person is no longer who you thought they were.

The relationship will become seen and you will see that they are always negative and the image you had of them was fake. The etheric cords between lovers is hard because we become unable to see who the person really is.

They weaken who we are and make us manipulated in all situations. You lose sight of boundaries and you learn that they will do whatever they want to you.

You have to find healing so that you can get rid of the toxic relationship patterns and find happiness in your life.

A toxic relationship is someone that leaves you feeling sad, depressed, unloved, stuck and emotionally drained. This is a relationship that feels that there is no hope. They are someone that will make you use up all of your energy.

Getting rid of a toxic relationship is not easy but you can find people that can help you. Talk to your friends or family or see a therapist and let them help you to make a plan to get out of the relationship. Find healers that can help to heal your energy.

Ending a Toxic Relationship

Chances are that if you are in a toxic relationship, they will not change. They will never be the person that you want to be with. They will be one sided and they will only care about themselves.


You will have strong feelings and you will have a hard time understanding them, but you must learn to embrace them and not hide them. Your emotions are valid and when you feel like screaming or yelling, do it. If you want to cry, cry.

Your Own Happiness

When someone is not nice to you, you will see that you miss out on things that you love in your life. You love the relationship that you had but the ending is near, and it makes it harder to leave than you ever thought it would.

You have to look at the manipulation that you have had to deal with and maybe even cheating and learn to find your happiness. Do not just imagine happiness but chose to leave the toxic relationship and be happy.


Find people in your life that can help to support you. This can be friends or family or someone that you trust. You can build a relationship with them or even see a therapist. Healing in your life can help to get rid of negativity and help you to move forward from your toxic relationships.


  1. I appreciate the emphasis on seeking external help, such as from friends, family, or professionals. It’s a reminder that one doesn’t have to navigate the complexities of toxic relationships alone.

  2. The article provides a comprehensive overview of toxic relationships and the impact they can have on individuals. It’s crucial to recognize the signs and take necessary steps for personal well-being.