Aura Colors and Love

Aura Colors and Love

It is important that you understand the color of your aura if you want to understand your love life. You have energy everywhere and your energies are higher when you are dating someone. Have you ever met someone and you feel right away that they are bad for you and they are very negative? Or, on the other hand, have you ever met someone that makes you feel good right away and you cannot wait to get to know them even more?

Chances are when you have these experiences, you are picking up on the persons aura. You can see that there is energy around you that is flowing through you and around you. This is part of your aura. Your aura can change based on your emotions and feelings or even the feelings and emotions of people around you. The colors can tell you what you are feeling and that is why it’s important to know more about aura colors.

Aura Colors

Aura colors are there to help you to understand what is going on in your life, even if you are confused. Your aura is full of colors and the colors change based on what you are feeling. Most people have more than one aura color and as you learn more about yourself, you will learn more about what your aura colors mean.

List of Aura Colors

Here are some of the colors and what they mean:

  • Red: This color can mean that you are passionate and that you want to be more involved in the relationship. It can also mean you are worried.
  • Orange: This aura color can mean you are confident and you want to be in charge of the relationship.
  • Yellow: This is a color that means that you have confidence and you are independent.
  • Green: Green can mean that you are needing to grow and you need your partner to grow with you.
  • Blue: This can mean that you are intuitive.
  • Indigo: This color means that you can communicate well and that you are open.
  • Turquoise: This color means that you are in an on and off again relationship.
  • Purple: This shows that you love unconditionally.
  • Pink: Means that you are the giver in most relationships.
  • Magenta: This color can mean that you are in love and that you make your own rules.
  • Silver: This is an energy color and means you have a big heart.
  • White: This color can show that you have a pure and kind heart.
  • Brown: This means you are full of ego.
  • Black: This aura color can show that you are suffering from something in your past.

Where the Aura Colors Are

It is important to understand that where the aura colors are does have a meaning. The energy that you are attracting or sending to others has to do with your aura and where the aura colors are. The energies that you have are always changing and moving. You might have good energy one day and have bright colors and bad energy another day with dark colors. But where the colors are is almost as important as what the colors are.

Left Side

If you have colors in the left side of your aura it can mean that you are in a relationship that is always changing. It can mean that you are positive and that you are interested.

Right Side

Colors on the right side can mean that you are sending energy into the world. You can think of this side as the side of your dating profile. This is the energies that people will pick up on when they first meat you.


The colors close to the throat will show how you communicate with your partner or in other relationships. The colors are what are in your heart and mind.


Colors by the forehead show what you are thinking and your emotions. This can be boundaries or not having boundaries at all.


Colors by the heart mean that you are able to express your feelings, or you hold them back.

Seeing Your Aura Colors

Some people can see their own auras and some people can practice doing this. One way to practice is to have a white background and to put a mirror in front of it. You can look at the mirror and try and concentrate what you are seeing around your head. This is the part of the aura. Or, you can put your hand in front of a piece of white paper and see if you see colors surrounding your hand.

Seeing Other People’s Auras

You can practice seeing your own aura and then you can practice seeing the auras of others. You can try to look at someone else’s aura so that you can figure them out. Try to stand ten feet from this person and pay attention to a place that you can concentrate on. After a few minutes, let your eyes outline their face and then see if you can see colors around them.