A few Ways of Ending Karma Patterns

A few Ways of Ending Karma Patterns


Healing karma relationships interests me.

Just like the story said. I have been in a relationship and many years have passed by. I believe you can help me heal and do away with the pain and grief that I have been through

How can I connect with you so that you can help me do away with this nightmare?

Yours sincerely,


Answer: thank you for writing Victor. He is referring to this article. Healing Karmic Relationships: How to Deal with the Invisible Wounds. Now back to you Victor…

Relationships can stress, can’t they! If you don’t know them then I can’t write about them.

Most individuals use a psychic technique known as cord cutting to do away with the vitality between themselves and the other individual. Through this, they are able to release themselves from any Karmic pattern relationship or just generally a pattern.

Nevertheless, some relationships don’t need to be ended but can be renewed by a new pattern. Cord cutting can help you in this. Set your intentions to only cut the negative cords and retain the positive ones.

You can cord cut in distinctive ways for distinctive circumstances. I have different meditations in my membership program old documents that will help you. There are also many articles on how you can use psychic cord online.

You will need to get psychic defense meditation to help keep your psychic efforts more permanent and long-lasting if you do a cord cutting technique and it fails to work.

Know that there are stubborn cords and strengthening new cords can take between 7-21 days. You can completely cut a cord if it’s hindering you negatively or if you want to make the relationship work. You can cut the negative cords and divert your energy into strengthening the positive ones. It just depends on what you want with the individual and what they want with you.

I appreciate when people write to me so thanks Victor for writing and sharing your worries with me because trust me I know how you are feeling.


  1. The technique of cord cutting seems like a symbolic gesture that might have psychological benefits. However, it’s important to balance such methods with other forms of emotional support.