Is the Universe Trying to Set You Up with the One?

Is the Universe Trying to Set You Up with the One?

If you keep making the wrong choices when it comes to dating, it can feel like the universe is conspiring against you. However, it could be the universe is pushing you toward someone but you keep getting sidetracked with what you do not want. You may just not realize this is what is happening.

We co-write our own stories in life and we must dance between what our ego tells us we want and what we are meant to have and learn. When we put an intention of love out into the universe, it is usually answered. The universe will offer nudges, but we tend to ignore them. You may not see fireworks when you meet the one, but you will know. We just have to be ready to pay attention. Below are some indicators that the universe is pushing you toward your soulmate

Done with the Wrong Ones

The universe is always generous, providing for what you want or need. When you are ready for the one, something within you will shift and those red flags you ignored in previous relationships will no longer be tolerated. You will finally be able to be honest about what you want and even what you do not. When this finally happens, it will be easier to open up to those you may have previously rejected. This does not mean chemistry will be instantaneous, but a subtle energy will be felt when the one is in your presence.


When the universe is trying to show you the one, you will have peace with yourself. Others may even comment on positive changes that are noticeable in your attitude and actions.

Exes Were not the One

Failed relationships are the universe’s way of helping. If you have had a relationship end, it is a sign that you were headed in the wrong direction. Consider exes as learning experiences and stones leading you to the one.

Running Into the Same Person

Life may just be pushing you toward someone specific if you keep hearing their name mentioned or randomly running into them. Pay attention.


Dreams may or may not mean anything to you, but if you repeatedly dream about the same person then it could be important. Pay attention to the people in your dreams whether they are known or strangers.

Random Repetition

Coincidence does not exist, so we must consider things like this a sign. Signs tend to be repetitive and from various, often random sources. You may hear the same love song in different places all in the same day or hear the same or similar stories repeatedly. Take notice, the universe is trying to get your attention. These may take place over a day or even a week, but you need to pay attention.

You Will Know

Sometimes you just know that you know when you have met the one. Sometimes we have a hard time recognizing it, but if something inside of you seems to say this is the one, then listen. The feeling will be mutual for your one, even if they do not at first realize it. Listen to those feelings and you will both reach the same conclusion.

It can be very difficult to recognize signs from the universe because many of them are personal shifts. Just remember the universe is on your side and with time, patience, and some self-work the one will be found. Things will fall into place.

Signs You Met Someone from the Past

Signs You Met Someone from the Past

Have you ever felt that you knew someone that you have never seen before?  This could be part of your past journey life.  You might think right away that you have seen them or met them even if you haven’t and this can be because at some point in your life you have met them or crossed paths with them.  This experience could be from your past life and reincarnation.

When you meet someone from your past, it can be exciting, and it could bring back feelings of your past relationship together.  Remember how you feel and see if there is unfinished business that you didn’t get finished in your past life.

Feeling at Home

If you meet someone that understands you, someone that doesn’t judge you or make you feel bad then chances are you have met them in your past life.

You might feel like you are coming home when you meet them and be able to talk to them for hours.  You might also feel awkward or empty and this can mean that you need to figure out what is going on in the relationship without forcing anything.


When you see someone, you might have all kinds of emotions that go up inside of you.  You might feel that you haven’t seen them in a long time, and you might feel that crossing paths with them has been life changing, right away.

However, you meet them, you know that it is more than just chance and it might make you cry or laugh or feel excited.


If you don’t know why or how but you have memories of the past with someone, you might be meeting someone from your past life.  If you remember living in the same place or just know that you have shared a life with them, this is a big sign.

Read Them

If you can understand and know what someone is thinking and have just met them, then this person has experienced some type of past with you.  If nothing feels hard or strained, chances are you have telepathic connections and you need to embrace this.


When you are with this person and it seems like time flies by because you are with them, this means you need to engage with them and know them more.  They could have information about your past life.


Even if you haven’t, you might feel that you have talked to this person before.  You could be connected telepathically, and the universe could be delivering messages to you.  You might be connecting with someone special from your past life.


If you click with someone instantly even if you have always felt misunderstood, this means you could be meeting someone from the past.  You might feel an immediate bond with them, and you can talk to them for hours without there being any stress.


Some psychics believe that you will have past life connections and that you need to understand that they will be deep and immediate.  This can be a feeling and has often been a spiritual connection.  When you already feel that you know someone, embrace that and figure out what role they have played in your life.

Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Everyone has some type of psychic power and it depends on what you will do with it if you will increase your spiritual skills or not.  You might need to be trained to really use your skills to the max and there are certain things you can do to practice increasing your intuition skills and to get a stronger spiritual connection.

These of course, are just suggestions and there are different methods and psychics that can give ideas on how to increase these powers.

Believe in Yourself

If you want to increase your powers, you have to believe in yourself and accept that you have these powers.  If you ask a psychic about their gifts, they will tell you that they have practiced and learned from others to develop their gifts.


Meditation is a great way to focus in on your skills.  Do this at least once a day and try to do it for at least 15 minutes.  Connect with yourself and the energies around you.  If you do not know how to meditate, just relax by finding an environment that is quiet and calm.  Play soft music and make sure you have something on that is comfortable.  You never want to feel restricted.  Relax and get rid of any stress.  Breathe deeply.


Touch different objects to try to read the energy of them.  This is called psychometry.  This can help you to fix on your intuition ability.  Use different stones and crystals that have strong energies.

Find objects that will fit in your hand like jewelry and hold on to it.  Take deep breaths and let the energy from the object flow through you.  This might make you feel a tingling sensation.  Close your eyes and listen to what your intuition is telling you about the object.


You have to have inner peace and you have to do this in order to find your powers and increase them.  If you have a conflict with someone, you have to resolve it.  Do not avoid it.  Doing this can release negative energies and help you meditate better.


Meditation doesn’t mean you just sit, you also can walk around and absorb the energies around you.  Concentrate on all things that you do and take slow steps.  Focus on what your body is feeling and what you are doing.


Using your psychic abilities is not good or bad but you can find the energy of these things hard.  You might be afraid of facing negative things, but you can unlock more abilities if you will face these.  Accept all the outcomes and develop your skills and then you will see things that might even shock you.  You have to learn to accept any of your gifts and not be afraid of them even if they are hard.

Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide has picked you and the two of you are connected.  It is their job to guide you and help you to grow.  You might even have more than one spirit guide, and this is okay.

Your spirit guide will be ready to connect to you when you meditate and when you lose negative energies.  Connecting with them might seem hard at first but it will get easier.

Ask yourself questions such as “what does my spirit guide look like and what is its name?  What is its personality like?”

Ask Questions

You have a spirit guide to guide you so ask questions.  Turn to them for guidance.  Let them help heal you of emotional scars.  Ask clear questions and don’t attach an outcome.

Ask your spirit guide for signs and choose objects to connect with so you can connect between the object and your spirit guide.


When you are around a person, you can feel their energies, and these are auras.  These are their vibrations and you can develop these over times.

Start by sitting in front of a wall while being relaxed.  Put your palms toward the wall and relax and stare at your hands.

Keep that gaze for 30 seconds and feel the energies around you.  You might see the outline of your aura.  Keep practicing and remember what you see.

Be patient and observe what you are doing until you master this skill.

Dream Journal

Always keep a dream journal to watch your journey.  Let your dreams reveal things to you and write it down after you wake up so you don’t forget.  Dreams can tell you a lot of things and your spirit guide is never sleeping.

Spiritual Class

Take a spiritual class and use this to tap into your gifts.  This is not necessary, but it can make you a space where you feel safe and are around like minded people.  Soak in these positive energies and tune in with your intuition.