The Magic of a Twin Flame Relationship

Magic of a Twin Flame Relationship

Philosopher Plato explained twin flames as a human split into two halves. One half was representative of the masculine, the other feminine. The two halves then searched for each other across lifetimes. When the twin flames meet, the love they have is liberated of all normal conditions.

While everyone has a twin, not everyone will get to meet them. If you are lucky enough to meet them, then life will forever be changed. You will feel the connection immediately as life changes totally, in an instant. This other half will touch the depths of your heart and soul.

Twin flames have recently become a topic of interest. Many think they have their twin flame because they fell in love with a soulmate, but this is a different type of relationship. While living with a soulmate comes easy and naturally, the twin flame is everything but romance. Twin flames push one another to higher levels of growth very quickly. You trigger both wounds to be healed and bliss beyond measure. You may feel as if you are going crazy.

When with your twin flame, you will realize you have never wanted anything more, yet know you cannot be together. This causes pain beyond belief. You will likely come together for only a short time before separating again, sometimes out of fear of being burned. This means that finding your twin flame is not always easy and you may never share a normal relationship. This is okay though because that is not really what twin flames are about.

Purpose of the Relationship

If you are positive you have a twin flame and not a soulmate, then the goal is to experience liberated love. This goes beyond labels and normal relationship bounds. It is love without conditions. Your twin will trigger fears and insecurities as well as many positives. A twin flame is never trying to hurt you, but does trigger intense emotions.

This unconditional love means that no matter the pain that surfaces, how many times you separate, the heart does not close down. Your heart and self become independent of anyone else. When you master this openness, you can recognize the flaws in human forms, yet still see well beyond those flaws. While you are not blind to the shortcomings of your twin, you do not mind anything that happens to occur. You may have to decide whether to wait on them romantically or move one and love from afar. Either way, keep your heart open so unconditional love can flow.

Moving forward may help with expectations, but it will not hurt the bond you have with your flame. The connection rewrites what love means. There are no attachments, control, or even manipulation. Gift yourself and them the freedom needed to be open, yet true to power and love.

Karmic Soulmate or twin flame

Ways of telling whether a relationship is Karmic Soulmate or twin flame

We not only wish of falling in love but to stay in that love for the rest of our lives.  Below are ways you can differentiate between your love relationships: karmic, soulmate or twin flame as you progress on through life.

Both our romantic relationships and we are evolving.

We are no longer satisfied with unions that seem convenient or those that seem to fulfill certain ideals that we have been taught by our families or societies to aspire.

We all desire for that crazy type of love once in a lifetime- but what’s the difference between twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships?

Truth be told, none of these relationships is better than the other. What matters is the life we are in and the lessons we are currently undertaking.

At times we might not encounter any of these relationships in a lifetime and others, we may encounter all the three.

The truth is, we don’t usually know the kind of relationship we are in until everything is done and the lessons have been instilled.

Qualities of karmic love relationships

This is one of the first relationships we usually enter into. These are relationships are frequently those lessons we didn’t learn in the past-these individuals won’t take it easy on us because they are meant to transform our way of life. No matter how hard we try to make karmic relationships work, it doesn’t seem to work.

This is because, karmic relationships are not supposed to work out, we are not supposed to stay with our karmic partners.

It’s not easy to accept this because it is not always the issue of love or compatibility.

Something isn’t working no matter how hard we try- the worst choice we can make is choosing to stay.

The main reason why these relationships come into our lives is to change us and leave. it can burn and seem intoxicating at times.

We should always let them move when the time comes because no matter the relationship we are in, we shouldn’t chain ourselves to it.

Qualities of soulmate love relationships

Although most of us encounter karmic relationships in our lifetime, the next stage after conquering those lessons is often the soulmate love.

Soulmates are the best kind of love but complex at the same time.

Soulmates are frequently those we choose to spend our life with because there is something unique about them. They are the individuals who make us feel good and everything about them is just awesome.

They don’t always make everything easy for us regardless of how sweet they are.

We get confused at times by the kind of relationship we are in because we will experience all the challenges.

None of these relationships make us feel comfortable.

Therefore, the difference between these two is just the lessons learned.

Qualities of a twin flame love relationship

They are known as the urban myth of the spiritually enlightened, the more this connection is transpiring as the society continue to raise their level.

Twin flames are a mixture of both karmic and soulmate tendencies with some other characteristics that will only challenge our ego and sense of self.

Research states that twin flames originated from one soul’s source at the beginning of time and divided themselves into two physical bodies.

What Attracts the Soul?

What Attracts the Soul?

Physical attraction always gets all the attention, but the real attraction comes in a subconscious form that includes so much more. This is where you suddenly feel close to someone you have known for a short period of time. Maybe you are attracted to someone, but don’t understand why.

This isn’t necessarily the stuff soulmates are made of and it may not be fate or destiny. It could be our subconscious minds setting up a system for attraction with certain definitions. That may not sound romantic, but it does have a scientific base.

In this type of situation, there are four primary reasons souls are attracted to each other:

  1. You are mentally compatible.

People are attracted to others who think the same way and on the same level. Another term for this is active mental seduction. In this scenario, your words, intuition and instincts keep both parties interested and participating in the relationship.

One example of this is in the movie My Cousin Vinny. Vinny and his girlfriend love to argue and they start arguing about a leaky faucet, which ends with seduction. This is the mental stimulus they both find attractive.

  1. Reciprocation.

This involved more than gifts or even time. It involved reciprocating your partner’s feelings. When you give yourself to another person you grow the relationship, deepen trust and make it much more meaningful.

This type of action allows your partner to feel loved and appreciated. It gives meaning to both their life and yours.

  1. Sharing the same belief system.

This can be tricky in this day and age where everyone seems to be triggered by something. However, to have a truly meaningful relationship, you need to share the same beliefs as your partner. It doesn’t mean everything must be the same, but the more important priority issues like religion or political issues should be in unison. Otherwise, you could spend your whole time together arguing and trying to convince the other that you are right.

Having similar beliefs allows you to let down your guard and freely discuss things that are important to you without fear of criticism or judgment.

  1. Working through a challenge together.

Even though a problem can be difficult to work through, doing so together will add a bond to your relationship like nothing else. It helps you keep each other close and build trust that someone will be there at your side to face the problems of life.

Overcoming obstacles can also build excitement, kind of like fight or flight does, and can be a testimony to your character and love over time.

Realize as you look for someone who could be your soulmate, you will never find the perfect person because no one is perfect. Instead, look for someone who identifies with you, is complementary to your dreams and wants to walk through life by your side.

Any relationship is going to take work, patience and understanding. Don’t try to fit a relationship into your mold of expectations. Allow it to flow naturally with the right person. Then your souls will grow stronger and closer through the years.

Why People Cheat

Why People Cheat

Perhaps your partner recently cheated and you feel lost and confused.  They say they made a mistake and they love you.  Somehow you can’t believe their words and want to turn back time to happier days.  There is sound logic behind your feelings.

People often cheat because they are lacking confidence in love.  The cheater might not feel they are deserving of being in a committed relationship.  They may have been hurt in the past and subconsciously cheat, not because they want to hurt their partner, but because they want to hurt.  The cheater might enjoy the comfort of companionship and affection, but feel they deserve to be alone.  As such, they aren’t able to fully open their heart to love.

Frequently, cheating arises because there has been a communication breakdown.  If you want to avoid cheating both partners need to be honest with themselves first.  Do they want to be in this relationship?  If the answer is yes, then the next question must be “I’m a behaving a truly loving manner to my partner?’  Areas need to be explored where you can tweak your thoughts and behaviors to be more present in your relationships and more aware of their concerns and needs.  After you attend your thoughts, behaviors and actions, you can shift over to those of your lover.  Work to see things gently and lovingly through their perspective.  If you have a question, write it down and ask it directly to them the next time its appropriate to have a serious discussion.  By voicing your concerns and needs gently and honestly with your significant other you can correct missed signals that could potential lead one of you to cheat.

To avoid cheating find opportunities to reconnect with your partner.  This is especially important turning times of stress.  Love is not always fun, but it is vital to find moments together where you can grow together in joy.  By finding time to enjoy life together it can renewal both of your abilities to weather the storms as a unit.  Think of your relationship as a bank.  You can only withdraw funds so many times before some money needs to go back into your account.  Fun relationships adventures are like credits whereas the inevitable tough discussions and disagreements are like debits.  Make sure you both don’t overdraft or risk unnecessary penalties!

Respect must be the foundation of all relationships.  You both should want to truly see your lover happy, healthy and successful.  Cheating breaks trust in your union and tells your partner that you don’t respect them.  When one of you gets the urge to stray, you both must pull inward to look towards the love and respect you feel for your lover and your relationship.  Imagine the pain that could be caused by an infidelity.  Use that imagine to guide you away from the temptation and back to your paramour.  The ultimate deterrent to cheating is open, honest and loving communication.  If you feel like either you or your partner aren’t willing to work more open conversation and listening in your relationship, then it might be time for you to reevaluate the viability of your union.

What Happens When You and Your Soulmate Shouldn’t Be Together?

What Happens When You and Your Soulmate Shouldn’t Be Together?

When people say the word soulmate, it is a word that some misuses thinking that it means someone that you are meant to marry or someone that you are in love with.

The truth is, having a soulmate is a totally different experience than just being in love.  When you meet your soulmate, you have fallen in love, but you also have an emotional, spiritual and intellectual connection with them.  These feelings are hard to describe but your soulmate has you heart and soul and this can be an intense relationship.  This person is your other half and the only person that seems to get you and understand you.  You can’t imagine that your life would be manageable if you didn’t have them and it would be the saddest part of your life.  But what if you and your soulmate aren’t meant to be together?  At least not in this life.  Maybe in the next life you will be meant to be together but in this life your relationship can just be wrong and toxic.

If you have to say goodbye to your soulmate, it is like a horrible break up and can hurt you emotionally and can feel like part of you dies with the end of the relationship.

This is how life can continue if you and your soulmate are not able to be together.

Find Love

You will find someone to love again and you might get married and have a great life, but even then, you will always feel like something is missing.  You can’t explain it and you will feel that part of you is out of reach but as time passes, the feelings will lessen but never go away.  Love will never feel the same as it did with your soulmate.


No matter how long life goes on, you will always have memories, and these will play through your mind for many years to come.  Some of it will be when your mind wanders back to the past and when you get flashbacks of where your life was at some point.  Even if the memories are good or pad, you will always carry them with you.

You Become A Different Person

Part of you will die with your soulmate breakup and you will never feel the same. You will feel that a lot about you has changed and your heart will have a hard time handling thing like dating and love.  It is like the whole inside of your heart has changed from what you once knew.

A good example of this is that you will act like a completely different person and it will just be part of your past that is living with you.  You will begin to live a life that is completely different, and people will think this is a better you even if you have gone through a lot of pain. You might even see some of your old self coming out or miss it a little.

Questioning the Bad

If you are not with your soulmate, you might find that life has become unhealthy and that being with your soulmate brought a lot of fights and hurt but you miss this.  As time passes, you will see the bad things in a different light, and you will realize that you handled it better than you thought you could.  You might ask how bad things really were or if you just overreacted.


It could be years later, and you still might dream about your soulmate and wonder how they are doing.  It is like it is taking your heart a lot longer to heal than the rest of you. You might question walking along through life without them and think that the pain is still there even years later.

Your Soulmate will Always Be a Part of You

You will find that you can move on, but you will not ever forget your memories.  They will be with you in some way and even if you are happy, you will always have that in your heart, and you will always miss them a little bit.  In the next life, when you and your soulmate meet back up, you will feel like life is magical.

Six Benefits of Psychic Love Readings

Six Benefits of Psychic Love Readings

Do you wonder if your love life is on the right track or not? For some fresh insights and helpful guidance, consider consulting with a psychic.

Here are six ways a love reading from a professional psychic can help you:

  1. Calm your fears.

Making more informed decisions when you receive calming insight. An accurate and gifted professional psychic can give unique insights into your situation, which will ease your worries and calm your state of mind. People often find themselves in states of distress, worry, fear, and anxiety simply because what lies ahead is unknown. Feelings like those can cause a great deal of emotional pain. A reading with a professional psychic can calm the fears.

  1. Gain confidence to navigate your life.

Psychics are compassionate people. They have big hearts, and they can see why you’re feeling pain. Because of that, a psychic is able to act as a trusted confidant. They can empower you so you can make the changes necessary by identifying past, present and future circumstances, so you can navigate your path with ease, love, and confidence.

Sometimes all you need to get out of your own way is a non-judgmental psychic voice speaking accurate advice to point you in the direction of love and happiness

  1. Clarify uncertain situations.

A reading with an experienced professional psychic can bring clarity and validation. A psychic reading can help fill in the proverbial blanks when we’re feeling emotionally stuck. However, when it comes to things like love, it’s best to depend on our own intuition. We can take into account the things we learn in a reading, but when it comes down to the basics, our gut and our heart know best.

It’s important to note that psychics interpret the situation as they perceive it. A lot of it relates to their own experiences in life, so whatever the psychic shares will be colored by their own feelings about love. In matters of love, the spirit knows best.

  1. Give unbiased opinions.

Your circle of family and friends around you has positive intentions, but they aren’t always an accurate barometer of what may be right for you. The best justification for consulting a professional psychic is to gain third-party insights from somebody with no emotional or personal investments in your circumstances.

  1. Help you see your partner in the best light.

Soulmates are in your life to teach you something, so there a lot of head-butting and fighting is often involved. But whatever you do, hang on and don’t give up too soon!

  1. Change your projection.

We have far more influence over our fate in love than we think we have. We manifest what we’re projecting. So, if you dislike what you’re attracting, start with yourself. A professional psychic can help bring to the forefront the obstacles that you may be unconsciously setting up by the image of yourself that you project. These may be keeping you from meeting somebody special.

People may gain insights from a psychic on why they’re still single, and what they can do change their projection. It’s usually no surprise to the subject, but a psychic can help them become more aware of what they must do to change their image.

A final caution: It’s important to keep a psychic’s input in perspective. Gifted psychics are able to provide unique information about where you’re headed in love, or can at least offer fun options for you to attempt and manifest results on your own. Be sure you use their input as just one component of a larger plan to find fulfillment and happiness.

Can psychics help you with your relationship problems?

Can psychics help you with your relationship problems?

You may be able to remember when your heart skipped a beat when you thought of  your loved one. You may also remember that you would become breathless at the mere thought of being with the one you love. If you do, you definitely know what it feels like to have been shot in the heart by Cupid.

Time has passed and now you want to know if it’s possible to pull the arrow out and try not injure yourself. You definitely feel something when you look at your love but it is nowhere near as nice as what you felt before.

Does this mean that you have fallen out of love? How do you sort all of these ideas out? This is where a psychic reading with a medium whose specialty is love and relationships.

As you know, every relationship has its own problems.  But every relationship also deserves a second glance. So when you have problems, you should take another look at things.

Tools of the trade

The psychics who are relationship specialists might use tarot cards as a means to personalize your consultation.   Some use taro cards to guide, advise and predict by using the images on the cards.  These cards can help you find solutions to your problems.   During a reading of this type, the cards will tell you things about your romantic life.

A reading can reveal problems that you might have not known existed.  A reading can tell you the reason why you are having problems such  as feeling distance can result from a lack of communication. Readings can also tell you if there is conflict on the horizon.The reading might also be able to tell you if  your relationship is heading in the right direction.

Remember that you have to be honest with your psychic. A psychic can only help you if you give them all of the details. If you don’t tell them what is going on, how can they help you?

Psychics can read and see the energy that comes from each individual person.  This energy contains valuable information about the person. This can include physical or emotional problems.  The energy, also known as aura, can change color as you go through changes.  An aura can also tell your psychic what you are feeling. This is because a psychic by definition is able to perceive information in a supernatural  way.

Psychics are truly gifted but can they help salvage damaged relationships?  It’s not a short or absolute answer, but yes they can help.


Many psychics can help identify and resolve relationship issues. This power stems from their compassion. They also get help from spirit guides. These both help them give additional insight as well as guidance into their problems and/or the motivations behind their issues.  Psychics can help offer preventative advice as well. They can also help tell when a relationship may be on the verge of change.

What to Expect

A psychic will want to know what the client wants and needs. Some will want to meet with each partner separately. Some may want to read the energy around the couple. The advisor will also take note of the body language of the couple.

The one thing that has a guarantee is that the couple will leave the reading knowing what the other wants. Clarity is one of the most important things that a reading can bring.

If you find that you are having a hard time figuring out what your partner wants, having a reading can help pin things down.  You can use this information to build a stronger relationship.

Ways in which you can find love through the help of a psychic

Ways in which you can find love through the help of a psychic

In these recent days where technologies have dominated everything, you might contemplate that finding love is easy which is not. Finding love is a different thing as compared to finding sex which is not difficult. Women find it hard to talk to strangers who they might be interested in that is one weakness they have. And the fact that you know nothing about individuals you come across online. Anything they say about themselves might be a lie but they present it as the truth.

Finding love face to face is not easy too even if you decide to do away with social media. If you meet someone at a joint, how can you tell you deserve that person? Maybe he is hiding who he is just to please you. A psychic can advise you on how you use your time and not waste it deciding whether you and your companion are meant to be.

Quite a number of females are unable to find love alone, therefore, they seek help from a psychic, they are frequently successful. Be counseled by a psychic is the best thing ever. A psychic can be a good partner since they always wish their clients the best and are always positive about everything their clients’ wishes.

A psychic can help you through self-realization which prepares you for the person you’ll meet. They can help you know more about self-values and the character traits of a partner you are looking for which are very essential to you. All in all a psychic can tell you everything about the partner you deserve and who deserves you.

A psychic can also tell you the signs that are compatible and the reasons. A good psychic is able to predict your matches.

A lot of psychics can also help you if you’re a female and want to be in a relationship with another female although it is a very unfavorable situation because a person’s sexuality can change the signs.

A psychic can inform you when it’s time for you to find love and when not to look for love. A good psychic will inform you when to avoid bad vibes and when to acknowledge positive vibes.

You should still seek advice from a psychic even if you’ve found a partner on your own.  She will be able to help you understand that person better from their feelings to their motives. Since she is gifted, she’ll be able to tell you where your relationship is heading to. If the match is right for you, she’ll give you tips on how to win him. She can also tell you if you’ve chosen a wrong partner. You might feel that everything is right and you love your partner but the psychic can reveal things that might shock you.

Good psychics are talented; they have a desire to help others. You can easily talk to them since they’re friendly. You’ll be more courageous to find love when you talk to them. They bring you closer and without knowing it you’ll feel like they are not strangers anymore.

Psychic Love Readings

Truth about Psychic Love Readings

You have to take good with the bad when looking for love.

Other individuals avoid psychic love reading for the fear of getting bad news while quite a number of people receive them hoping to get information on their perfect match. Such kind of reactions frequently occurs due to the fact that individuals tend to forget that a psychic reader just reports what they see. How someone treats or loves you is not influenced by a psychic and the psychic is not also the creator of your destiny.

A psychic reading is unable to create a new companion or even make somebody leave their lover for you. a psychic reading is just able to indicate any potential outcomes in a relationship and an understanding of obstacles that are within the relationship. Nothing is ever written in stone that’s why I specifically say potential outcomes.

Psychic readings can feel like a total let down and a waste of time for some people. In some cases, it’s because quite a number of individuals do not pay attention to the information that they acquire. Most people just pay more attention to bad news or something they didn’t want to hear.

Bad News Isn’t Always Negative

It is quite certain that nobody wants to receive bad news when it comes to love, I included. I also want to see positive outcomes and always feel bad when I do a reading and do not see anything good for myself and others. We cannot influence what we see unless we deny the information to ourselves, that’s the truth.

You can try thinking about the following things to help you overcome devastation that arise from negative psychic outcomes.

  1. Nothing is written in stone. Always remember that.
  2. Remember that you are still worthy of love regardless of how you feel.
  3. Love does not occur instantly since romantic relationships take time.
  4. Why is reading painful? Ask yourself that.
  5. What lessons can you get from the information?
  6. Are you certain that person is the only individual there for you?
  7. How well do you know this individual?
  8. Are you in love with someone who knows you exist?
  9. Is the individual free to be with you?
  10. What do you need to progress?

Remember the Big Picture

The job of a psychic is to help you see beyond the façade and the current situation and not to crush you with the truth.  We frequently want what we want without considering the bigger picture. We frequently refuse to see that when we love someone and they belong to someone else then they cannot give us exactly what we deserve. It is quite unfortunate that we react with dismissal, anger or denial when a psychic tells us the truth.

Loving someone doesn’t mean they have to be available and at the same time, it doesn’t mean you are destined to have a romantic relationship. The person we love is not obligated to love us back because sadly our love for an individual is our emotional attachment. The fact that we are not loved in the right way doesn’t mean we are unworthy of love.

A Glimpse Into The Psychic World

True love is a term that hits everyone’s life in so you can discover or extra. Love is an integral part of human a lifetime. The only thing is that several individuals are unable to identify their true love and miss the coach. Some have their true love these people but they spend their entire life while seeking the Mister. Perfect that is in their go. Free online love psychic reading can help you understand if thez person with whom a person having a partnership is ideal you or. You can find your soul mate through reading or your reader will advice you regardless if the person you are wanting to marry fits your needs or fail to.

I experienced hundreds of readings during my life.the vast majority, especially in the very beginning, are not especially interesting, enlightening or eye opening at practically. But as I learned more about psychic skills, and learned to identity psychics who were “special”.one belonging to the most amazing insights I began to see, were those who related to my “love” life.

Love spells will work if you are constantly serious about the person. You are probably doing that nevertheless. Always keep positive responses. Any negativity of anybody that are usually can sabotage what in order to trying to make. It is not the person but techniques that could be damaged. It this energy that you wish to keep stepping.

The thing to bear in mind about a psychic reading is you have a choice whether to believe in it or far from. Just because of the message or suggest that a certain psychic gives you, i am not saying you need to live your in fear that it can be come realistic. For example, if your psychic palm reading revealed you may never get hitched and live an unhappy single life; you terribly lack believe is prove really was. You could enjoy life with a new-found for you to find love of his life from this particular type of psychic palm reading. Who knows, can prove your psychic palm reading to be completely false and upward living the happiest wedded life ever? Psychic palm readings are generally cheaper than other psychic readings as clearly.

Like I mentioned love psychics above, I really believe they can, yes. but only to a college degree. I think the job with the good psychic, sensitive or astrologer might be to help notice what then you already know. In a sense, when you are getting a tarot reading, or a detailed horoscope reading, the reader is seeing several paths of possibilities, and then helps you’re making the right choices by articulating what may be coming, a person can may in order to be respond, the actual you might wish to AVOID surely. as well!

When seers look in the future discovered that see payday advance outcomes when the client applies their creative potential. The inspiration prediction occurs when the clients acts on it. So we do need to achieve things to further our own growth.

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