How to Love An Empath

How to Love An Empath

Empaths sometimes have challenges when they are in relationships because they are very sensitive. Their hearts are more open, and they are loving and expressive. In order to be in an intimate relationship with an empath, you have to learn to communicate with them and set boundaries that will help them not to be overwhelmed.

When you are in the right relationship, it can help the empath to have more power and to feel valued and grounded. When empaths have partners that are emotional and make them feel secure and supported, the relationship can be amazing.

Empaths have a hard time dealing with relationships sometimes, even if they are good. Being in a long-term relationship with an empath means that you need to have open communication and talk about the challenges so that you can have a good relationship.

Ideas on Loving an Empath

Loving an empath can have challenges and here are some ways that you can beat the challenges.

Alone Time

An empath has to have regular alone time. This helps them to preserve themselves and helps them to be stronger. When they are around strong energies or emotions, it can cause them to become overwhelmed. They need to have breaks throughout the day.

Being a partner with an empath means that you have to understand that they need time out and space to regroup their thoughts and feelings. They will be able to speak to you clearly and will not feel overwhelmed with this time.

Do not feel rejected or take this time out personally, they are just sensitive.


People that are not empaths love to socialize but some empaths have a hard time with this. They enjoy being places but they can only handle so much socialization. Learn to compromise with them and give them a break.


You must learn to negotiate with an empath and figure out what kind of space and boundaries have to be put up. Figure out what works best for both of you. Maybe your empath partner needs to have a special room where they can take a break in.

Emotional Issues

Empaths have many emotions at one time and things can be going on simultaneously. These feelings can make an empath feel tired and overwhelmed.

When you want to communicate with your empath partner, talk to them by sharing one feeling at a time and always ask them what they mean and what they are feeling to avoid conflict.


One important thing is to make sure that you do not take things in the relationship personally. Learn to have peace and harmony and know their emotions are not based on you.


When you need something to change, make requests and do not demand. Make sure you show that you are supporting them. Tell them you love them and then ask them if they can change what you need them to change.

Hug your partner often and tell them how much you love and appreciate all they do.

No Yelling

Empaths become overwhelmed in emotions easily and so when you want to fix the problems in your relationship, talk and do not yell.

Don’t Be a Pleaser

Empaths get tired easily and they always want to fix problems. Practice having boundaries where you do not always share your problems.


Empaths like quiet places and sometimes we have to make a place where there is little noise so they can have peace and quiet.

Play Time

Empaths are very serious and so if you have time each day to fit in some playtime, do it. Let their inner child come out.


Having a good relationship with an empath is possible. Make sure that your feelings have love, security, and kindness. Always make sure you are giving to each other and that you are devoted.

Deepen the love that you have for one another by being compassionate and by showing love each day. Always share your emotions and let your empath partner to know what good qualities you have and how well you are at communicating. Make them your priority.

Emotions and Energy

Emotions and Energy

People are whole in their emotions and their physical lives and these things interact with each other. There is energy in all living and even non-living things and these energies can react with your body.


The energy in the body works with the mind and in the western culture, people understand that in their metaphysical realm and their physical realm, there is a reality that we are used to seeing. This has to do with the five senses and the different emotions that people have.

You can touch, hear, smell, see and interact with things in your life but the 5D or the metaphysical world is a quieter energy that is connected to the cosmic energies of the universe. This can be a source that people have.

There are parts of the mind and the body and scientific ways that the body will react to things and most of these have to do with the five senses and the energies related to the body. The energy level in the physical and metaphysical body is different and so are the emotions linked to them.

Energy in the body leaves different memories and feelings in your life and the imprint can leave you trapped. You can see things in your body that shows your energy and your aura has personal space that allows you to be able to interact with the world around you.

No matter how close you are to the physical things in your life the energy that is connected with the people, places and events that happen can hold on to energies and can come from your past, present and even the future. This means that when you interact with people, it can cause you to have an intense energy in your mind and body.

When you meet certain people in your life such as co-workers, teachers, family members or even lovers, the vibrations of the relationship will be depending on how your body interacts with their energy.

When you have energy that matches them, the relationships can be strong, and it can help to make cords of attachment that will stay long after you have ended the relationship.

People call these cords karmic, etheric, or soul chords. The more complex the relationship is, the more you can interact and the harder it is when you have a breakup or when you feel rejected. This can be confusing and depressing because most people expect relationships that are strong to last and it is hard for people to understand the logics of things going wrong.

Etheric cords that linger can cause you to have emotional and physical pain in your life and it might get to the point where you need to cleanse your aura of your past partners and this can help you to heal from your relationships. You might find that you have a hard time moving forward though.

When a soul contract ends suddenly, you might have a hard time not looking at their social media or not feeling bad when you see them while you are out. You might find that old feelings are close to your heart and are close to the surface.

When this happens and you have actually moved on, you are likely to have broken the etheric cords and you are healed in your mind and your emotions.

There is a lot of evidence that proves that people have a hard time getting over their exes and even sometimes for years and years these relationships last depending on the connection that you have with these people.

When things are positive and good, the cords that you have with someone can be negative, especially when a relationship ends, and this can be painful.

Our family and friends can still access your energy and even when you do not want them to have your energy, chances are they can draw from it. This can make the breakup even harder and can cause you to have emotions that are confusing and painful.

These situations have to be cleansed from the past lovers and this can happen if you find a psychic or a healer to help you.

The chakra system holds energy and goes deep into your life. This is what is affected when a relationship goes bad and ends. This also happens when relationships are dissolved, and you allow the healing to take place.

Learn how to create a healing environment for yourself that can help you to grow closer to your heart and get you closer to the goals you have in your life.


Grounding and exercising with meditation can help your mind and your body to heal. You can use guided meditation to help balance you and cleanse your chakras and your aura. This helps you to connect with yourself and to be whole.

Trinity Healing

Trinity healing is when you heal in your mind, body and soul and when you do this, it can help you to sleep better and have holistic energy and help your body and soul to be balanced and strong.

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be used and can be powerful for those that need to heal their vibrational frequencies. Maybe you need healing in your job or in your finances. Through private sessions, you can have healing in all aspects of your life and this can help you to move forward in your reality.

Searching for Your Soulmate

Searching for Your Soulmate

Have you ever asked the universe to take away your feelings of loneliness? Have you wondered why you were left in relationships that were abusive or where your partner left you feeling defeated and vulnerable? Have you ever pleaded with the cosmos or the universe to help you to find real love and romance?

Chances are you have felt this way and that you have come to the conclusion that you can never find real love or maybe, you have finally built up the courage to leave your spouse or partner that was no longer treating you the way that you deserved.

Maybe when you left, you had no money and maybe even children but deep inside you believed that one day you could be successful and maybe even find true love.


Even when you feel broken and you feel that you cannot love yourself or that you are unworthy of love, the universe can turn these feelings around and help you to know that you are worthy of love and you are worthy of happiness.

Maybe when you felt unworthy, you were unable to attract the love that you wanted and the love that you deserved. The truth is, you can only attract love that you deserve and whatever you are telling yourself is what you are going to get.

You do not have to let your past control you or choose what kind of love you will find in the future. You can learn to believe that you deserve love and that you deserve happiness.

When you learn to clear away the negative energies that surround you, you can get to the point where you learn to attract love and attract your soulmate.

You have to start by manifesting love to your life. You can do this in many different ways such as:

  • Positive affirmations.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Knowing your worth.
  • Calling out to your spirit guides.
  • Being thankful for what you have.

Positive Affirmations

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are turning your negative thinking into positive thinking. You can do this by speaking positive affirmations to yourself each day. Say things such as, “I deserve to be loved,” or, “I am worthy of love.” This can help you to heal your heart and your soul.

Believe in You

You have intuition to help to guide you and if you feel forced to leave a relationship then chances are that there is a reason behind it and you are listening to what your soul is telling you. Learn to trust and believe in yourself so that you can find real happiness.


You have to know your worth. You will never be able to find real love if you are not able to see value in who you are. Know that you are worthy of love and love can come to you.

Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides can lead you when you are searching for your soulmate. Tell them what you want and ask them to send your soulmate to you.

Be Thankful

When you are thankful for what you have, you tell the universe that you are ready for love. You become more positive and fuller of love and this is the first step to attracting love.

Soul Destiny

Soul Destiny

Life is a journey and everything you do in your life and everywhere you go, everyone you meet is for a purpose. Nothing is accidental and even though this might sound silly, the truth is that there is a reason for everything that happens to you and there are no coincidences.

This is something that cannot be explained by science and this happens over and over again. You will meet people in your life that will play a role in the decisions that you make and will help you to grow into who you are supposed to be. Some of these people will be there with you forever while others will just be there for a fleeting moment. Both are significant for your life.

Each person that you meet is a cosmic connection and they all serve some kind of purpose rather it is to teach you something, to make you stronger or to give you happiness or pain. All of these experiences, rather good or bad can help you to grow.


Some people in our lives are there to help us be awakened. They are meaningful to you because they show us what our dreams are and help us to meet our goals. They help you to take steps towards reaching the goals that you have.

Reminding Us

The people that remind us help us to stay on our paths. They help us to be successful and happy but most of the time they are only there for a short period of time.


Some people are there to push us and help us to learn hard lessons in our life. They show us things and make us to grow into who we are. We will struggle when we meet these people and sometimes, they are parents or teachers.


We meet people that will be there for a small time in our lives and they are people you meet just for a fast minute. Maybe you see them at the store or pass them at the airport. Even though you don’t have a real connection with these people, they walk beside you and you learn to see them without judging them.

There is not a place for these people, and they do not give you support but they are there to hold a place and make you reflect who you are.


There is another group of people that is a small group of people in our lives and these are the ones that stay. We meet them and they are very valuable to us. These are our family members and our partners or best friends.

These people are there for us when we need them, they help us to grow and they are an important part of your life.

These are the people that you will have strong connections with that will last a lifetime. You will have the desires with them that they have, and you will want to do good so that they will be proud of you. They will help you to heal if your heart is broken.

Finding these people in your life is important and you will meet a few of these connections as you go through life.

Zodiac Romance Signs

Zodiac Romance Signs

Love and romance change how people see the world. There is excitement with romance, and it can make you to feel love and joy in your soul, mind and body. There is nothing that is better than falling in love and if you are looking for romance then you can know by the zodiac sign who is compatible with you and who isn’t. You can use your love signs to know if you should make a move or not.


Aries want to have you when they want you, but they are sometimes slow at this. They like to be independent and when they meet someone it might take them a while to realize that you are who they have been looking for. Do not expect to instantly be conquered or to have the moves put on your right of way.


The Bull is what has to win your heart and once you are pursued by them, they feel that you are owned by them. They want you to be with them forever and they want you to be with them wholly. This sign is a romantic sign and they will write you poems and talk to you about issues. They want to be in touch with you.


A good thing about a Gemini is that they are happy and love to have fun. They will flirt and will have fun in being naughty with you.


The Crab wants to romance you and nurture you. They want to cuddle with you, and they will spoil you. They want things to be taken care of and they will love you.


A Leo is always passionate, and they will have romance that is hot like the sun. They want to love on you, and they want you to be happy. They will take you to see things that you have never seen before.


A Virgo wants someone that is understanding and will work hard to win you over. They will take time to be sweet to you and they will make their schedule work so that they can be spontaneous and loving towards you. They will want to explore you and know all about you.


The Libra is very romantic, and they seem to be born with romance in their veins. They will give you flowers, write you notes and do things to lead up to foreplay.


A Scorpio is an exciting person to love. They will have waves of compassion and they are very giving. They are also sensitive and loving and they want to know everything about you. They want to know your soul and they will be devoted to you forever.


The sign of the Sagittarius is the archer, and this is about cupid. They will remember different dates and they will want to give you gifts and make you happy and delighted to be with them. They will be honest with you always and will trust you in all you do.


If you want a trustworthy relationship, you should go for a Capricorn. When they trust you, they will love you and they will want you in all ways. They show the way that they love you and they will make sure that things are paid on time and that they can give you gifts. They are always there for you when you need them.


The Aquarius is a water-bearer sign and they will have the power to know who you are. They understand you and they feel that you are friends and that your relationship is solid. They are committed to love you and want to give you real love and to bond with you.


The fish sign will be a good sign if you want someone that is kind, compassionate and loving. They are romantic and they will be romantic and want to use their imagination to show you how much they love you. They will help you find yourself if you are lost and if you are looking for something new.

My Soulmate Died

My Soulmate Died

Some people wait what seems like forever to find their soulmate but what happens when they have a soulmate and the soulmate dies? People talk about how this affects them and how they have not ever been able to find someone else that makes them feel that good and they wonder how they can get on with their life without feeling like they are settling for something that they do not want.

Should a person that lost their soulmate find another relationship and settle with someone that they do not feel as close to as they did their soulmate?  Remember, losing someone that you love is a hard time and even knowing that this person is still with you in spirit does not make the longing go away. The memories and the everyday activities that you did together are still always going to be there.

Of course, when this happens, you have to begin to think about what your life is going to be in the future. You have to figure out what you want and learn that life is full of possibilities and experiences and they are all different than what you have done before.

The idea of the different possibilities that you have and how they are always changing can be a big thing in your life. Even though sometimes the possibilities make you wonder if you will ever be happy, even though they sound great. Each day in your life will be full of different decisions that you can make to change the course of your life and the moment that you will experience.

There are billions of people that live on the earth and no one is the same. No one is going to be exactly like your soulmate but that does not mean that you cannot find something or someone that makes you happy. Even thought it is almost impossible that you will ever find someone that is exactly like your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay lonely and sad. It only means that the next relationship that you have will be different and will give you different clues and ideas into the future.

What caused you and your soulmate to be happy?  It was most likely the mutual love and support that you had for each other as you grew in the relationship. It is possible to meet someone that will give you love, and support and you have to learn to embrace the difference in the future relationship that you might have.

No one is going to be looking for someone that wants an exact replica of their soulmate and when you compare everything between that person and the new person you are talking to, it will cause you to miss out on something that could be good for you. Even though you want to remember your soulmate, when you raise them too high and put them in front of all of your relationships, it is doubtful that you will find a loving partner that will stay with you. Do not let yourself be stuck because of your ideas and your sadness.

You have to change how you think of things. Since you know you will not meet someone that is exactly like your soulmate, find new possibilities to look for. Meet people that have the same hobbies that you have and like the same things that you do. Look for people that are different and interesting.

Turn your mindset into something positive and say things like, “I know there are a lot of nice people out there that I can meet,” or “I know that there are happy relationships and none of them look the same,” and once you start saying these things to yourself, you will be okay with starting a new relationship and you can learn to create a new life with someone new.

It would be unfair of you if you wanted to meet someone but you were unwilling to see their differences and embrace them because you were stuck in your feelings with your soulmate that passed on. Each relationship is going to be different and if you want to be happy, you have to learn to appreciate the relationship for what it is and let love come to you.

You will never be able to replace your soulmate but you will be able to give yourself a new gift in life by meeting new people that will treat you good and will help you along your journey. You will probably never love anyone else like you loved your soulmate but learn to be happy and love them differently.  Learn to make something beautiful out of what you have.

Do don’t become an emotionally unavailable person because you are grieving over your lost soulmate. Learn to meet people that want to meet you and are interested in having fun. Use your judgement and find out when people are good and when they can do things to make you happy. Let new possibilities fill your life and remember that you are the one that has the power to choose to be happy again.

Things to Know to Understand Healing

Things to Know to Understand Healing

Healing may seem so simple but it can be complex for those attempting to dive into it as healers. Healing is a multi-level experience and the level you go to depends on your knowledge and experience.

Beginners tend to make a few mistakes in their first attempts at healing. First, they expect to feel something but may not feel the energy flow. Second, they may expect to see something supernatural when it may not occur. Healing doesn’t need a supernatural occurrence to work.

Where Does Healing Come From?

Those who are spiritualists classify healing as a sub-category of magic. There are several categories under the definition of magic including structural magic, spells, natural magic, black magic, and white magic. Healing falls under white magic as it is giving away energy where black magic is taking or blocking energy.

Religious people view healing differently since they believe all magic is from dark forces. They see healing as God using people to accomplish His will and perform miracles. Jesus was a healer and told His disciples they can do everything that He did while He was on earth. Likewise, people differ on where they believe healing energy comes from. Some believe it comes from the universe or God while others believe it comes from within yourself.

Healing Basics

The first rule, although rules are rather informal in healing, is that you must have the intention to heal someone. You must want to heal a person for it to work and offering positive energy, thoughts, and prayers gives energy to that person. Some studies back up this fact as people who are prayed for, even if they don’t know it, heal faster than others who are not.

The second rule, which is just as important, is that the person wants healing. You can’t give a gift to someone who doesn’t want it. They have to be in a spiritual or mental state to want to be healed. This is shown in the story of the woman reaching out to touch Jesus’ garment for healing. She reached out while Jesus was looking elsewhere. He knew she had been healed when he felt the energy flow out of him and questioned who touched him. In other words, her longing for healing worked even though Jesus did nothing but be there.

The third aspect of healing is that you need a connection to the person. It can be a physical connection with you there with them, a personal connection, a conversation, or an email. You can’t heal a stranger. There needs to be a form of a relationship for healing to work.

Does Remote Healing Work?

Remote healing does work as effectively as in-person healing as long as you have a personal connection with the person. In some ways, it’s better because you can allow energy to flow where it needs to go instead of trying to focus it in an area of your choice.

Another rule of healing is that it works because it comes from your personal experience. Your energy is unique to you. It’s like your immune system. Your immune system is created to withstand diseases you get. Likewise, healing energy knows what it can heal because it has done so for you.

With that in mind, you are subconsciously helping another person overcome a problem by using lessons contained in your energy. This is what helps them heal. It is kind of like giving them a blood transfusion that contains a lot of antibodies.


Healing does require a ritual because it requires that you do something, to take action, to initiate it. The ritual doesn’t have to be complicated or of a particular faith. It is the action of implementing your intention that gets energy moving.

Generally, a longer, more involved ritual tends to work better but that is only because it amplifies and focuses on your intention.

Ground Yourself

An important aspect of healing is to make sure you are physically grounded when you are doing healing. That means your feet need to be on the ground. You need the earth’s energy to perform well.

Mixed Reactions

A healer faces different and mixed emotions from those around them. People are drawn to you because they sense you have healing energy they need. Yet, they don’t want to go through the pain of healing, so sometimes they say or do hateful things to you.

Healing can be painful, especially when you get to the root of the problem. For example, a broken arm hurts but setting it hurts more. A kidney stone hurts, but an operation hurts more.

What Is Given to You?

Healers don’t heal to get a reward, but energy has an ebb and flow. When you give your energy, you will receive energy back. Don’t block positive energy because you need to keep that energy river flowing. You can close off negative energy. However, being afraid of facing negative energy will draw it to you and block positive energy.

Other Things to Know

Some other elements are important to healing. One is not to strain to feel the energy flow. This should happen in a relaxed manner. It should be passive. Another element is to drum up feelings of love or other positive emotions. This tends to increase healing energy.

Likewise, visualizing things over them like a rainbow, sunlight or a bright cloud increases the effects of healing.

There are more levels to healing that this. Once you have practiced the art some, you can delve into the auras and the second level of auras to heal. That relies on understanding that emotions and beliefs are more than invisible forces. They are physical structures located on an aura’s higher level. Once you can see these levels, you can work on that level to heal.

Learning Advanced Techniques

Advanced healing techniques include removing parasites and spiritual things that block, bind, limit, and gag people. These spiritual things act as physical things like binds, gags, and implants. They are instilled by others for malice.

The secret to becoming a healer is to practice and develop your gift. It grows only with practice.

Soulmates: A Relationship Guide

Soulmates: A Relationship Guide

A soulmate is a person in life who you feel deeply connected to with a natural affinity, spirituality, and intimacy. This connection will be beyond words and explanation when compared to a typical relationship. This can be overwhelming when soulmates come together. This guide is meant to help you find your true life partner and maintain the relationship long term.

Signs It is a Soulmate

  • The timing perfect
  • You are willing to accept that person without a thought with an unspoken respect between you
  • If letting go occurs, it is done gracefully
  • Body chemistry is impressive and when this person touches you, it brings peace
  • There is no need to limit this person or try to control which leads to a judgement free relationship overall
  • You have chemistry when it comes to the mind and spirit
  • You will live and die for this person
  • You are inspired to improvement and you do the same for them
  • Conversation never gets old

An older relationship that felt like a soulmate may fail the above tests later on for two main reasons.

  • Modern culture forces the relationship into a stereotype rather than allowing for growth.
  • People can change and a life shift or trauma may fundamentally shift a person.

A person will be most likely to find a soulmate when strong and confident. Those who want a soulmate as a solution to life problems will not find a soulmate because their problems skew perception and search for the wrong qualities. This basically means that bad timing can prevent someone from finding their soulmate.

Life Partners

The highest ideal is a companion that embraces life with us in a harmonious, deep manner. This type of relationship is what we call a soulmate, but this can blind us to certain things that are needed for a true life partner. These include knowing what is really needed to balance a relationship and a potential need for a shift in the relationship that are held as ideals.

What Causes Souls to Break Apart?

At times, soulmates will break apart. There are a few reasons this may occur.

  • Trying Too Hard – Sometimes we just try to try too hard and mix the deep desire with cultural perceptions that anyone could be a soulmate. This can cause relationship hopping from one to the next.
  • No Such Thing as Perfection – Even the best of relationships will have some challenges. People mistakenly believe that soulmates will be complete smooth sailing, but this is not accurate. Everyone will face tough times.
  • Unbalance Chemistry – Chemistry is important with soulmates, but it is not always equally matched. One person may feel stronger about the other and if the feeling is not returned, your intensity can serve as a turnoff. Trust your senses and respond appropriately. Sometimes this is used to past trauma and personal development can level things out, but this takes time.
  • Not Only Physical – Physical chemistry should not be an area of concentration or at least not the only one. Physical chemistry can be powerful, so much so that it overwhelms. However, you should not avoid a focus on the mind and spiritual connections. Only physical chemistry will keep relationships together for a few years, but for longer term relationships, spiritual and mind chemistries must be in sync.


In western culture, a soulmate is not 100% defined. This means that your definition may be a bit different than that of your partner. If you hold differing ideals, it can create problems and stop a relationship from being long term. Some may not even believe in soulmates. So, we define soulmates as someone you can connect with without a word spoken that will help you grow even if it means losing you and that shares in kindness, judgment free.


Chemistry is a make it or break it aspect for soulmates. It requires physical, mental, and spiritual chemistry to really work for soulmates. While normal relationships can run on lower levels, but soulmates turn this up or the relationship will not last. This is why personal growth is important with soulmates. Issues can disrupt chemistry so continue with self-improvement to be in the right position to find a soulmate for the long term.


Soulmates have a deep and honest sexual connection as the mate aspect of soulmate. People often try to force someone into being a soulmate before knowing if a sexual connection is present, but it can fall apart if sex is not as connected as hoped. If this is the case, but other areas offer high connection, then you find yourself with a soul companion.

Soul Companion

A soul companion is much like a soulmate but there is no need or desire for sexual union. Sometimes people will marry soul companions and then discover they are not sexually compatible. This is actually quite common. Trying to force a soul companion to be a soulmate can be disastrous. It can work, but it will be dependent on numerous factors. A soul companion is spiritually close in a powerful place, but this does not mean you need to mate.

Many times, a same-sex soul companion gets confused and feels a deep connection with friends and maybe even a sexual edge. Understanding there is a deeper connection with some can improve these relationships. These are powerful connections, but can be confusing at the sexual level. Once the need to define a soul companion is removed than you are opened to many special relationships. You can have more than one soul companion, sometimes up to three though more is rare. However, we must be careful not to try to force a normal friendship into something further.

People also seek a twin flame as a strong soulmate. However, the karmic aspect of a twin flame often breaks people apart. The challenge that comes with a twin flame is to resolve karmic lessons and until this happens, relationships cannot become sustainable as life partners. The initial pull of twin flames can make people move too fast in a relationship, but without moderation and hard work, these relationships quickly burn out.

Finding a Life Partner

When searching for your life partner you must understand the nature of soulmates. Most people skip this step and force the wrong person into a mold.  You actually need to “know” not just wing it. Many feel they will simply feel their soulmate when they are near. This is not at all accurate. Biology can fool us into feeling someone is a soulmate with a focus on mating, but this is far from accurate as a soulmate.

A soulmate must include mind and spirit on top of the physical aspect. However, physical chemistry can be most powerful in the beginning. After all, it is a relationship and even the best have issues. A soulmate relationship may have fewer, but there will still be rough patches. Understanding how we perceive and match partners over time also effects how we find soulmates.

Finding Your Soulmate

  • True to Yourself – A life partner compliments you and your strengths as you do theirs. If weaknesses are your focus then a soulmate will not be found. We need to grow and can see a weakness and grow from it, but a focus on it is co-dependence. Find someone you are keeping that causes you to grow, not just for a relationship.
  • Do Not Force It – We believe we know what we nee and judge others as part of this, missing things that can ruin a relationship. Logic will not find a soulmate. This way of choosing is most obvious during the hardest times of life and soulmates will not be found during those times. Take time and wait for a true soulmate to come along.
  • Build Awareness – We must have awareness and be willing to explore different people to see how we react to others. Awareness lets us work to our essence and make connections. When we have a deep connection it is of mind, body, and soul. A person’s awareness for at least a year or two in a relationship is self-focused when in crisis. This is why a soulmate search should wait until a crisis passes.
  • Patience/Acceptance – When we are patient enough to accept ourselves as we are in life, relationships can improve in dramatic ways. This varies among people, but in a large community, people will come across a life partner about every three years until one is chosen. There is hope if we show patience.
  • Calibration – Relationship calibration is a unique teaching from Tao in which you are taught to understand your own essence and locate someone compatible.

Soul Companion Truth

Not every potential soul companion will become or stay a soul companion. It depends on conditions, timing, and many other factors. Take the time to be your own person, continually growing, to improve the chances of a soul companion taking notice. It will take both of you connecting to begin the process and you must be patient.

False Twin Flame Energy

False Twin Flame Energy

Do you feel that you have found your twin flame?  Is it possible though, that it isn’t your twin flame at all and it is an energy thief?  Here is a lit that will help you know if you have met your twin flame or if you have met someone that is a false twin flame.  A false twin flame is an energy thief and will cause you to become a victim in the relationship that I toxic.  This can cause you to lose your goals and to be destroyed.


If you cannot think of anyone else but them, chances are they are a false twin flame.  A twin flame is meant to make you whole and so the thoughts should be more on yourself than them.


If this person wants you to have sex and you feel violated or used, there is a good chance this is a false twin flame.  You should not have any sex without being surrendered and having peace.  You should have a motivation in your life for healing if you are with your twin flame.


When you feel that you are worried about talking to this person, then they are a false twin flame.  Your real twin flame will leave you feeling comfortable and confident when you talk to them and you will not have fears.


Communicating in dreams will not be regarded as important and a false twin will only show up in a dream as a distress.  This means they will not communicate with you in the dream and will not bring you comfort.  They might confess something or make you feel negative.


A false twin will distance you emotionally and will not take accountability for their actions.  They might harm you or abandon you making you a victim.  This can be a psychopath and an energy stealer.


A twin flame will never control or manipulate you.  If you see this behavior, then you are trusting a false twin flame and you will be used and mistreated and left feeling guilty all the time.


A false twin flame will not open up to you or share their secrets or weaknesses.  They will want to control you and manipulate you and will use your weaknesses as a weapon against you.


A real twin flame will never be aggressive with you and will not be disrespectful or try to violate or abuse you.  If this is happening, this is a false twin flame and will lead to more aggression against you.

Not Interested

If you find this person is not interested in the good things that happen in your life and only want things to happen that benefit them, chances are they are a false twin flame.  They will not even bring up your success and will only like it if it involves them.  They will have no concern for your goals or dreams and will not support you.


A real twin flame will know that you are the mirror of their soul and you are meant to be together.  They will not use your past against you or try to make you feel less then you should.  They will not be toxic and will make you feel secure and strong and not emotionally wounded.


When someone is not following your boundaries and is refusing to live by your rules, they are not your real twin flame.  Maybe they are always changing your plans or taking away your confidence.  Maybe they are not communicating with you and are taking away your energy.

Bad Luck

If you continuously have bad luck since you have been with this person, chances are they are affecting every part of your life in a negative way.  If you have a healthy relationship, you will find that they support you and will change their efforts to help you.


You might also see that you are not having good energy flow and that your relationship is toxic and sickly.  You might not have the talents that you need or you might not be having the energy that you are used to having.

Emotional Pain

If you have emotional pain and it is from the other person, chances are they are stealing your energy.  They will distance you and cause you to have thoughts of fear and worry.  They will make you not feel good and you will be vulnerable to them and to those around you.  Sometimes you will feel panicked and aggravated.

False Twins

A false twin will not want to cuddle or be around you physically.  They will stay far from you when you sleep and will always distance themselves from you.  They will not validate your relationship.

Eye Contact

A false twin flame will not be able to look you in the eye because they will not care about you.  They will keep their eye contact to themselves and will hide their motives.


A false twin flame will manipulate you and take your time and cancel plans or not even tell you plans are cancelled.  They will take your energy and will be the cause of your behaviors.


A false twin flame will always blame you when things go wrong.  They will never be accountable for their actions and they will not admit that they do things wrong.

They will blame you for past events and will always refute your efforts to make things better.  They will discredit you and make you look bad and will always have a motive that does not help you.


A false twin flame will only be kind if it helps them.  They will act like they are a victim in the relationship and no matter what you do, you will not be able to please them.


After you break up with a false twin flame, they will stalk you and promise to change even though they won’t.  They will follow you around and proclaim their love for you and if you let them back, they will start back within a day stealing your energy again.

Remember, when you are with a false twin flame, you are a piece of their property and not part of them.  You will not be treated like a human being.  They will not appreciate you and you will be in a bad situation that will make you lose yourself in them.

Meeting Your Twin Flame

Meeting Your Twin Flame

Many people think that the idea of a twin flame is fake and that it can never be real.  You meet many different people and just because you connect with one does not mean that they are your reincarnate or your other soul half.  This sounded like something that was made up, until they actually meet them.

Once they meet their twin flame, they will realize that they are connected to this person like no one has ever been.  They will see that their twin flame will come and be more than any soulmate ever was and whatever was holding you back, will no longer be there anymore.

You will see that when you meet your soulmate that you will want to change, and you will want to grow.  You will be able to handle your issues better and face things head on.

A soulmate connection will help you to want to work out your karmic situations and will want you to be closer to people in your life.  If you have a romantic relationship with your twin flame, you will no longer have barriers and you will be okay with that.

The twin flame that you meet is the other part of your soul.  They are like a mirror to you and if you are tired or energetic, they will know this, even right when they meet you.  If you are with someone that you are connected with, you will be close to each other, when you are not in the same area.

A twin flame is someone that you are connected to on all levels, not just physically.  You will have an emotional, mental and spiritual connection and it will go deep into your soul.  This will take away all of your emotions of fear and pain and anger and you will find peace and happiness.

If you want to know if you met your twin flame, here are some ways you can find out:


You will meet this person for the first time, and you will want to be around them forever.  You will feel like you have known them forever and even just being around them gives you the sense of belonging.


Your twin flame will always know what you are thinking and vice versa.  You can even call on them when you are miles away from each other.  All you have to do is to tune into your twin flame and they will hear from you.


Nothing about your twin flame will be shameful and you will always be able to look each other in the eyes and not look away.  You will feel comfortable around them and you will always feel that they are reflecting back what you are feeling.

Being Yourself

When you are with your twin flame, you get to be you.  They will not expect you to change or even want you to.  You will not be ashamed of who you are, and fear being rejected by them, because they don’t judge you or want a change.  They will encourage you in your journey and in your growth and want you to always be real with them.

Unconditional Love

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to help you to understand and know unconditional love.  You will not have to earn this love; it will just come from the universe.  Nothing will get between you.


You will find that you and your twin flame have the same purpose.  Your relationship will be easy because you will have the same goals and ideas on it.  Things will be easy because you will always be in unison with each other.

Strong Emotions

Everything that happens will be a strong emotion.  If you are happy, you will be very happy and if you are upset, it will be overwhelming.  With your twin flame, they will help you through all of the things that are hard for you to work through.

Separate Ways

There will be a time where your twin flame will likely distance themselves form you.  This will be because you are not both ready for the relationship and one of you will need some time to work through it.  You will have stuff and want to run from it, or your twin flame will.  This will last a while and then you will have a reunion with them.

Vibrational Frequency

You and your twin flame will have the same vibrational frequency, and this is actually how you find each other.  You will feel the energy field when you are around them and you will be able to exchange this.  This will cause you to be tingly and to feel that you are happy and warm.  This is an intense connection.

Patterns and Numbers

You might find that you always see repeating patterns or numbers, and this can be a sign that your twin flame is near you.  The repeating numbers and patterns can be a sign form the universe.

Knowing Your Togetherness

You will know without a doubt that you are meant to be together.  You will know that your soul is connected, and you will no longer feel empty.  You will be strong in your relationship and all of your insecurities will go away.

A twin flame connection is the biggest romantic relationship that can happen to you.  When you meet yours, you will see that no other relationship can compare to this.  A twin flame relationship is the best type of relationship that you will have in your lifetime.  Embrace it.